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Well, damn.

It shouldn't surprise us that anything can happen more than halfway through the season. We've seen many deaths thus far and a clear shift in the town, but even so, the closing moments of FROM Season 1 Episode 7 are a complete shock to the system.

We now know without a doubt that no one is safe.

A Picture Is Worth - Tall - FROM Season 1 Episode 7

Learning that the Colony House was having a party should have prepared us for what was surely something terrible to come.

This isn't exactly the show where good things happen, at least not in the traditional sense. So, to have a celebration interrupted by a murderous rampage somehow feels like the only way this story could have ended.

Throwing a party to celebrate a person's arrival and essentially their yearly survival is an excellent thought in theory. It's a way to spin what could otherwise be viewed as a devastating day into something more positive. And Fatima is the perfect person for us to see have this party thrown for them.

Fatima seems to wake up every day on the right side of the bed with a much more refreshing take on things than anyone else we've met. She's not naive, and she doesn't try to downplay the very reality they're all living in, but she also tries to take whatever positives she can find and attach herself to them.

She has a beautiful spirit, and honestly, that town would be lucky to have fifty Fatima's who could welcome people into a nightmare with a little less grim and a little more hope.

Girl Talk - FROM Season 1 Episode 7

But what could have been a lovely evening to let loose (though, isn't that every evening at Colony House?) turns into something deadly, thanks to Kevin.

Look, we don't even know Kevin. Not really. And maybe he was a super sweet guy underneath it all, but his loneliness leads to a lot of bloodshed.

We see more of the monsters here than we've ever seen before, and there are some interesting things to note.

They have names, which makes sense, but it's not as if we've ever heard them referred to by name before. They're also warm to the touch, according to Kevin. And perhaps most fascinating of all is how they seem to know all the town's residents.

These things all mean something, and it feels like we're inching closer and closer to finding that meaning, but there's still a lot to learn.

Hanging Out - FROM Season 1 Episode 7

But back to the massacre, Jasmine snakes her way in pretty effortlessly. And I wonder if she chose Kevin specifically and honed in on his insecurities as a way to get into the house. We have no idea how much time they'd been communicating before that night, but it was long enough for Jasmine to easily manipulate him.

And he didn't have that glazed-over look in his eyes like Jasmine had invaded his mind either. He looked like he was totally in his right mind when he decided to unlock the window.

The destruction came quickly, and poor Trudy was just a casualty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Fatima: You know, you should really work on your party face. What are you doing sitting here all by yourself?
Trudy: You don't have to. I know you don't like me.
Fatima: That's not true.
Trudy: I just...such a nice party.
Fatima: You'll get one, too.
Trudy: No. I don't think I will.

Her conversation with Fatima foreshadowed her demise, but it was nice to see her go out as more than just the girl who stole people's clothing.

Did anyone else think for sure Ellis was going to die?

Clothing Change - FROM Season 1 Episode 7

The writing was all over the wall in big, bright letters, especially with the extra focus on him here.

There's still so much about him that we don't know, and it would have been an absolute shame for him to perish without us getting a greater insight into who he is behind the bright smile, charming nature, and hint of sadness lingering just under the surface.

He's lucky these monsters went to the Michael Myers school of killing and refused to put any pep in their step because he was so overcome with thinking Fatima died that he stayed in that house a beat too long.

Fatima's quick thinking with the talisman was genius. It gives further credence to the idea that the talisman will probably protect you almost anywhere at this point, as long as there's a barrier between you and the monsters.

I'm not sure you could stand in the middle of Main Street, hold up the talisman, and be perfectly fine. But as long as something is blocking you from them, your chances go up exponentially.

Side note about Ellis, it was a blink, and you'll miss it moment, but the ignorant drunk guy that Ellis picked a fight with, casually mentioned Ellis being like is his mother in regards to him being an "animal." What the hell?

What Next - FROM Season 1 Episode 7

I'm a broken record now with my continued pleading for more of Boyd and Ellis' backstory because I know it's so rich and will give such great context to a lot of the current dynamics.

Will Boyd even tell Ellis that he's venturing out to the woods? The two don't seem to have any relationship, but you'd think he'd make a pitstop to the hill on his way out to the woods to give his son a little heads up.

Though, who knows what Boyd's plan is now after what happened.

First off, let me say that while I've been critical of Father Khatri and still think some of his actions have been questionable, hearing him talk about the day he got to town was heartbreaking. Everyone has a story, and we saw how the Matthews played out, but Khatri was literally teetering on the edge and felt guided to the town.

When you consider Khatri believed that God led him there, his decision to spare Sara makes more sense. Whatever Nathan told him was enough for him to consider the possibility that Sara has a connection to the town worth exploring and not wasting by throwing her in the box. It may be the first sign he saw regarding a path forward.

Inside The Tree - FROM Season 1 Episode 7

But now that the plan in the woods is down a person, we'll have to see if Boyd can still find Sara helpful.

Father Khatri's death was a legitimate shock. It was a jump scare and just an absolutely crushing blow. Even if you weren't his biggest fan, there's something sad about losing a prominent character in such a gruesome manner. And to have it come entirely out of nowhere.

We'd just seen Kevin and Trudy die, Ellis and Fatima saved, and then wham, Khatri's throat gets slit. It was a surreal moment, and Boyd praying while Khatri bled out underneath his hands with a final plea on his lips was probably the most devastating scene in this series to date.

It reinforces the stakes here and the fact that everything can change on a dime. No one is safe, and we as an audience should never get too comfortable with the status quo.

Loose Ends

A Picture Is Worth - Tall - FROM Season 1 Episode 7
  • So, the moment someone starts talking about the day they arrived in town, something awful is about to happen to them or someone they care about. Noted.
  • Victor following after the kid in all-white makes me wonder if perhaps he's someone who helped Victor back when he was a kid. Maybe he led Victor to the tree right before everything went to hell when he was a little, and he did the same thing here.
  • Julie hopped in the faraway tree and seemed to end up in the cellar Jade found and Victor came out of when he was a little boy. Will Julie emerge from the cellar to a splattering of dead bodies as well?
  • Tabitha and Jim were getting a little handsy in that dirt pit, and good for them.
Putting Things Together - FROM Season 1 Episode 7
  • We know Victor has been in town forever and a day but does no one else? Jade, Kenny, and Tian Chen were shocked to see him in that picture, but if that notebook was Victor's, perhaps they could get some answers from him about the symbols.

After FROM Season 1 Episode 1, this was probably the best hour of the first season. And to think, we still have a few hours left this season to get some more answers.

Let me know in the comments what your newest theories are and how you're feeling about the shocking death.

As always, you can watch FROM online anytime via TV Fanatic, so you're all caught up!

All Good Things Review

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FROM Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Fatima: It's so beautiful.
Donna: They catch all the bad dreams. And let only the sweet ones reach you.

Julie: Is he okay?
Fatima: Nights like this are just a little tough for him. As much as you celebrate the people who make it, you also remember the ones who didn't.