The CW Boss Reacts to "Shock" Cancellations of Legacies, Legends of Tomorrow & More

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The CW shocked fans of many of its shows this month when they were canceled.

Shows like Legends of Tomorrow, Legacies, Charmed, & Dynasty all got the pink slip.

Mark Pedowitz, the President of The CW, opened up about the decisions Friday during a pre-Upfronts call, in which he said that this was very different from past seasons when the network renewed most of its line-up.

Breaking Down the Barrier - Legacies Season 1 Episode 1

“I realize the pattern was different from what we have done in years past so I can see why it has come as a bit of a shock to you and the fans," Pedowitz said, according to Deadline.

"None of these were easy decisions, we had long conversations with our studios and parent companies and everyone recognized this was a time of transition for The CW."

"Unfortunately, some difficult financial and strategic decisions needed to be made at every level and despite some rumors out there, content was never a factor in deciding not to move forward with the shows,” Pedowitz added.

Alaric Behind Bars -- Legacies Season 4 Episode 17

He went on to say that the network had an idea early on which shows could be left on the bubble as the sale of the network loomed.

"We did not know 100% what would happen so we tried to encourage all of these producers to treat their finale as if it could be a series finale."

"We wanted to do the right thing by the series and by the fans. Ultimately, the producers are stewards of their own creative vision. Unfortunately, it’s the fans that lose out by these decisions,” he added.

Julie Plec, who created Legacies and is an EP on the network's fellow canceled show Roswell, New Mexico, said that she knew there was a chance the shows would not be renewed.

Alaric's Decision - Legacies Season 1 Episode 9

“One last thing re: Roswell and Legacies. (The CW CEO) Mark Pedowitz & his team at The CW had the class & grace to warn the shows that they might not survive, even if The CW wanted them."

"Because of that, the season finales of both shows were carefully crafted to also work as series finales."

“I can speak for #Legacies in saying that Brett and I and the writing team poured all kinds of love into it. And there are a couple surprises for long-time #TVDU fans that may just blow your mind.”

Kaleb Helps Out - Legacies Season 1 Episode 9

The CW announced its fall schedule this morning, revealing that much of the genre fare had been traded in for lower-cost unscripted series and Canadian programming.

What are your thoughts on the cancellations?

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