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What. In. The. Hell.

No, seriously, guys. Are we supposed to just go on and pretend like we didn't see what we just saw at the end of Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 2? Because, quite frankly, that seems like an impossible task.

Even though this season has already seen an intergalactic storm, this hour felt like the calm before the narrative storm poised to come our way. Because things just got VERY real.

Bunker Talk - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 2

It's tough to dive into our hour like this and not start at the end.

So, I'm going to get right into it and talk about the fact that the second episode of the final season ends with Alexander Manes getting sucked into the Earth, thanks to the new alien and my archnemesis Tezca.

Alex Thinks - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 2

When they took the time to show Alex leaving town, it became abundantly clear that something was going to happen. Couple that with the locust splattering, and just like that, we have another gasp-worthy ending to a so-so installment.

You have to figure that ultimately the new triad will need the pod squad's help, or at the very least their cooperation, as they keep trying to enact Jones's plans. And holding Alex hostage makes a lot of sense in that regard because no one will take Alex's safety for granted.

But even if it's an excellent insurance plan for the triad, it's still a gut punch. Alex can often get lost in the revolving character door, and it's a shame he may be missing from the central action, even if narratively, this twist opens up many possibilities. Like for starters, Michael doesn't even realize his love is missing yet!

Roswell appears to be making an interesting choice with Michael and Alex this season by finally letting them be happy but also recognizing that just because you get everything you always wanted, it doesn't mean everything will be smooth-sailing from here on out.

Your insecurities and fears don't just disappear overnight just because you love someone and they love you back.

Michael Broods - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 1

Michael not wanting to part with his console, a piece of his home that means the absolute world to him, is totally on-brand for him. Though, I tend to balk at the idea he doesn't trust Alex as much as he doesn't trust other people to purposefully or inadvertently harm something that means so much to him.

If Michael wasn't going to come to his senses on his own, I'm glad they had Sanders tell him about himself in a pretty darn special scene.

Sanders is genuinely the father figure Michael has always needed, and his advice was timely and from the heart. He sees the love and connection between the two men, and he can sit by quietly and not say anything, but he pushes because he wants what's best for Michael. And he knows that's Alex.

I trust that no matter what comes our way next. No matter how far apart from each other we are in this world, we will always find our way back to each other.

Michael [to Alex]

The second bunker scene between the boys may be the best Malex scene we've ever gotten, and that's honestly saying something.

Michael has never been more vulnerable, willingly laying his heart at Alex's feet for him to do anything he pleases with it. And Alex takes his heart, wraps it in his capable hands, and nestles it right next to his own.

Intense Alex - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 1

The two have never been more in sync. While we watch the scene, not understanding that the two are about to be split apart for an indeterminate amount of time, it's a beautiful reminder of their history and how far they've come since their reunion in Roswell, New Mexico Season 1.

They will always fight for each other and to get back to each other.

The pieces want to be together, and they will be once Michael figures out what the hell is going on! But just when does that happen? This feels like a story that will play out over time, and that gives me a nervous feeling.

To this point, the only person who has even spoken words to the new aliens is Max, whose run-in with Clyde goes downhill almost as soon as Max opens his mouth.

But let's backtrack for a second and discuss the aptly named Bonnie and Clyde, who get more time here and get fleshed out after their appearance in Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 1.

Bonnie actually seems fun and perhaps a little naive, while Clyde is much more jaded and regimented. He's there to complete a mission, while Bonnie is ready to also complete said mission and enjoy her time on Earth.

Clyde's skepticism of the planet was not even remotely wrong on many different levels, and every time he spouted off another astute observation, it made me think of Michael. Perhaps his Earthly views weren't quite as cynical, but I could see some overlap between the two men.

Especially a younger Guerin who wished for nothing more than to escape the planet he landed on.

Ultimately, Bonnie and Clyde's day of hamburgers and malts leads them to Graham's alien exploitation event and that aforementioned scene with Max and Clyde.

Did anyone else have a brief moment of missing Mr. Jones? Max had to turn on his inner Mr. Jones for just a few seconds, and I was briefly transported back to the best parts of Roswell, New Mexico Season 3.

Under The Lights - Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 13

But I digress. Clyde let slip a lot in that brief little exchange. We get confirmation that Jones sent them, they're collecting items Jones asked for, and we even get another callback to seasons past when Clyde drops that line about Ophiuchus rising again.

It's all just words at this point and more information for us to store away for a later date, but it's all starting to come together and setting up our big season-long conflict.

Roswell loves to set up the villains and the stakes slowly, but I can appreciate this season shaping the triad as a least a foe to this point. Whether they stay as foes remains to be seen, but right now, there is the framework for a very good battle between our two alien tribes.

