Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is Clyde the Killer?

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Sonny remembered Clyde was the person who stabbed him. Gwen double-crossed Leo. And the judge decided whether Kristen or Brady got custody of Rachel.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Kathy and Tony from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate Clyde's guilt, Jennifer lashing out at Gwen, Sarah, and Xander's reconciliation, and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

It appears that Clyde stabbed Sonny and possibly killed Abigail. If it's true, do you have any idea why he did it?

Kathy: It seems evident that Clyde stabbed Sonny and quite possibly killed Abigail. I have no idea about his motives. I think he is carrying out someone else's plan.

Jack: Sonny makes more sense to me than Abigail. Clyde wanted revenge on Leo for setting him up with the jewelry and for hurting Nancy. Maybe he thought he'd frame Craig and get revenge on both the people who broke Nancy's heart.

I don't know why he'd stab Abigail, though. The only thing I can think of is that he wanted to hurt EJ for telling his secret. But Abigail was hardly close with EJ at this point. It would have made far more sense to go after Johnny or Sami. (Or Sydney, but she no longer seems to exist.)

Leo Has a Realization / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Tony: No, I have no idea. I'm very interested to find out because, so far, this just seems incredibly random.

Christine: I'm very curious to find out Clyde's motives. I wonder if he didn't mean to kill Abigial but was in the Dimera mansion to steal something, she caught him, and things went wrong.

And I'm at a complete loss as to why he'd go to Titan and stab Sonny. And you'd think the Dimera mansion and Titan would have security cameras! But that would be realistic, and this is a soap opera.

But I'll admit, Days has me anxiously awaiting the next episode to get some answers.

Jennifer is Caught in The Act - Days of Our Lives

What did you think of Jennifer lashing out at Gwen? Was Gwen's concern over Jenn taking pills and Jennifer's outburst in character for each?

Kathy: Jennifer was justified in lashing out at Gwen. Gwen has been involved with the death of Jennifer's mother and tormenting her daughter. Jennifer's outburst was a dam finally breaking, so she had to get it out.

Gwen seems to be thinking back to her mother's addiction. She will try to help Jennifer for Jack's sake.

Jack: Jennifer's behavior was out of character. I guess it can be attributed to the pills, but I'm not sure opioids make people act like that. In any case, now Jennifer is just the latest person to blackmail Gwen. Boo!

I think Gwen may have actually been concerned for once. After all, her mother died of opioid misuse, so this is the one time Gwen might sincerely want to help.

And even if she did want to tell Jack to cause trouble, it's still the right thing to do. Jennifer's life is more important than any negative reaction Jack might have to this news.

Gwen Is Free - Days of Our Lives

Tony: They were both out of character, particularly Jennifer blackmailing Gwen.

I've said in the past that nothing Gwen does surprises me because she's just so horrible, but if it was genuine (which I still kind of doubt), it was nice to see Gwen act like a human for once and show some level of concern for Jennifer.

While I understand Jennifer's outburst to a point (let's not forget, she's had to put up with Gwen literally trying to kill her daughter and "accidentally/unintentionally" leading to Laura's death and has been expected to forgive and forget because Jack gives Gwen five million chances), it was still out of character.

Christine: Jennifer's outburst was a long time coming. It was out of character, but the stress of mourning Abigail and Jenn's addiction to pills pushed her over the edge. Plus, addicts can get quite nasty when their next fix is on the line.

Even Gwen wasn't completely out of character. Gwen's moral compass is all over the place. But Gwen grew up with a mother who was an addict, and she knows how bad this can get.

Gwen does care about Jack in her own way, so I think there's at least the possibility she might do the right thing this time, even if it does cost her. At least, I hope she will.

Nancy and Clyde's Misunderstanding - Days of Our Lives

It seems Nancy and Clyde's quickie wedding likely won't happen. Are you disappointed?

Kathy: I was hoping for the best for Nancy, but it is probably best that she is not tied to a man like Clyde. James Read is such a good actor. I almost buy his portrayal of Clyde being a better man for Nancy.

