Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 4-03-22: Anna's Desperate Move

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You can't blame Anna for getting desperate.

Sweet Sarah seems to have become the reincarnation of her worst enemy and instead of standing by her side, Tony is going along with Sarah's delusions and moving in with her!

But it looks like Anna will have had enough on Days of Our Lives during the week of 4-03-22, leading her to make a move she may regret.

Spoilers for the Week of 4-03-22 - Days of Our Lives

According to the spoiler video for Days of Our Lives during the week of 4-03-22, Chad gets the antidote for Sarah's condition from Rolf. But before Maggie can decide whether to risk Sarah's health further, Anna grabs the syringe and stabs Sarah with it!

Obviously, this isn't the best way to handle the situation, but it's not like anyone else is willing to take ANY action at all.

Maggie's focus seems to be on keeping Sarah out of Bayview rather than getting her the help she needs, and Tony thinks that going along with Sarah's delusions is the only way to show compassion for her struggle with mental illness.

Further spoilers say Anna will be arrested, so undoubtedly Sarah/Renee will press charges for assault. Too bad nobody can prosecute Kristen for the same thing since she's the one who started this when she stabbed Sarah with a different syringe.

The more important question is what will happen to Sarah now.

Spoilers say she takes a surprising turn, so maybe the antidote won't turn her back into Maggie's daughter after all. This is Rolf we're dealing with, and he could have put ANYTHING in a syringe and claimed it was an antidote.

And this story just began, so it's unlikely it'll be over this quickly. But will Tony and Anna's marriage be thanks to Anna's impulsive behavior and Tony's refusal to put their relationship ahead of Sarah's delusions?

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Allie Urges Johnny to Fight - Days of Our Lives

Allie urges Johnny to fight off the Devil.

If you thought this ridiculous story was over, think again.

While the Devil is going to leave Johnny, at least for the moment, spoilers say that it'll possess Allie instead.

When will this madness end? Will the Devil possess everyone in Salem before it's banished permanently?

Maggie's Difficult Choice - Days of Our Lives

Maggie is faced with a difficult choice regarding Sarah.

Maggie's difficult choice involves deciding whether or not to give Sarah that antidote, and we already know how that turns out.

Maggie'll probably hem and haw. She doesn't want to risk Sarah's health or have to trust that Rolf didn't give Chad a medication that'll make things worse.

No wonder Anna takes matters into her own hands! Maggie's indecision when it comes to all things Sarah isn't helping anything.

Anna's Desperate Move - Days of Our Lives

A desperate Anna takes matters into her own hands.

As discussed above, Anna wants to put an end ot this nightmare and live happily ever after with Tony.

She's not likely to get either one, though. For all we know, the antidote will make things worse.

One thing's for sure: Anna won't get much peace if she's in jail, and she's supposed to be arrested for this stunt! Will Tony defend her or will he tell her that she brought it on herself with her "lack of compassion" for Sarah?

Rocking Shelle's World - Days of Our Lives

Jan reveals a huge secret to Belle.

According to the spoiler video, Jan will claim to be pregnant with Shawn's baby.

It's anyone's guess whether this is true. This is Jan Spears, after all.

But most likely, this news will throw a monkey wrench into Belle and Shawn's relationship, especially if Belle runs to EJ for comfort.

A Surprising Turn - Days of Our Lives

Sarah’s condition takes a surprising turn.

It would be nice if she took a turn for the better, but I won't get my hopes up.

Maybe Sarah'll become convinced that she's some other dead Salemite or she'll become even more antagonistic toward Anna.

Can she at least stop thinking Xander is Alex Marshall? The only thing the two men have in common is their first name, and this particular delusion is as ridiculous as it is annoying.

Kate Insists Roman Fire Clyde - Days of Our Lives

Kate insists Roman fire Clyde.

Was there any doubt that this is how this would turn out?

Kate has no love left for Clyde, and his presence at the Pub can only interfere with her burgeoning relationship with Roman.

Couldn't Days of Our Lives have found a better story than this for Roman and Kate?

Horrified By What He's Done - Days of Our Lives

Johnny is horrified to learn what he’s done.

Since Johnny's been fighting to get out of the Devil's clutches for at least a couple of weeks, he has to know at least SOME of what he's done as the Devil.

His first priority'll probably be to try to patch things up with Chanel and get her away from Allie, especially if Allie is now the one possessed.

If Chanel is going to bounce back and forth between Johnny and Allie, can we at least stop wit the supernatural interference? I want to know who she'll choose when the Devil isn't involved.

Chanel is Blindsided - Days of Our Lives

Chanel is blindsided by Allie.

Yep, now that Allie's possessed, she's going to treat Chanel the way Johnny did when he was possessed.

I feel bad for Chanel. She's probably going to wonder what's wrong with her that her "true loves" suddenly turn around and break up with her.

Maybe the Devil's ultimate goal is to possess Chanel. It certainly seems to like messing with her.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

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