Sex Education Star Confirms Exit Ahead of Season 4

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When Sex Education returns for Season 4, it will be without one of its most popular characters.

Patricia Allison, who has played Ola since the beginning of the Netflix hit, will not return.

Allison made the shocking announcement during an appearance on Breakfast With Yinka and Shayna Marie.

Ola on Season 3 - Sex Education

“I absolutely have loved being on Sex Education so, so much… but unfortunately, I won’t be joining the team for Season 4,” she dished.

“Some other opportunities have come up. I’ve been doing it for three years, and I’ve genuinely loved it.”

Ola Responds - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 7

Patricia revealed that the decision was "absolutely" difficult.

“I guess I have to say goodbye at some time, which is kind of sad, but other things are coming.”

Ola was initially introduced as a love interest for Otis (Asa Butterfield), but their relationship imploded on the second season.

Ola went on to have a relationship with Lily (Tanya Reynolds).

Lily Upset - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 7

However, Ola and Otis will be in each other's loves for the foreseeable future given that Ola's father Jakob and Otis' mother, Jean welcomed a baby on Sex Education Season 3 Episode 8.

News of Allison's departure comes months after it was revealed that co-star Ncuti Gatwa had landed the role of the Doctor on Doctor Who.

It's unclear whether this means Gatwa will be leaving or if he'll be able to film one more season before moving over to the sci-fi drama.

With the cast moving on, it certainly raises some questions about the series' future on Netflix.

Eric Returns - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 7

The students were left without a school at the close of Sex Education Season 3, so there will be some big changes on the horizon.

Whether Season 4 will end the series, we don't know at this stage.

What we do know is that the cameras haven't even started rolling, so don't expect the show back on the air for a long time.

What are your thoughts on the big departure?

Paging Eric - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 8

Hit the comments below.

Stream the first three seasons on Netflix.

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