Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 11 Review: Follow You Down

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Wow, did this hour simultaneously excite and sadden, or was it just me?

Weeks and weeks have passed out here since Alex fell victim to dimension-bending quicksand (though it's only been a few days for the characters), and Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 11 finally saw his emergence. A wonderful time for both the audience and Michael.

And while the reunion was every bit the romantic spectacle it was worthy of, it came with a bittersweet coda. This is Roswell, New Mexico, after all.

Facing Off With Liz - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 11

At its core, Roswell is a story about relationships. That's always been the draw. And while the sci-fi elements and alien plotlines are fun, audiences have always been drawn to the character first and foremost.

And Roswell has some of the best.

Dallas and Bonnie Investigate - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 11

The friendships and romantic relationships were at the forefront of this installment, with the big three couples all getting their moments to shine. But none shone brighter than Alex and Michael, who found their way back to one another.

Michael and Alex moved in together, and almost immediately, Alex went missing, so we never got to see them make breakfast together or wash their cars on a Sunday morning. Those domestic moments never came, and while that's something I'll be salty about forever, the series did make up for a lot with their reunion.

Since finding out Alex was missing, Michael has been laser-focused on finding him, and when he finally does, you can't help but want to scream out loud.

Because it's Michael and Alex, it's a flirty and happy moment, all the emotions of the past few days flowing over into a joyous occasion for the both of them.

I like that it's a lighter affair and not all tears because they're both just so happy to be back together. Alex calmly explains what he's been up to while Bonnie and Dallas look on a little awkwardly because Michael and Alex only have eyes for each other, and the whole time I'm thinking how lovely it is to see these two sharing desert air again.

Alex Thinks - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 2

Their union has been such a profound part of the series and knowing that we only have two more hours left, it's a shame they robbed us of seeing these two just exist together without the added weight of angst and trauma leveled at them over the years.

But there's no sense in dwelling in the past, as we're here now with the boys and their soft, soft moments sitting on a new truck bed starting over.

Alex: Michael Guerin, will you marry me? This isn't where I imagined our engagement photos either, but I couldn't wait. We've already spent too much time apart. So?
Michael: I can't wait to see Sanders in a tux. Yes! Yes! I am so in love with you it's embarrassing.
Alex: I love you, too.

Even though we haven't seen much of their established relationship, nothing about Alex's proposal feels out of character, misplaced, or any other negative feelings you want to throw at it. Alex has been sitting in this otherworldly dimension, lowly, wishing on an empty sky to see the love of his life again.

And when you're world is thrown into such upheaval and you have no idea whether you'll ever get the one thing you truly want back again, the second it does come back to you, why waste any more time not being with them in the way your heart desires?

The scene is magical, even in that depressing color scheme. They both look so content and in love, and while it's an understated proposal in that there are no flowy speeches and no getting down on one knee, that only makes it feel more poetic. Malex has never done anything by the book, so why start now?

Bunker Talk - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 2

So, after this massive swell of emotions and this four-season-in-the-making moment, we're brought back down to Earth with Alex's admission that he's dying. Or at least that's what he assumes is happening to his body.

Not a wholly unexpected development just because Roswell lives for the dramatics, but it piques my curiosity because surely they wouldn't bring Alex back to marry Michael in 1940s deserted Roswell, and then have him succumb to radiation poisoning in his lover's arms.

Surely it can't be leading to this!

Michael handles the news surprisingly well, but this feels very much like a little bit of calm before a lot of freaking out. And we've been deprived of Malex so long that I'll take whatever they're willing to give us.

If you need me to buy into Alex's slow death while the two exchange marriage vows under a muted sky, I will be seated for that with no problems. Though, I will need them to get out of that dimension sooner rather than later, thanks.

Intense Alex - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 1

Liz can do just about anything with a bunsen burner, some test tubes, and determination. So Alex WILL be cured.

While Malex was deservedly the highlight of the hour, everything else worked well here, including everything with Liz and Clyde.

Liz and Clyde actually play very well off each other, and the whole idea of Liz in her alien mist state having to work under pressure while flying by the seat of her pants was fun.

She really did seem to get through to Clyde for a bit, and nothing she said was wrong, as she detailed exactly what Jones did to him.

Jones was basically a cult leader. He was an enigmatic man with magnetism who could use his charisma and ability to scare the hell out of people to build this army around him. He preyed on those who needed guidance and found himself a loyal following as cult leaders do.

Bonding Time - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 4

I even think back to how the pod squad was with Jones initially. They were skeptical, sure, but Jones was compelling and knew just what to say to get them to let down their guards, even if only for a second.

Clyde is so knee-deep in everything Jones, even in his death, that there truly is no coming back at this point. Bonnie saw the light after meeting Michael and seeing that there was life beyond the Oasis, especially in a place where her powers weren't actively hurting people, which allowed her to break free from long-term manipulation.

But Clyde isn't Bonnie and appears willing to go down with the Ophiuchus ship no matter what.

The fact that the man was willing to cut off his own hand to hobble on down to the lab and try to team up with Shivani to continue to follow through with his savior's mission is something else. You have to admire the dedication.

