5 Things Manifest Season 4 Needs to Address

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The mysteries of Flight 828 have plagued audiences since Manifest first premiered.

Now that the series is returning thanks to Netflix following its NBC cancellation, some things need to be addressed following that Manifest Season 3 finale cliffhanger.

From Grace's death and Angelina kidnapping Baby Eden to the imminent Death Date and Cal's sudden age-up, here is what needs to be addressed in Manifest Season 4.

Manifest Cast

And with a premiere date finally set by Netflix, this is more timely than ever!

In case you missed it, Manifest Season 4 Part 1 (ugh) premieres on the streamer on November 1. Now, let's get down to the business at hand!

The Truth Will Set You Free - Manifest Season 3 Episode 12

What Happened to Baby Eden

In the final minutes of Manifest Season 3 Episode 13, 828 passenger Angelina, who initially started out as innocent, went completely off the rails.

After trapping Olive in the basement, Angelina proceeded upstairs and, after stabbing Grace, took Eden and left.

With Eden being the first "828 Baby," she and Angelina will likely play significant parts in the final season.

Ever since Eden was born, and even before, we knew that she would be special.

Imposter - Manifest Season 3 Episode 9

And when Angelina came along, it was clear they had a special bond as Angelina called Eden her guardian angel.

Hopefully, this will be one storyline that won't get wrapped up in the beginning, as it'd be interesting to see it play out.

Hopefully, it won't be long until we find out where they are and what exactly Angelina wants with baby Eden.

How long it takes to address what happened and where they are could go either way, meaning it might get solved quickly or drag out throughout the season.

This storyline will likely get solved, but when it gets solved is entirely unknown.

Don't Upset Mom - Manifest Season 3 Episode 9

The Aftermath of Grace's Death

As mentioned above, Angelina stabbed Grace so she could grab Eden, and Grace later succumbed to her injuries.

There will reportedly be a two-year time jump when Manifest comes back, but there is no telling when the time jump will start.

Hopefully, we'll see the immediate aftermath of those final minutes, including finding Olive in the basement, finding Grace dead, and finding Cal five years older (more on that below).

Josh Dallas has shown off Ben's grief beard on Instagram, so we're looking forward to seeing how Ben deals with his wife's passing.

False Prophets - Manifest Season 3 Episode 12

The Short Time Captain Daly Came Back (And Vanished Again with Flight 828)

Also, in the final minutes, we got a shot of Gupta at Eureka; what she saw was shocking.

Captain Daly, who had disappeared back during Manifest Season 1 while testing out a theory about the weather patterns the night the flight vanished, had suddenly reappeared in the salvaged plane at the research facility.

No one knew where he was or if he'd ever come back, but he did indeed come back, though it was only for a few seconds.

Captain Daly disappeared again just as quickly as he reappeared, and he took the reconstructed Flight 828 with him as well.

Making a Big Decision - Manifest Season 3 Episode 11

With Flight 828 being the center of the series, it would only make sense for them to address what happened.

There have been theories about the plane blowing up in the sky and then crashing into the water or the fact there could be two Flight 828s out there in an alternate universe way.

But that still doesn't explain where Daly went after returning from who knows where.

Eureka and the salvaged plane became a big part of the third season, so we should be getting more of that in the fourth season, including how and to where Daly had disappeared.

Cal Aging Five Years

Cal's Intuition - Manifest Season 3 Episode 11

It's no secret that the passengers of Flight 828 didn't age a day when they were gone for 5 1/2 years.

So it's an even bigger surprise when Cal ages up five years at the end of Manifest Season 3.

After touching the tailfin at Eureka, Cal disappears and is nowhere to be found.

In the final minutes of the season, after Angelina stabs Grace, Cal appears, though you don't know that he's aged until he comes into view when he sees his mom taking her final breaths.

This is just another mystery added to the craziness that is already Manifest, but it needs to be solved nonetheless.

In the Name of the Law - Manifest Season 3 Episode 11

How the heck did Cal age five years, and where was he after he disappeared?

Has he now caught up to the same age as his twin sister, Olive? Is this permanent, or will he age back down?

Jack Messina, who played Cal for the first three seasons, has exited the series, while Ty Doran, who played older Cal, was added as a series regular.

So it's looking like this is a permanent thing, but hopefully, it's a thing that is explained because it is just nuts.

The Death Date

Feelings and Things - Manifest Season 3 Episode 10

Another big mystery to come out of Manifest is the impending Death Date.

In the first season, it was discovered that the passengers had only 5 1/2 years from when the plane came back until their permanent deaths.

The characters have tried many times to find a cure and stop the Death Date.

We know there is a way to stop the Death Date, as proven by Zeke's death and resurrection in Manifest Season 2 Episode 13.

Now with Manifest Season 4 jumping ahead two years, that will only bring them so much closer to the date of June 2, 2024, aka the Death Date.

Can He Be Trusted? - Manifest Season 3 Episode 9

It's unknown where in the timeline the series will pick up and how close to that date it will be but with two years going by, it should be interesting to see what will happen.

Saanvi has gotten close to finding a cure, even stopping herself from getting the Callings.

However, with a show like Manifest, where there is a twist and turn at every corner, it won't be that easy.

The Death Date will likely play a big part in these final episodes, and it'll come down to the wire to ensure the passengers are safe.

Michaela Follows a Calling - Tall - Manifest

The final season will be split into two parts and will contain ten episodes each.

With only 20 episodes to tell what should have been three more seasons, it will be a lot to cover in a short amount of time.

With these questions and more just itching to be solved, the upcoming season will surely be one to watch.

What are you hoping Manifest addresses for the final season?

Are you excited about what's to come or nervous for the passengers?

What are your theories?

Share your comments below!

Season 4 of Manifest drops this fall on Netflix. Watch Manifest online anytime via TV Fanatic!

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