Days of Our Lives Round Table: The Couples Edition!

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Couples, triangles, and quadrangles! Days of Our Lives has more than its share. Which are your favorites? Which do you despise?

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Kathy and Soaps4Ever from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to tell us their couple goals, what Allie should do now that the Devil has been revealed, if Roman should have hired Clyde, and much more! 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Here's a round table with a focus on couples. Days has a lot of triangles and quadrangles going on right now. Out of the following, how would you like them to turn out and why? Gabi/Jake/Ava/Rafe/Nicole - Tripp/Allie/Chanel/Johnny -Roman/Kate/Clyde - Shawn/Belle/EJ/Sami/Lucas - Philip/Chloe/Brady - Sarah/Xander/Gwen.

Soaps4Ever: I think Gabi and Jake will get back together, and they have chemistry. Jake and Ava are both licking their wounds, but I don't see Jake and Ava being a romantic pairing.

I don't mind Rafe and Nicole together, but I dislike how they went behind Ava's back. Rafe could have done much better with the way he went about it. So I understand a little bit why Ava wanted to get revenge. And even though Rafe and Nicole are now a couple, I doubt they will last.

As for Tripp and Allie, I don't see too much of a chance of them getting back together, but it is possible. I think if Johnny finally gets the Devil out of him, he will want Chanel back, and I'm sure she will give him another chance once she realizes his bad behavior wasn't his fault.

I think Allie will try to get Tripp back when that happens, and maybe he will give in to her. I am not sure which couples I am rooting for with these four.

Chanel is Blindsided / Tall - Days of Our Lives

I think for sure Allie and Chanel need to sort through their feelings more to figure out what they really want. But that being said, I don't think Tripp and Allie should end up back together. To me, Johnny and Chanel are a better pairing.

As for Roman/Clyde/Kate, I don't think Clyde should be with anyone, so I am definitely rooting for Roman and Kate with this triangle.

Shawn/Belle/EJ/Sami/Lucas-I can see that Belle and EJ have gotten closer, and I can see that in a moment of weakness, something could happen with them. Belle could also be temporarily possessed again and seduce EJ or something like that.

I know a lot of people like Sami and Lucas together, but I think Sami and EJ will get back together. I'm sure there will be some real turbulence soon in any case with Shawn and Belle since their relationship has already been tested quite a bit. They are one of those couples that finds their way back eventually, though.

Philip/Chloe/Brady- I don't think Chloe and Phillip will be together, but I don't see her with Brady long-term either. There is too much history there, and for some reason, I don't think they have a lot of chemistry. I think they work better as friends.

Xander Fights With Gwen / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Sarah/Xander/Gwen- Xander was drawn to Gwen because he could relate to her in a lot of ways. Though I certainly don't see Xander and Gwen together long-term, especially with all the secrets she has kept.

I would like to see Sarah get her memory back, but that will probably not happen anytime soon. I'm sure when she does, it's no question who Xander will choose.

Jack: I don't care about Gabi and Jake at all, but I've been a Rafe/Nicole fan from way back, and I'd like to see them move past this mess with Ava into a more reasonable storyline. Once the Devil is out of Johnny, he'll want to patch things up with Chanel, and I hope she forgives him.

I imagine Tripp will have to rescue Allie from something at some point, and they'll be back on too. Nothing against bi couples, but Allie/Chanel always felt forced to me, and I'd rather they have done this story with Kristen and Lani.

The Roman/Kate story needs to end with Clyde going back to jail. Kate should know better than to give Clyde another chance! It's bad enough that Paulina is falling for TR's lies.

Sami and Lucas all the way. Even though it's not realistic, I'd love Sami to forgive Lucas for kidnapping her. I'm not sold on Belle/EJ, especially since it means lots of histrionics from Sami. Besides, I'd like Belle and Shawn to have a real chance to be the super couple they are supposed to be.

Rocking Shelle's World - Days of Our Lives

I'd like Chloe to be on her own. I'm tired of her cycling through exes, and I want to see her become a stronger woman again. Bring back Parker, be an involved parent with him, and stop getting in the middle of Philip and Brady's drama. And for G-d's sake, stop interfering with Craig and Leo's relationship!

As for Xander, I never liked either of these women with him, but if I had to choose, I'd much prefer Sarah. Her baby talk is annoying, but at least she's not constantly lying, scheming, and getting blackmailed!

Kathy: Gabi/Jake/Ava/Rafe/Nicole - Jake and Ava could be interesting. I would like to see how that plays out.

Tripp/Allie/Chanel/Johnny - A lot depends on what happens when the Devil leaves Johnny. Will he make amends with Chanel? If she goes back to him, the whole field is back in play.

