Lifetime Announces V.C. Andrews Dawn Cutler Series Starring Brec Bassinger, Donna Mills & More!

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Lifetime is in the VC Andrews business, and they've dropped exciting news about an upcoming project.

After the network's success this summer with the limited series Flowers in the Attic: The Origin, seen by 10 million total viewers, they are breaking ground on the V.C. Andrews Dawn Cutler Series, following the dark and twisted history of the Cutler, Longchamp and Booth families.

Let's see what's in store!

Brec Bassinger for Dawn Cutler Series

Brec Bassinger (Stargirl, Bella and the Bulldogs) takes on the title role of Dawn Longchamp and will be joined by Emmy winner Donna Mills (Nope, General Hospital, Knots Landing) as Lillian Cutler.

Also set to star in the new movie event are Joey McIntyre (New Kids on the Block) as Michael Sutton, Jesse Metcalfe (Desperate Housewives) as Ormand Longchamp, Khobe Clarke (Yellowjackets, An Amish Sin) as Jimmy Longchamp, and Emmy nominee Fran Drescher as Agnes Morris.

Donna Mills for VC Andrews Dawn Cutler Series

As the exclusive home of movies inspired by books from the best-selling author V.C. Andrews, Lifetime brings to television the Dawn Cutler novels -- Dawn, Secrets of the Morning, Twilight’s Child, and Midnight Whispers -- with more casting news to come. The final novel of the series, Darkest Hour, is currently in development.

One of the most popular authors of all time, V.C. Andrews launched a pop culture sensation with the gothic tale Flowers in the Attic and The Dawn Cutler novels have captivated readers for decades.

The first movie in the series, Dawn, follows the story of Dawn Longchamp (Bassinger), who after growing up in humble surroundings with a very hardworking and loving family suddenly has everything she loves ripped away from her when she is thrust into a new family whose dark and twisted secrets change the course of her life forever.

As Dawn struggles to fit in, her wicked grandmother Lillian Cutler (Mills) rules her life with an iron fist and inflicts cruel punishments when Dawn does not follow her strict orders.

When Dawn finds herself entrenched in the mysteries surrounding the family, it becomes clear that a dark and unescapable curse looms over the Cutlers.

Joey McIntyre for VC Andrews Dawn Cutler Series

McIntyre stars as Dawn's infamous singing teacher and Broadway star, Michael Sutton, while Drescher stars as Agnes Morris, the out of work actress and overly made up drama queen who is the house mother at the performing arts school where Dawn resides.

Metcalfe stars as Ormand Longchamp, Dawn's adoptive father, while Clarke stars as Dawn’s adoptive brother Jimmy Longchamp.

Also joining the cast are Jason Cermak as Dawn's father Randolph Cutler; Miranda Frigon as Dawn's mother, Laura Jean Cutler; as well as Elyse Maloway (Super Monsters, The Magicians) and Dane Schioler (Prom Pact) as Dawn's siblings Clara Jean and Philip Cutler.

In addition, Corey Woods plays Dawn's boarding school roommate, Tricia; and Helena Marie plays Sally Longchamp, Dawn's adoptive mother.

The V.C. Andrews Dawn Cutler Series is produced by VC Secrets Productions Inc. with Merideth Finn, Michele Weiss, Timothy Johnson, and Stacy Mandelberg serving as executive producers and Navid Soofi serving as producer.

Jesse Metcalf for VC Andrews Dawn Cutler Series

Linda-Lisa Hayter is set to direct the first two movies Dawn and Secrets of the Morning, and Jacquie Gould will direct Twilights Child and Midnight Whispers.

Georgy Small and Richard Blaney serve as screenwriters for the first three movies and Allison Lea Bingeman serves as screenwriter for the fourth movie Midnight Whispers.

The book series was originally started by V.C. Andrews and completed by ghostwriter Andrew Neiderman after her death.

Finn and Weiss also executive produced Lifetime's 2014 Flowers in the Attic and Petals on the Wind.

Andrew Neiderman has carried the V.C. Andrews franchise for the past 35 years, making him one of the most prolific ghostwriters in history.

Fran Drescher for VC Andrews Dawn Cutler Series

V.C. Andrews is one of the longest, consistently published book franchises in American publishing history with more than 40 years of novels, 107 million copies sold worldwide, and a cult following. V.C. Andrews’s novels have been adapted into over 19 films, 18 by A+E alone, with more in development.

On October 25, 2022, Gallery Books will release the newest V.C. Andrews novel, Eden’s Children (the 1st book from The Eden Series), also available as an eBook and audiobook.

Dawn, the first book in the original Cutler series written by V.C. Andrews, is available for purchase in trade paperback and eBook formats wherever books are sold.

So, what do you think?

Will you be waiting for this one to arrive? We know we sure will!!

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