Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 6-27-22: Hurricane Sami Causes Chaos

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Hurricane Sami is back!

She may be hobbling around on crutches, but she's still a formidable force, especially when she's mad.

And since she's going to catch her ex kissing the sister she's always hated on Days of Our Lives during the week of 6-27-22, all bets are off.

Spoilers for the Week of 6-27-22 - Days of Our Lives

Theoretically, Sami shouldn't care.

She and EJ called it quits months ago, and she's engaged to Lucas, her steadfast friend and sometimes lover for almost three decades!

But Sami is possessive, and she and EJ have had a tumultuous and passionate relationship, so in Sami's mind, he's hers.

Belle is about the worst person for him to "stray" with, too. Sami and Belle's rivalry goes back to Belle's birth. Sami kidnapped her baby half-sister and tried to sell her on the black market, something which Belle never lets her forget.

Belle taking a man that Sami considers her personal property is an act of war.

And once Sami goes into hurricane mode, everyone will be lucky if she doesn't tear the whole town apart!


Does anyone doubt that Sami could convert one of her crutches into a weapon and manage to keep her balance while hitting someone with it?

Sami's overdramatic reaction aside, the real question is: are EJ and Belle the real deal or a rebound?

EJ more or less admitted he still has feelings for Sami and Belle runs to him every time she gets frustrated with Shawn giving into Jan's manipulations. That's a recipe for impulsive sex that they both regret later.

If Sami/EJ/Belle drama isn't your thing, don't worry. There's a ton else going on in Salem; please scroll down to check out the complete list of Days of Our Lives spoilers.

Sami Interrupts - Days of Our Lives

Sami interrupts a steamy moment between Belle and EJ.

Sami vs. Belle may be one of the highlights of the week.

As discussed above, Sami is likely to fly into a jealous rage despite being engaged to someone else who is a better match for her!

What will happen when she finds out that Lucas was the one behind her kidnapping and EJ was innocent?

Eric's Feelings for Nicole - Days of Our Lives

Roman urges Eric to make his feelings known to Nicole before it's too late.

Roman told Kate to stay out of this. Now he should take his own advice.

Eric and Nicole have gone round and round a torturous carousel in the past several years. The ride always ends with Nicole in tears and Eric and his family swearing she's the worst thing that ever happened to him.

Let's not do this again, especially not when Nicole is engaged to someone else.

Chad Grieves - Days of Our Lives

Marlena and John comfort Chad over Abigail's death.

Chad's grief has been well done, but it's painful to watch.

With all the death and destruction viewers may be dealing with in real life, we don't need an extended grief period, but these should be strong scenes.

Even better: Casey Moss returns as JJ on Days of Our Lives during the week of 6-27-22, and spoilers say he and Chad will bond over their grief.

Since JJ has had two girlfriends die violent deaths, if anyone can relate to what Chad's going through, it's him.

Celebrating Their Engagement - Days of Our Lives

Lucas and Sami celebrate their engagement.

Lucas needs to talk to Paulina about what happens when you claim you wanted to get married to cover up some other secret.

It's a shame this is such a bad idea. Lucas and Sami have been together on and off for years, and Lumi fans SHOULD get their happily-ever-after.

Instead, this is probably a bump in the road for an EJ/Sami reunion. How disappointing!

A Life-Changing Gift - Days of Our Lives

Ben and Ciara receive a life-changing gift from Hope.

Yay! Hope still exists.

This is set up for Beyond Salem 2.0, which drops on July 11. It also may be an exit story for Ben and Ciara.

According to spoilers, Hope will give them a boat so that they can sail around the world with their newborn like she and Bo did right after Shawn was born.

Walking In On a Kiss - Days of Our Lives

Brady and Chloe walk in on a kiss between Jan and Shawn.

Why, Shawn? Why?

Jan is so obviously manipulating him, and if he wants to save his marriage with Belle, this isn't going to help.

And can Brady and Chloe find something to do other than be the relationship police, please? It's bad enough that they put their noses into Craig and Leo's relationship and are getting ready to interfere with Nancy and Clyde. Do they REALLY need to be involved in this Belle/Shawn/Jan mess too?

Abe and Paulina Go On The Attack - Days of Our Lives

Abe and Paulina go on the attack when Melinda tries to pull a fast one.

Trask will likely want to throw the book at Lani.

At least Abe and Paulina are on the same side this time. While it's sad that Abe ALWAYS throws his moral compass away when it comes to Lani, we didn't need another breakup over Paulina's latest boneheaded attempt to protect their daughter.

Besides, putting smug, obnoxious Trask in her place will be fun.

Sarah Attacks Chanel! / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Sarah pulls a knife on Chanel!

It certainly seems like Sarah killed Abigail.

She may have a bone to pick with Chanel over Xander, but the only reason she'd pull a knife on her is that she thinks Chanel is Kristen.

It makes no sense since Chanel is half Kristen's age and of a different race, but neither did Sarah thinking Victor was Kristen. Too bad we can't have a legitimate PTSD story instead of this silliness.

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