Killing Eve Post-Mortem: Fiona Shaw Reacts to Carolyn's Arc, The Finale, & More!

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Killing Eve wrapped up its incredible run after four seasons on Sunday night.

TV Fanatic chatted with Fiona Shaw, one of the three leading ladies, to discuss Killing Eve Season 4.

Check out our interview below!

Fiona Shaw Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 6

TV Fanatic: What did you think of Carolyn's storyline this season? What was your personal opinion on it?

Well, it wasn't done without some consultation. We've been talking about it since the February before we started shooting, so I was active with Laura.

So I've enjoyed the conversations -- I think we were very ambitious for it. I think there was a very big weight on everyone's shoulders, so some of the things we worked out in advance and some we did not.

Some things did develop as the season went on. I was very interested in travel.

I thought we should travel. So we did end up going to, as it were, Cuba.

Traveling Carolyn - Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 8

TVF: Caroline took a very different path this season. How did you prepare for the kind of revenge mission that she went on?

Yes, I was somewhat cautioned about it initially, because I think the point of Caroline is that she's all-powerful and controlling. She comes in and solves things, and I suppose it's inevitable that a writer will say: suppose we take away her power.

What do you do then? And actually, you struggle to see the answer. So I think I found this running off to Russia thing really an uncomfortable storyline, but very playable.

It meant that she didn't have any of the mental access to the endless telephone people that she would normally call in the world of London, where she could call the prime minister or call whoever she needed to get whatever she needed.

She doesn't have that in Russia, and so there's a kind of reduced world, really, and it does sort of focus the mind and makes it slightly darker, I suppose. And the fact that she betrays some of her colleagues in order to survive there.

Carolyn Outside - Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 6

TVF: So what are some of your favorite scenes this season? What's your favorite scene that you've done?

I don't know if I see it in favorite. I don't even think of it like that. I just do them because they're part of the story. I liked having old friends come and visit us again.

I loved playing with Sandra again. You know, it's very nice to do that. I enjoyed having a section with Villanelle very much. I requested that. I was very glad that I had at least a chapter with Villanelle.

Carolyn actually doesn't really know or care about Villanelle at all. And, she doesn't like Carolyn. And yet the three of them were somehow bonded by the world they share. So I was very pleased to have done that.

Carolyn Exploring Her Old Stomping Grounds - Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 5

TVF: How does it feel after four seasons to finally be wrapping up these storylines and to be ending the show?

Very sad. I loved it.

I had a really enjoyable four years because, you know, the success of the show means that whenever you meet people, if they have a different opinion about it or whatever, but there are lots of people really enjoyed it.

And part of the pleasure is to give such pleasure to so many people. I was so pleased that so many people enjoyed it. It was in America and in England and wherever I went. So that's been a hugely pleasurable experience.

Carolyn Disgusted - Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 5

TVF: The show has amassed many, many fans with all of them coming up with their own theories, especially on the Twelve. Going into the final season, were you personally aware of the details on The Twelve?

I mean, we do talk about it, as I say. I mean there are a lot of arguments about them, and there's a lot of things that are within the root of it. I mean, it seems to be inevitable that Carolyn would have some connection to them, either innocently or not innocently because the world of that kind of power is quite small in the end.

If she had been part of the movement in the seventies, would it had never crossed her mind that that movement would turn into something else? But maybe it didn't because she assumed the whole thing had died and disappeared. So she's been pursuing the trail for a long time.

So I think that the Twelve have always been the backdrop in which these characters have been dealing with their own little issues in front of them or, you know, various crimes that happened over the various episodes or seasons.

It finally had to come home to roost and had to be some way concluded.

Carolyn Questioning an Old Friend - Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 5

TVF: One major highlight from this season, I think, was the episode where there was a lot of flashbacks to Carolyn's earlier days.

Did you have any active interaction, not just with the writers but with the actress who played younger Carolyn?

Yes, I did indeed. I saw her tapes, and I enjoyed her very much. Then I met her and I told her to mimic me.

And in real life, actually, she looks much more like me than she does on the show because her hair is short like mine, which because it was the late seventies, she had had long hair.

Traveling Carolyn - Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 8

TVF: So other than COVID, because obviously, that was a big hurdle. What was the hardest thing that you experienced this season? If you had anything that was particularly difficult with the story or with your performance.

I think being in Russia was very difficult. Because suddenly and I said to you earlier, you know, without Carolyn's telephone directory, it's very hard to hold on to her.

Carolyn is a powerful person; take away her power, and she's like you and me. And she has to sort of build back up and get herself out from underneath that rather drab and limiting situation.

I found that both hard to play and hard to be in. I think once she got off to Cuba, she was away back in her own room wearing gorgeous shoes.

Carolyn Looking Out of Her Window - Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 4

TVF: The fashion in this show has always been something else. Do you have any favorite costumes that you've just absolutely adored from this season that Carolyn has worn?

I adored that kingfisher blue coat that I wore in the first season. I thought it was an incredible color that seemed to hold almost the history of the 20th century. I never kept any because there is no opportunity that I could have worn them.

TVF: That's a very good point. They are quite extravagant.

A Jumpsuit that I had in one of the seasons -- I did go and buy that.

Carolyn Looking For the Member of The Twelve - Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 4

TVF: Did any of your past roles influence any parts of Carolyn?

Well, that's a really good question, and I think all of my past roles, I have never played anything remotely like Carolyn, but I don't think I could have played it if I hadn't played any of my past roles.

And somewhere I feel I was standing on a pile of my experience, and I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity to be able to shed all of those huge emotional parts that I played in order to play somebody cold, but obviously with a furnace somewhere inside her.

So I do think that my past has had a huge influence here.

Carolyn Sitting at A Table - Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 4

TVF: Do you have any kind of message for the fans about the finale, or any final goodbyes?

Well, I just want to thank the fans for following it on.

And I've had a particularly lovely fan base of a big demographic of young people and also older people, particularly in New York. I think a lot of the older people enjoyed her, and maybe she represented something that they remember of the eighties.

I really enjoyed being that vehicle. And, you know, I have no message except to say thank you. It's been very, very enjoyable to play somebody so intelligent. It's always been somebody very intelligent because the audience is always chasing you. And that's very good.

Carolyn Waiting - Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 1

So, what did you think of the final season?

Do you wish there was more?

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