Jack: First of all, I'm sick of these aborted weddings. Days loves putting people together for the sole purpose of having everything fall apart at the wedding. How many times has this happened in the past couple of months? Can't we do something else for once?

I'm not a fan of Clyde, but Nancy did bring out a softer side to him, and I liked them together. This whole thing is disappointing from that angle.

Clyde Proposes

Tony: Not at all! Clyde is a character that I care very little for, and while I'm sorry that a man will once again hurt Nancy, I'm not disappointed that they won't be getting married.

Christine: No. I'm not a big fan of Nancy, so I wasn't looking forward to sitting through her wedding.

It was only a matter of time before Clyde did something that Nancy couldn't forgive. I didn't think it would be murder, but Clyde is certainly capable of it.

And I must admit that as despicable as Clyde is, James Read is such a good actor that I still enjoy the character even when I despise him.

Leo's Surprise Visit - Days of Our Lives

Rate the surprise of Gwen double-crossing Leo and texting Rafe?

Kathy: I was not totally surprised that Gwen double-crossing Leo. They do have a past relationship, so it could have gone either way.

Jack: About a 1. I saw it coming a mile away. As soon as Leo came to see Gwen, I knew it would end with her double-crossing him. At least now they're even.

Tony: 5. In one way, I'm surprised, but in another, I'm really not. Gwen will do just about anything to screw others over if it helps her.

Christine: About a 5. When it seemed she had forgiven him, I thought it happened way too fast. But Gwen texting Rafe was a fun twist, and as much as I love Leo, he deserved it.

Xander and Sarah's Wedding, Take 3 - Days of Our Lives

Sarah reunited with Xander. Did the split resolve too quickly? What did you think of Maggie's advice?

Kathy: I think their reunion was too quick. They really need to talk about what they require from a relationship. There need to be boundaries.

Maggie was correct. Gwen would be quick to move in if she knew Xander was alone. I don't know if Xander could withstand Gwen if he thought Sarah was gone for good.

Sarah and Xander need to start fresh, put their pasts behind them, and concentrate on the present.

Maggie Learns Jennifer's Secret - Days of Our Lives

Jack: The split should never have happened. The whole thing was stupid, manufactured drama, so the sooner it ended, the better.

Maggie's advice made sense, too. This happened a long time ago, and Sarah has forgiven Xander for worse. If she's going to be with him, she needs to expect these shenanigans from time to time.

And if anyone knows, it's Maggie because her marriage to Victor weathers these types of storms regularly.

Tony: I liked Maggie's advice. It was a quick resolution, but I'm glad it didn't get dragged out for a long time.

Christine: I agree that this split should never have happened. It was ridiculous from the start, so I'm glad it ended quickly. And I did like Maggie's advice, especially since she's married to Victor.

Kristen Goads John - Days of Our Lives

Brady got full custody of Rachel. Are you happy with this verdict? What do you think Kristen does next?

Kathy: I'm happy that Brady has full custody. I'm sure Kristen will come up with some plan to break up Chloe and Brady. She will probably use her daughter to do this.

Jack: I'm glad because Kristen is a narcissist, full stop. Rachel doesn't need to be raised by a mother who only cares about what she can get out of being good to her and will cut off her "love" when it no longer serves her purpose.

Oddly, the judge didn't say anything about visitation. Does Kristen get supervised or unsupervised visits? It would be too easy for her to walk off with Rachel during an unsupervised visit.

I hope that my idea for what Kristen will do is wrong, but since she's connected with Rolf and knows that Marlena has been poisoned, I fully expect her to tell Brady or John that she will get the antidote from Rolf only if Brady and Chloe split up.

Rachel Lashes Out - Days of Our Lives

Tony: Yes! So happy! I'm sure Kristen will come up with some convoluted plan to get Rachel back that will prove once again that she should never be allowed within a hundred feet of any child, let alone her own daughter.

Kristen is a host unto herself, and there's no telling what she'll do, especially now that she's lost her daughter.

Christine: I was disappointed only because I thought it ended the drama too soon. And the custody hearing was such a farce from beginning to end.

But Kristen isn't one to quit, especially when it comes to her daughter, so I'm sure she'll come up with a way to gain at least joint custody before too long.