Speaking of aliens, poor Isobel was floundering all episode, as her romantic relationship went from seemingly perfect to damaged overnight.

Look, Anatsa is a reporter. This isn't new information or something that everyone wasn't aware of. Her job is to break stories, and seeing as she doesn't know aliens are a thing and that she's not supposed to be digging into the bank heists, everyone treats her a bit too aggressively for my taste.

The Other End - Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 12

Max especially goes a little overboard when he chastises her, especially when he reduces her to someone his sister is sleeping with and not someone she's in love with. It's all a little icky, bringing us to one of the sadder moments of the hour when Isobel decides to go into Anatsa's mind.

If you won’t give me a story, I’ll go get it on my own.

Anatsa [to Max]

Early Roswell Isobel isn't the same Isobel as now, and you can really see how devastated she is to have to do this to someone she cares for deeply. It's not an ideal situation, but at that moment, she did what she thought would protect herself (and her siblings) and would potentially save her relationship.

It's a terrible position to be in, and it sets up this larger question of whether or not it's really feasible for any of them to date and forge relationships with people who don't fully know them. And hasn't that been a central conflict for the aliens all along?

We know it wasn't as cut and dry with Noah because he was a lying liar, but it must feel to Isobel like another scenario where she's keeping a part of herself hidden.

I'm not sure how long the two of them will last after this because Isobel truly struggled in the aftermath.

Science Buds - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 2

And heading right for Kyle only to see him on a date was particularly cruel.

Side note. I don't think I even picked up Kyle's date's name, but good on her for shooting her shot, even if it was at the most inopportune moment. Kyle Valenti is a CATCH. And he must be Roswell's most eligible bachelor.

SCRATCH THAT. He's New Mexico's most eligible bachelor.

So, I hope he had some fun at the Pony, got to laugh a little, and got a nice buzz before someone comes along to threaten to burn down the world.

Liz had some exciting things going on here once she met Allie's wife, who had her own Men In Black agent escorting her around town.

Cuddled Up - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 2

I feel like Allie will end up being an enemy (I have no basis for this opinion, but I feel it in my bones), and if she's up to no good, then I'm conflicted on how much trust to put in Shivani. It's hard not to scrutinize all outsiders because you just don't know who to trust with a secret as large as there are aliens among us.

So far, though, Shivani seems okay, and she comes at the best time for Liz, who's a little out of sorts as she adjusts to this next phase of her life.

It's nice to see her commit to finding a balance and recognizing how beneficial it will be for herself and her relationship with Max. And meeting Shivani only drives that point home more and more while also leading her to a breakthrough with Vanessa.

We know that Liz will only be able to keep her balanced life for so long because there is a real threat in Roswell currently throwing men into the Earth, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

Popcorn Time - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 1

Loose Ends

  • Dallas is clearly trying to find his place within the group regarding how to help them when problems arise. And I'm glade he just inserted himself and used his good nature to get information and help. Cam was right when she told him the pod squad was lucky to have him. So are we!
  • The last episode was Dallas and Maria flirty times, and this time we got a little Dallas and Cam fun! Dallas being such a hot commodity is precisely what he deserves.
  • Everything with the locusts is fascinating, and getting continued glimpses into the alien mythology is always fun. So, was the storm meant to unleash the locusts? And if so, what will that accomplish?
Looking At The Chart - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 1
  • Michael made Alex a necklace out of the first piece of alien glass he ever found. MICHAEL MADE ALEX A NECKLACE OUT OF THE FIRST PIECE OF ALIEN GLASS HE EVER FOUND. Did I cry during that whole scene and even harder when I saw it on Alex's neck before he disappeared underground? I'll never tell.
  • Max and Liz are at their best and most enjoyable in a calm state like this, where they depend on each other for support. Like Micheal and Alex, it's lovely to see this evolution.
  • I will keep mentioning Rosa here until someone mentions her on the show. I hope the Big Apple is treating her well!

I'm beginning to wonder if part of what Tezca was doing with igniting that storm was prepping the atmosphere for the arrival of more ships. I could be way off base here, but at this point, any guess is probably good because we don't know much!

Looking In - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 1

Drop all your predictions in the comment section, and let me know how you're feeling about where things may go next!

How long will it take Michael to realize Alex is missing?

Was the gang too tough on Anatsa?

Should Isobel have told Anatsa she was an alien instead of wiping her mind?

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Shivani [to Liz]

Liz: You don’t hate me, right, for need more time.
Max: No, of course not. I couldn’t be mad at you.
Liz: I found a healthy balance with you, Max. And that’s the key to our future together, so I just need to figure out a way to sustain it.
Max: Well, wherever the road takes you, I will be right by your side.