Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 4-25-22: The Devil Plays A Cruel Trick

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Please tell us this is the beginning of the end for the Devil!

Spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 4-25-22 suggest that it's about to play another cruel trick, though it's one we've been through before.

The Devil's next move in its quest to steal Ciara's baby is to make her think Ben is dead.

Spoilers for the Week of 4-25-22 - Days of Our Lives

According to the spoiler video, the Devil finds Evan, Orpheus' evil son, who Ciara hates more than anyone in the world, and brings him to Salem to make her think Evan has killed Ben.

In reality, Ben will wake up tied up in the crypt with Johnny. Hopefully, the two of them will break out in time to save Ciara's baby.

How likely is it that Ciara will believe any of this? After all, it wasn't that long ago that she was held hostage in a glass room while Ben was the only person in Salem who believed she was alive.

And Evan was behind that, too. The Devil must be getting desperate if it's repeating history that closely.

This story is yet another variation of Ben and Ciara's typical story. One or the other of these two is always getting kidnapped by someone who wants to break them up.

Sure, there's a supernatural element this time, but this seems like another variation on the same theme. And it's using the same players again. Blah!

The good news is that since Ciara is almost ready to deliver, this awful Devil-wants-her-baby story has to end sooner rather than later. But this focus on the Devil is doubly disappointing after the fantastic double-wedding drama last week!

Fortunately, the Devil business isn't the only thing going on. Please scroll down to check out the rest of the spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 4-25-22.

Johnny is Tormented / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Johnny is tormented as he watches Chanel and Tripp finding solace in each other’s arms.

This angst should make Johnny so angry that he develops superhuman strength and breaks the chains. That probably won't happen, but I'd love it if it did.

This story makes one thing clear: Johnny and Chanel are end game. Now that Johnny is no longer possessed, he wants his lady love back and hates being forced to watch her make out with a rival.

But what will Chanel do when the Devil is expelled from Salem? Thanks to the demon's influence, she's cycled through three people in the space of a few months; who will she choose when it's finally gone?

Paulina Puts On The Brakes / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Paulina puts the brakes on TR’s advances.

Thank goodness! She should never have let him get anywhere close to her or the babies in the first place.

Paulina went to such great lengths to hide Lani from this dangerous man that Paulina ended up losing Abe. Why would she want TR to help her with the grandchildren now?

And to make matters worse, we already know what she doesn't: TR has not changed and is planning on stealing Paulina's fortune and killing her if she gets in his way. Let's hope he never gets that chance.

Beth Tries to Tell The Truth / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Beth attempts to tell Lani the truth about TR.

It's nice that she tries, but trying isn't succeeding.

This isn't that hard. All Beth has to do is tell Lani that she went to TR's room and found that he was high on heroin and threatened to get rid of her like he did Eli.

My guess is that someone will interrupt, and then Beth will lose her nerve. That's typical of Days of Our Lives, but it's so frustrating, especially when there's no good reason for Beth to keep quiet.

An Old Foe / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Possessed Allie seeks out an old foe of Ben and Ciara’s.

It's Evan, Orpheus' son and one of the most disappointing characters in recent Salem history.

Fans wondered for years whatever became of Orpheus' twins after Marlena was rescued from being forced to play mother to them, only for Orpheus' son to reappear as a run-of-the-mill villain who hates Ciara because she forced him to take responsibility for murdering Jordan instead of letting Ben be executed for it.

And now he's going to mess with Ben and Ciara some more. Ugh.

Jan Puts Shawn In A Tough Spot / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Jan puts Shawn in a tough spot.

According to spoilers, Jan tells Shawn her pregnancy is too high-risk for her to remain in prison and asks him to let her serve "house arrest" at his home.

What? Why would Shawn go along with ANY of this?

It's not that tough a spot. Jan can go to a halfway house for pregnant inmates or a medical ward at Statesville.

Ciara's Horrifying Discovery / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Ciara makes a horrifying discovery.

The Devil makes Ciara think that Evan has murdered Ben.

The demon not only hates love but is too stupid to figure out how any of this works and will likely be shocked if Ciara doesn't fall for this lie.

Which, if the past is any indication, she won't. After all, Ben never gave up on her last time around, and supposedly they have this psychic connection.

An Infuriating Decision / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Shawn’s decision infuriates Belle.

Belle's not the only one! As mentioned above, there is NO reason for Shawn to give in to Jan's manipulations here.

Jan shouldn't be able to break up Shawn and Belle this easily, but spoilers say that Belle is going to storm out AGAIN when she discovers Jan living in her house.

Will this redux of Jan's first pregnancy 30 years ago again end with her falling down the stairs and losing the baby?

Tripp and Chanel Get Closer / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Tripp and Chanel continue to bond.

This is not good. Tripp and Chanel get drunk and head back to her place.

That's not the right way to start a new relationship. These two will probably end up embarrassed and not eager to look each other in the eye ever again.

And that's probably without ever making it to the bedroom since Paulina is home and unhappy about Chanel's drunken plans.

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