Kate's Difficult Decision / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Despite being poisoned by Orpheus, Kate decided to leave the hospital. Do you agree with her decision?

Kathy: I would do the same if I were in Kate's position. The hospital personnel can't help her right now. Help is not far away if a cure is found. Better to spend her time at home with Roman.

Jack: Kate seems less sick than Marlena and Kayla, so as long as she's able to function independently, there's no need for her to take up a hospital bed.

Roman should be monitoring her and prepared to take her back to the hospital at a moment's notice.

Tony: No, but I'm not surprised. We're already seeing what effect this is having on Marlena and, to a lesser extent, Kayla. But Kate is never one to wait around for answers.

Christine: I agree with Kate. She doesn't seem as sick as the others. There's nothing the hospital can do for her, so why sit around in a hospital bed for no reason?

Eric and Nicole Come Clean With Each Other - Days of Our Lives

What disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Kathy: I was disappointed by Nicole constantly needling Jada about her relationship with Eric. She chose to marry Rafe. She needs to decide what she really wants and act on it in real life, not in a dream.

Jack: I know it wasn't in the cards, but I thought a visit from Philip would be highly dramatic during this custody battle. I also hated how unrealistic the whole custody hearing was.

I realize Days has a tenuous relationship with reality, but it was so unrealistic that it was distracting.

Steve should have known better than to let Orpheus press his buttons, too. Orpheus acted like the schoolyard bully, and Steve fell for it. That was a big waste of time, too.

Steve Confronts Orpheus - Days of Our Lives

Why try to get anything out of Orpheus rather than put that energy toward finding Rolf, who can actually help?

Finally, Eric and Nicole... ugh. I'm so tired of the back and forth with these two.

Tony: Sarah being super whiney at the beginning of the week. I'm glad that got resolved quickly.

Also, it's hard to be disappointed when you have such a low opinion of the character, to begin with, but I hated Leo making Craig's return all about him.

Kristen's Odd Behavior / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Christine: Steve was acting like a stupid thug when it came to Orpheus. Watching Steve threaten Orpheus has gotten almost as tedious as Chad threatening every suspect in Abigail's murder.

Also, I hated that Chloe was only concerned about Philip's disappearance because it could help Brady. No wonder Philip was so insanely jealous about their friendship. He had reason to be!

Abigail's Killer is Revealed - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline on this week's Days of Our Lives?

Kathy: I always enjoy it when Suzanne Rogers is on screen and looking healthy.

My favorite storyline is the resolution of Abigail's murder. I am interested in learning the motives and who was really behind it.

Jack: Even though I hated the custody battle, I thought Kristen and Brady's confrontation was powerful:

Kristen: I just want to say I'm sorry about your o.
Brady: I love it when you try to seem human.
Kristen: I didn't know! I didn't know she was ill, Brady, and if I had, I would have never pushed John like that!
Brady: If you had, you would have thrown it in his face.
Kristen: Just drop the high moral tone. I mean, you have your whole family lined up behind you to keep me from Rachel, You can't expect me to not fight for her.
Brady: You know, you can drop the whole 'I'm fighting for my daughter' routine, because it is a load of crap. This is not about Rachel. It is about you and your sick compulsion to win. Every little hill for you, every little molehill, is a hill to die on! You are your father all over.
Kristen: Yes, I am. So think about it, Brady. If I'd die for a molehill, imagine what I'd do to keep my own daughter.
Brady: Mm hmm. Do you hear it? My own daughter. This is not about a little girl for you, Kristen. It is about ownership. You know, there was a point -- a very low point, mind you, where I thought, I can do this. I can share custody with Kristen. But after seeing the way you behave in this courtroom, I will do anything to keep Rachel safe from you.

I also loved Jack and Jennifer's sharing ice cream and memories. It was a nice break from the drama.

Tony: I love Craig, so it was great to see his return! I hope he sticks around for a bit longer this time!

Christine: I loved the interaction between Leo and Gwen. Their conversation was such fun. And I loved what Leo said about Nancy, "That woman is sweet the way I am straight."

And I'm thrilled that we're finally finding out who killed Abigail!

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