Roman/Kate/Clyde - I hope Clyde and Kate never reconnect. She has a good thing with Roman, but she does like the bad boys.

Belle Updates EJ / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Shawn/Belle/EJ/Sami/Lucas - I don't think a little drama for Shawn and Belle would be a bad thing. The new EJ is very appealing, but he seems mismatched with Sami.

Philip/Chloe/Brady - I hope they all move on to someone new. They have been doing this dance for too long.

Sarah/Xander/Gwen - I am team Xander/Sarah all the way.

Christine: Gabi/Jake/Ava/Rafe/Nicole - I kind of like the idea of Jake and Ava together as they have similar backgrounds and seem to get one another. But with Gabi suddenly not feeling well and this being a soap, I'm guessing she's pregnant with Jake's child, so that will be incentive for the couple to reunite.

I thought I'd enjoy Rafe and Nicole, but I've despised every minute of this couple so far. I think it's the Rafe Curse. Every relationship he's in turns boring and unwatchable.

A Romantic Proposal / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Tripp/Allie/Chanel/Johnny - As much as I'd like to see Salem have a steady lesbian or bi couple, Chanel and Allie aren't working for me. I think they jumped into this too quickly after their respective breakups, and that will come back to bite them.

Also, once Johnny is Devil-free, he will fight to get Chanel back, and I really liked them as a couple.

As for Tripp and Allie, Tripp deserves better. I think Allie has a lot of maturing to do before she's ready to settle down with someone. Perhaps Claire can return and be a good match for Tripp.

Roman/Kate/Clyde - Kate needs to steer clear of Clyde. Clyde is a great troublemaker. I like Clyde as a character because you never quite know what he'll do, but he's a horrible love interest for anyone. And I've waited a long time to see Roman and Kate make a go of it. I don't want anyone to interfere with that.

Shawn/Belle/EJ/Sami/Lucas - I know Shawn and Belle are probably endgame, but they bore me. And I love the chemistry that's been building between Belle and EJ. Intellectually, these two are on a level playing field, and I enjoy their scenes together.

Sami Confides in Lucas/Tall - Days of Our Lives

If I had to bet money, I'd predict the show plans to get EJ and Sami back together, but I'm okay if she ends up with Lucas and Belle with EJ. That could make for some contentious family parties!

Philip/Chloe/Brady - I'm so tired of these three. Philip deserves better than always being Chloe's second choice. But I feel no chemistry between Brady and Chloe. Chloe needs to be on her own.

And where the heck is Parker! Chloe is never with her son. He was with his grandparents for years, but Craig and Nancy are back in Salem. So is Parker in boarding school, or did Joy get stuck with her nephew? The poor kid is the hot potato of the Wesley family.

Sarah/Xander/Gwen - Sarah and Xander all the way! These two are meant to be, and I'm tired of hearing Gwen's whining.

Now it's your turn, Days fans! Which triangle, quadrangle or more is your favorite?

Ciara Expresses Reservations / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Out of these steady couples, which ones are your favorite, least favorite, and why? -Steve/Kayla -Ben/Ciara -Lani/Eli -Doug/Julie -Maggie/Victor -Abby/Chad -Tony/Anna -Sonny/Will - John/Marlena

Soaps4Ever: Steve and Kayla have always been my favorite from way back in the day. They always seem to overcome whatever gets thrown their way.

Chad and Abby are my least favorite because even though their relationship can be good, there have been some scenarios where they were too volatile and unstable together.

Jack: Lani and Eli are a surprisingly refreshing couple. I was never a huge fan of either of these characters, and I couldn't stand Lani for a while. But now, they're one of Salem's few stable, secure, loving couples.

Of the classic couples, Doug and Julie have always been my favorite for the same reason. I also enjoy Maggie and Victor, though it's been one-sided lately since Victor doesn't seem to be onscreen anymore.

Stayla Goes Undercover / Tall - Days of Our Lives

And I'm a Steve and Kayla fan from way back when. I loved it when Kayla recovered her voice at their first wedding.

My other all-time-favorite is Jack and Jennifer, who are sadly off-screen at the moment. I loved the balance of real stories and madcap Lucille Ball-like stunts in their marriage (mostly coming from Jack, anyway). And when I was little, I wanted to be a journalist after seeing Jennifer intern for Jack at the Spectator!

I like Tony and Anna, too, except for this current storyline which has Tony twisted all out of shape. I used to enjoy Sonny and Will, but when their story involves Leo, it's not fun.

My least favorites are Ben and Ciara and Abby and Chad. Both of these couples seem stuck in an endless loop of someone getting between them and then getting back together and having a lot of sex.