Clyde's primary goal is to get through that portal, but since Liz never truly came up with the serum, is that what he's hoping to accomplish with Shivani? Will he draw from Jones's powers to help resurrect her daughter and then hope Shivani will be the one to sever the brand and allow him go back to the Oasis or planet hop?

Friends Hanging Out - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 7

Again, it wouldn't be Roswell without some confusing science thrown in for fun!

I've wondered if Allie will show up before the series ends, and if there was a time for it, maybe it's now. Shivani isn't a scientist, so perhaps she enlists her missing wife to come to Roswell and help with the serum for Clyde. That would make a lot of sense, now that I've said it out loud.

Either way, Clyde and Shivani are teaming up, and Liz is on the mend.

Max and his unwavering faith in Liz is cute, but these two are always good in the big, sweeping, life-or-death moments and struggle mightily without them. So much of their life revolves around those big moments, and I almost wonder if they could survive without them because it's so much of their identity.

Max wants to be the man behind Liz Ortecho, but we all know that's not actually true because if it were, he wouldn't make monumental decisions without her. And if these two don't want to lose each other, they need to figure out what their relationship is beyond just being in love with one another.

Hanging On - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 11

Because love is clearly not enough for these two.

Had Roswell been afforded another season, it would have been interesting to see how they tackled these two because the dance they are consistently involved in is exhausting.

But with only two hours left, I'm sure they will be happy and in love and lovingly looking into one another's eyes, and Liz will ask Max to propose to her for real this time, and she will say yes, and then they'll cue the big kiss under the New Mexico sky.

I'm expecting a simple conclusion for these two, but this season has once again proven how off-kilter their whole relationship can be.

The last couple (I use that term loosely) to discuss is Kyle and Isobel, who are still dancing around each other. And it makes sense that they've both got their hackles up because their friendship is so important to them. Above all else, they don't want to lose that, so you can't blame Kyle for backing off and Isobel for agreeing.

Caught Up - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 6

It's still very wild that Isobel had a girlfriend like a few days ago, and now she's ready to jump in with Kyle, but then again, this is Kyle Valenti we're talking about. The most unrealistic part of this show about aliens is that we're supposed to believe Kyle Valenti isn't the most sought-after man in town.

But anyway, while I liked that all their friends and family are Kybel shippers, it irked me a bit that Michael and Alex have been a thing since HIGH SCHOOL, and no one over the years ever really championed their relationship. At least not to this degree.

Hell, Rosa and Max never really got solid confirmation there was something between Kyle and Isobel but were ready to dole out advice about true love when it was convenient.

That's not to take anything away from the pair, who have lovely chemistry and should end this series together, but it was noticeable how many of these scenes we never got of other characters discussing other relationships.

At this rate, all the couples should end up on good terms, and we will probably get one last final battle between Clyde and everyone as they try to stop him from gaining access to the portal. And that's an acceptable conclusion, even if it lacks that pizzazz that came with the leadup-to the previous season finale.

One on One - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 11

Loose Ends

  • One annoying thing about Michael and Alex's engagement is that we seemingly will not get any wedding planning, which is a travesty. I want to hear them bicker over color schemes and shoes and where to honeymoon!
  • Michael mentioning that he met a guy and Alex immediately clocking him was too funny. I've missed them!
  • Since Rosa returned, she's been complementing stories more than serving her own, but she is a crucial part of the team, and it's been great having her back for this half of the season.
  • I continue to believe that if there is one person who will return to the Oasis, it will be Dallas. He's doing a lot of questioning his life and what it all means, and when you have all these life questions, what's the first thing people do? They start at the beginning.
Bar Top Chats - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 4
  • I assume Kyle has been on PTO because he hasn't been at the hospital once this season, has he?
  • There is no shortage of mines in Roswell that are totally functional and ready to be used for whatever is necessary. Hangout for the youths? Why, yes. Makeshift lab? Obviously.
  • It was funny to hear the group cover for Maria, Michael, and Alex not being at Liz's pseudo intervention, as if the core cast has ever all been at the same place simultaneously.
  • A storm is brewing in the pocket dimension. Whatever could it mean.

This was definitely the best episode of the season thus far, an hour that was romantic, empowering, and full of everything we love about Roswell. I still have no idea how things will end, and I'm struggling to feel that excitement that series finales should elicit, but I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Maria Helps - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 10

When Roswell is good, it's very good. So, here's hoping they are saving the best for last.

Michael and Alex are engaged! React!

What is Clyde's plan with Shivani?

Should Dallas travel to the Oasis?

Jump down to the comment section and let me know how you feel. We are rapidly approaching the end, so make sure you watch Roswell, New Mexico online, so you don't miss any of the action!

Rosa Is Home - Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 8

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Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Michael: You can go apple picking all you want. But my priority is Alex. So imma search every damn level of this inferno until I find him.
Bonnie: If we split up, we'll find Alex twice as fast.

You're only going down this spiral because I refuse to face my fears. But this is so much worse. I can't lose you, Liz. So if saving you means getting my abilities back, that's what I'm going to do.

Max [to Liz]