All Rise Season 3 Episode 6 Review: I'll Be There

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Girl power rules!

Emily, Ness, and Amy showed how fierce they were as they fought for their clients on All Rise Season 3 Episode 6.

Judge Lisa Benner and Judge Lola Carmichael also assisted in solving a 20-year-old crime. "I'll Be There" showed the power of support and teamwork.

The Judges - All Rise

I've had my doubts about Judge Marshall since All Rise Season 3 Episode 1. Those doubts intensified when I learned he presided over Randall Mack's trial 20 years ago, and he didn't want anyone digging into new evidence.

Nothing can stop Emily Lopez, though. She was determined to prove that Randall was wrongfully convicted and had a confession and affidavit from the real killer to prove it.

Ms. Lopez, wasn’t your client convicted by a jury and found that the prosecution had proven their case beyond a reasonable doubt?

Judge Benner

Defending Randall - All Rise Season 3 Episode 6

Nothing ever goes right for Emily.

As soon as she'd gotten Lisa and Lola to agree to a hearing, the key witness and real murderer, Damien Owens, died. What a complicated case.

DA Palmer said they couldn't release Randall on a dead man's word, while Emily grew more determined to prove Randall's innocence.

Judge Carmichael was torn on whether to hear new evidence, but she always strived for justice. I think Lola was even more motivated since Judge Marshall seemed shady and wanted to keep this case a secret.

Lola: So now that Mr. Owens has died, do I allow Ms. Lopez to introduce any new evidence she can find?
Lisa: I know how wrongful convictions keep you up at night.
Lola: So that’s code for trust your gut. Thank you, Lisa.

Lisa's Advice - All Rise Season 3 Episode 6

Emily Lopez is always fierce, but she was brutal with Julia. A man's life was at stake. An extramarital affair didn't matter. Randall's life did.

Lola seemed impressed and offered an arrest warrant to make Julia appear in court.

That only crushed Randall more. He wanted Julia to testify 20 years ago, and she broke his heart again.

He felt like he couldn't count on anyone. He and his daughter tried contacting the Free Council Initiative for years before Emily took the case and helped them.

Wrongfully Convicted - All Rise Season 3 Episode 6

Maggie Palmer even seemed more reasonable than usual when she offered a plea deal of voluntary manslaughter with time served, and he'd be released the next day.

Randall and Emily almost agreed, but Randall's daughter found another witness who offered a sworn statement about the murder and was willing to testify.

Even Maggie Palmer agreed to drop the case, and both she and Emily teared up when Judge Carmichael admitted it was a travesty that it took 20 years to get justice.

Was the original trial legit, or did Judge Marshall have it in for this guy? He sure lurked around the break room more during this case. I don't trust his motives.

Bittersweet Ruling - All Rise Season 3 Episode 6

Emily was due for a win, so I was relieved she could assist her client in reuniting with his family and arranging his dream vacation.

It's time for Emily's dreams to come true, whether in her new apartment complex or spending time with Luke. She's evolved, and she's earned it.

So has Luke. He won his first murder trial and still managed to reconcile with his best buddy. It helped that Mark needed Luke's assistance on a case.

Mark: This, Watkins, is why you should have never left the DA’s office.
Luke: If you and Amy can maintain a relationship after some of the epic battles you’ve had, I’m sure we can manage.
Mark: Vegas rules, baby. What happens in the courtroom, stays in the courtroom.

Poor Miles didn't want to snitch on the mastermind. He's been in foster care and juvie. He knows what happens to snitches and would rather pay the punishment—poor kid. Hopefully, we'll see Luke reach out to him in future episodes.

Mark's New Case - All Rise Season 3 Episode 6

Ness finally got her first client when she handled a complicated family will.

It was supposed to be an easy, no-contest will, but family wills always include bitter drama, and this one was no different.

Their client Ava was supposed to receive her grandmother's ring, but it went to a cousin instead.

When Ness protested, it was revealed that if Ada protested, she would have to return any money her grandma gave her, up to $400,000.

Ness's First Case - All Rise Season 3 Episode 6

Ness wouldn't let her client go down without a fight, and what she learned was heartbreaking.

The grandmother's will was changed three months ago electronically, and there were photos of elder abuse. The cousin's husband hurt and threatened the grandmother.

It's so sad that some families would hurt family members for valuable jewelry. Even Ada's cousin was horrified her husband would do that.

Amy played it smart when Mark walked into the office, saying he was the DDA there to prosecute the case. The women on All Rise used their brains and teamwork.

Sexy Dream - All Rise Season 3 Episode 6

Finally, let's discuss Lola's lingering feelings for Andre. That sexy beach dream was hot, but why is Lola dreaming about her ex? Mark and her dad told her to deal with the past soon.

Mark: So that is Mr. Mighty, Andre Armstrong, esquire extraordinaire?
Lola: How did you know?
Mark: You’re sweating, Lo.

Lola is in denial, thinking Andre will disappear, but he's dating one of her friends. That in itself is awkward.

Shouldn't Rachel have asked how Lola felt before dating Andre?

While they are all adults, shouldn't they have assessed Lola's comfort level if Andre is planning on moving again?

BFF Time - All Rise Season 3 Episode 6

Recently, Lola consistently sounds like she's convincing herself that she is happy. She has a sexy husband and an adorable toddler.

It just seemed like they were overwhelmed, and Lola wanted a nanny.

I appreciated that Lola's parents refused to be their nanny. Many grandparents prefer to be the fun, doting grandparents versus seeing it as a job.

Hopefully, they'll find someone that adores cute little Bailey soon.

Doting Grandpa - All Rise Season 3 Episode 6

Over to you, All Risers. Are you excited that justice was served? Will Mark and Luke be able to protect Miles from the criminal mastermind?

Will Robin and Lola find a nanny? Chime in below in the comments.

Remember, if you miss an episode, you could watch All Rise online via TV Fanatic.

All Rise airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on OWN.

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All Rise Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Mark: So that is Mr. Mighty, Andre Armstrong, esquire extraordinaire?
Lola: How did you know?
Mark: You’re sweating, Lo.

Ms. Lopez, wasn’t your client convicted by a jury and found that the prosecution had proven their case beyond a reasonable doubt?

Judge Benner