Big Brother Winner Rachel Reilly Would Return on One Condition

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Big Brother returns for its 24th season next month, and a fan favorite is speaking out about what it would take for her to return.

Rachel Reilly was a true powerhouse on Big Brother 12.

She returned the following year as part of a duos twist and went on to win the game.

Rachel Reilly attends OK! TV Awards Party

There were rumors that she was set to appear on Big Brother All-Stars 2 in 2020, but it didn't come together for whatever reason.

Now, Reilly is opening up about what would bring her back to the show.

TV personality Rachel Reilly attends the Reality Rocks Expo Fan Awards

"I think the Big Brother fan base would love to see Rachel, Janelle, Danielle Reyes, and Vanessa play together," she told Entertainment Weekly, adding that it "would be my DREAM COME TRUE!"

"We all would bring a lot of strong female energy and the 4 of us would be a force."

"I mean, could you imagine the 4 of us together on a show.... we would have all the competitions and game play covered," Reilly continued.

The reality TV star shared that CBS should save it for a "best of" season that airs in place of Celebrity Big Brother.

Actress Rachel Reilly attends the 5th Silver Anniversary party for CBS' "The Bold And The Beautifu l

"I think we could all make it happen during a 3-week season (hint… hint, CBS), and for the fun of it throw Dan/Will/Cody and a few others in for us to beat just to make it interesting," Reilly added.

Reilly elaborated that a shortened season would work better for legendary players.

"Let's make that Best of Big Brother season happen in a 3-week shortened version, and I'm there."

"I would love more than anything to play again. It's just hard to take 3 months off of life at this point, but I would try to make it happen because I would love to play again," she concluded.

Rachel Reilly arrives at Star Magazine Hollywood Rocks 2014

Fans have been calling for Reilly's return for years, and given that CBS has removed the Celebrity edition of the show from its press site, maybe the network is open to other formats with the Big Brother name.

The Challenge has an All-Stars series that films for a much shorter amount of time than the main series, so a legends-type series, filmed across the same duration as Celebrity Big Brother could be the way to go.

If you're dying for more Rachel Reilly on your TV screens, then you can watch Better with the Brenchels, a new BSpoke TV reality series.

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