Great American Family Wants to Restore Lori Loughlin's America's Sweetheart Status

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Does Lori Loughlin deserve a second chance?

Bill Abbott from Great American Family sure things so.

Abbott spoke with Variety recently, and Loughlin's presence on the network is definitely on his mind.

Lori Loughlin attends the DesignCare 2022 Gala benefitting The HollyRod Foundation at RJ's Place Vocational and Family Support Services Center

It's not a secret that Loughlin found herself caught up in some bad practices regarding her daughters and their college entrance applications.

Loughlin proclaimed her innocence, was ultimately convicted and sentenced to two months in prison, fined $150,000, and ordered to do 100 hours of community service.

Loughlin in Blue

This is the United States of America, where we believe in freedom of choice and consequences for your actions.

Loughlin took her licks and deserves to carry on with her personal and professional life. Others do it all the time.

Abbott is ready to warmly embrace Loughlin for her television return.

Executive Bill Abbott

She's already appeared on When Hope Calls, which GAC Family acquired from Crown Media.

It's no surprise since, under Abbott's tenure at Hallmark, Loughlin banked 16 Garage Sale Mystery films for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and starred in Hallmark's signature series, When Calls the Heart.

Loughlin also starred on Full House with Candace Cameron Bure, who recently took an executive position with Great American Family. The show, along with Fuller House, runs daily on GAC Family.

Jodi Sweetin, Lori Loughlin, and Candace Cameron-Bure

Abbott told Variety that he and Loughlin are good friends and speak several times a week.

She's actively perusing scripts and has two she really likes.

To Abbott, Loughlin remains America's Sweetheart, no matter what she's done in the past.

Many fans agree, and it seems the stars are aligning to bring Loughlin to the forefront again, with good friends by her side.

Lori Loughlin attends the DesignCare 2022 Gala

Are you ready to embrace Loughlin again on screen?

If so, or if not, please share your thoughts below.

Loughlin deserves a second chance, and we can't wait to see what her future with Great American Family brings.

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