Kathy: Maggie and Victor are my favorite. I loved the mature love story. I like all the rest. Ben and Ciara are probably my least favorite. I can't relate to them.

Christine: Victor and Maggie are my favorite. I wish we got more of them onscreen together. They are a great mix of love and sarcasm.

Will and Sonny Try to Get Through to Craig / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Sonny and Will have had their ups and downs, but I enjoy them, and the Sonny recast is working well. And Eli and Lani have become Salem's go-to steady couple, and I like them more now than ever.

As for the rest, I don't particularly hate any of them, but I don't love them either. How I feel about them generally depends upon their current storylines.

Who is your favorite steadfast couple in Salem?

Kate Insists Roman Fire Clyde / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Should Roman have hired Clyde at the Brady Pub?

Soaps4Ever: Roman should not have hired Clyde, but I think he figured he could maybe keep an eye on him that way, and it is at least a chance for him to earn an honest living.

Jack: I don't think it was necessary, and it didn't make sense. Roman wasn't against hiring ex-cons, but he knows very well how much damage this particular one has done to Salem.

I didn't like Clyde acting like this was an affront to ex-cons trying to put their lives back together since we all know he's not. How long before he and TR run a drug operation out of the Pub? Plus, this is a cheap excuse for drama between Roman and Kate.

Kathy: I think, at the very least, Roman should have consulted Kate before hiring Clyde. She was really afraid of him at one point. Roman may only be doing this to help Ben and Ciara.

Christine: I think ex-cons deserve the benefit of the doubt to get their lives back on track, but Clyde has had many chances. He's a career criminal who will use anyone and anything to further his plans.

Perhaps Roman was doing this to help Ben and Ciara. I hope it doesn't come back to bite him, but it likely will.

Allie Urges Johnny to Fight / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Allie now knows the Devil has possession of Johnny? What happens next?

Soaps4Ever: Johnny will probably work some devil magic to fix the situation, no doubt, and Allie can't or won't be able to reveal the truth. I doubt the Johnny/Devil story is ending just yet.

Jack: I'm afraid that what happens next is that the Devil jumps into Allie. I hope not, but I have a feeling this is where this is going.

Kathy: I think the Devil will hide Allie away someplace. Johnny seems to be trying to break free. The Devil threatening his sister may be the key to Johnny getting free.

Christine: I'm hoping that Johnny can fight the Devil long enough for Allie to make a run for it and tell someone. That's what I hope, but I'm not betting any hard-earned money on that happening.

Abe Voices Concerns / Tall - Days of Our Lives

What disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Soaps4Ever: I'm disappointed they've taken TR down such a dark road. I also find it super hard to believe Clyde was allowed to stay in an apartment with Ben and pregnant Ciara. Just not believable.

Jack: That the Devil storyline is still going strong way after outwearing its welcome. Enough already! Also, I wish Paulina would stop falling for TR's lies. And I could have done without yet another catfight between Nicole and a woman who hates her. If it's not Sami, it's Ava. Sheesh.

Kathy: I was disappointed by Chad and Kate continuing to set Belle up for EJ's wrongful conviction.

Christine: I've had enough of Nancy saying Craig is ruining her and Chloe's lives by being with Leo. How exactly? Even if Leo is conning Craig, that will eventually hurt Craig. It's not destroying Chloe or Nancy's lives.

And how is the ethical Dr. Marlena Evans okay with Nancy blackmailing her soon-to-be-ex right in front of her? They can blame Craig all they want, but the Board wants Marlena gone, and they have cause to fire her. If the Board fired Kayla for refusing to let Marlena go, why wouldn't they fire Craig for the same thing?

Chad Tries to Lure Leo / Tall - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Soaps4Ever: I'm glad Lani brought up the real problem of needing ongoing childcare with her situation. It seems like a lot of characters on Days can just freely go about their business without a thought of who will watch their kids. So it was refreshing to see that.

I also thought it was funny that Chad got busted trying to fake seduce Leo even though Chad tried his best.

Jack: Lani's scenes by Eli's bedside were all excellent. Someone give Sal Stowers an Emmy! I also liked her and Chanel bonding as sisters.

Kathy: I enjoyed Gabi's talk with Sonny. I also enjoyed the scenes with Beth. She is an interesting character.

Horrified By What He's Done - Days of Our Lives

Christine: Leo telling Chloe and Brady that they can call him Daddy once he marries Craig made me laugh, but Leo almost always makes me laugh.

And I like Ava and Jake bonding over their broken hearts and their questionable pasts. These two don't necessarily have to hide anything from one another, which is a nice change of pace.

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