Evil Season 3 Episode 10 Review: The Demon of the End

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Wait just one minute.

Are you telling me that nobody knows Leland was behind Monsignor's murder?

Evil Season 3 Episode 10 closed the book on the season of Demons, but it looks like there are more than ever hanging around.

David Needs to Pray a Lot Harder - Evil

It's impossible not to come back to the idea that no logical adult can see the connection between Leland and his atrocities.

Grace was being hidden in the Church with Monsignor as her protection. Does the Church not have security cameras? How did Leland just dance on out of there without becoming suspect number one?

Prayers for Monsignor - Evil Season 3 Episode 10

Kristen ended the hour, looking straight into the eyes of that dangerous monster, proclaiming they were having a child together.

That was a brilliant twist. Leland even ensured that it would be easy for Kristen to track her egg to DF. The timing of her visit was a bonus nobody could have imagined.

This unexpected development should rock Kristen's world. But will it?

After the tragic avalanche that nobody could find took Andy from Kristen, Leland rolled with the punches so that Grace's prophecy came true. Andy came home just like she said.

Grace Has a Warning - Evil Season 3 Episode 10

Before that, Leland should have been discovered. The girls caught him redhanded. He was in on whatever happened to Andy, but nobody would listen. Why?

Laura: I think Leland has our dad.
Ben: Why do you think that?
Laura: Because we texted his computer when dad's boss called from Everest, and we heard the text ring call from his zoom call. We need to get my dad.
Ben: Yeah, um, why don't you go to sleep? We'll talk about it.

Children are very perceptive. Where adults want to out-logic themselves, believing someone could possibly be evil, kids just see things for what they are. They had no problem connecting the dots between the game, Leland, and Edward's on-screen performance. Why didn't anyone believe them?

This is Evil, and I imagine Kristen falling in line with everything that Sheryl and Leland accomplished even as she sees the cracks.

She recognized Kurt's odd behavior and spotted Andy's changed stance toward Sheryl. If they were going to wipe his memory, they should have left some things intact, such as his hatred of Sheryl.

Wiping the Slate Clean - Evil Season 3 Episode 10

But since they manage to get away with everything, and Leland can skip out of the Church after a brutal assault and murder, why would they have concerns about Andy?

And Andy is a concern. He can see demons now. Thanks to Father Ignatius taking over the assessors, someone finally shed light on the insanity inside Kristen's house.

Ironically, her place is a hotbed of demonic activity that was only discovered when her new neighbor needed their help. Poor Sheila thought she had demons, but she's just suffering remnants of Kristen's squatters.

For a moment, as Kristen was pounding on their adjoining walls, I thought she'd suss out that they were at the wrong address. But it took even more investigation on her part to get help on her end after discovering Laura's friend, Crystal, isn't a friend at all.

The Addition - Evil Season 3 Episode 10

In this case, it's hard to fault Laura for thinking Crystal was a friend, as the demon was tricky enough to talk through the vent.

The comedy highlight of the hour came from Sister Andrea's badass moves clearing demons from their perch. She was ultimately unsuccessful, but it was fun as hell watching her attempt.

Also amusing was Lynn chatting with Sister Andrea while the sister was in the midst of her beatdown, even opening doors as asked so Sister could work some more magic.

One of Kristen's worst nightmares is coming true with Lynn's interest in the sisterhood. Down with the patriarchy and all that jazz.

Lynn Stands Her Ground - Evil Season 3 Episode 10

Frankly, I agree with her, but part of allowing your daughters to be their own people means you cannot demand they don't follow their own hearts down paths that will not lead to harm.

Kristen is perplexed about God. She finally explained to David why she didn't believe and how hard it was for her that Andy returned because of the promise she'd made God.

Anyone raised Catholic is a wizard at bargaining with God.

The Church promises to absolve sins with a few Hail Marys and an Act of Contrition, including murder. It's a damned hard thing to fathom, especially since the only crime that is not forgivable and earns you immediate excommunication is abortion.

Kristen Needs Guidance - Evil Season 3 Episode 10

The majority of convicted murderers are men, so absolving them is a cinch. The patriarchy frowns on strong women, which is evident through their stance on abortion and how poorly they treat the Sisters as if they're really not needed for anything other than scrubbing the floors.

The sisterhood would likely turn off most women with any self-worth, but only a woman with an incredible feeling of self-worth can make a difference.

David is right, though. If you keep asking for help and getting signs of God's existence, at some point, you have to either accept what's happening or just stop asking altogether.

As any lapsed Catholic knows, the idea of entirely renouncing God measures up with announcing your belief. Neither comes easily because you just never know.

Kristen's Burden Continues - Evil Season 3 Episode 10

Surely, as Kristen comes to grips with what's facing her family, she'll sidestep the need for scientific reasoning on all things.

Ben asked if he was losing her, and if her family is in a demonic vortex (which is impossible to ignore given the activity in her home), won't that lead to her taking the backdoor to belief in God?

Asking David and Sister Andrea for help is worthless if you don't believe they can do anything.

David faltered when he thought Kristen was demon Kristen, and if she knew how her demonic doppelganger was torturing David, she would be shocked. I had forgotten about its real appearance as a giant mosquito, but Sister Andrea knew getting rid of it was as simple as sleeping behind mosquito netting.

David's Pest - Evil Season 3 Episode 10

David probably got the best night's sleep of his life.

So, will Kristen's view on Lynn's interest in the sisterhood change as she faces even more demonic activity in her life?

Somehow, she had no idea how deeply ingrained with Leland Sheryl had become, but that relationship can't possibly survive now that her child is coming into this world with Leland, of all people.

Is Andy only seeing demons from a subconscious state, or will he talk with Kristen about what he sees in the house? It can't be easy to overlook the mountain of evidence mounting in favor of God.

And She Swings!! - Evil Season 3 Episode 10

I thought he was coming for me, not His Eminence. I've never been so blind before. Don't stop. He'll come for you next.


Grace told David the attacker was coming for him next. He's always been after David. Leland is after the whole group and the Church in general.

Evil Season 4 will be the season of angels. Perhaps, light is on the way. It does worry me that bringing angels into focus could suggest that the end of Evil is nigh, but it will most certainly work on challenging Kristen and Ben's perception of faith.

One of the season's best episodes focused on the angel who led people out of a collapsing building. Evil works so many contemporary themes into its framework that I cannot wait to see how they address the presence of angels in everyday life.

Leland isn't hiding in plain sight anymore. He's making bold moves. Our team needs an assist, and who is better than angels?

So, what about you? What hit you about the finale? You always see things I miss, and I cannot wait to hear from you.

The Demon of the End Review

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Evil Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

People think they're being helpful when they take work away from a mourner. They're not. I need work more than anything right now.

Father Ignatius

I thought he was coming for me, not His Eminence. I've never been so blind before. Don't stop. He'll come for you next.