Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 2 Review: After A Period, Peace Blooms

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Slippery was the word to describe many of the characters onĀ Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 2.

From Zane, to Roy Miller, Parker and Sam, and the entire St. Josephine parish council, slippery was an adjective that could describe them all.

Talking About the Future - Queen Sugar

We'll start with the council meeting. There were two reasons why I suspected this vote would go poorly for the Bordelons and their community.

First was how Sam asked Violet if she was ready to accept the vote because he knew he was. His confidence hinted that Sam had this vote bought, paid for, and already in his back pocket.

Secondly, this is only episode two of the season. If the Bordelons got a win this early, what would they have to fight for over the next several installments?

This land needs to remain untouched. It is the final resting place for the victims of the Thibodaux massacre, but it is also my family home. Our home. My ancestors. Our ancestors have endured enough suffering in life. In death, we need to allow them to rest in peace.


The council meeting was a farce, including Parker's shabbily acted crocodile tears. Perhaps there are reasons to overturn a historical landmark, even one where an entire community was massacred, and their final resting place would be disturbed.

I can't currently come up with a valid reason, but that doesn't mean there isn't one.

Nova Plans a Demonstration - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 2

But to build an outlet mall over it! Could there be anything more crass?

The council tried to turn this into a vote about creating jobs for the residents of St. Jo's, but if that was the case, they could have encouraged the mall to be built elsewhere.

This vote wreaked of nothing more than greed.

The council showed so little respect for the dead. I'm curious if they would make that same decision if it had been their ancestors.

Parker is back, and I can't say I'm pleased. I suppose we need a villain, and perhaps Sam Landry isn't enough on his own. Or maybe it's just too black vs. white with only Sam.

Parker Returns - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 10

I've never been a fan of Parker's. The only moments I enjoyed her were when she went head to head with Charley. And once again, Charley's absence is acutely felt.

Charley Bordelon West had always been fierce in a fight, and I missed that fierceness at the council meeting.

But back to Parker.

Was there a reason Parker gave a different name to Billie in the grocery store? A reason other than she knows most of the black community in St. Jo's probably hates her?

Violet seemed to strike a nerve when she brought up Parker's mother. There appears to be a secret there and I have faith Violet will eventually uncover it.

Aunt Vi is Furious - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 1

Then we get to Micah and Zane.

When Micah was warned that Zane was slippery, I wish he had asked exactly what that meant.

It was difficult to get a read on Zane. At one point, I thought he was hitting on Micah. At another, I wondered if he was looking to use Micah's famous parents somehow.

The one thing Zane did make clear was that his first interest is to make money off of the art, and if that isn't happening, Micah is of no use to him.

We only acquire what sells, and if we bring you into the Ivory NFT art show, you need to sell and keep selling. Otherwise, you're dead weight.


Micah's NFTs - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 2

I hope Micah carefully read whatever contract he signed before turning his art into an NFT. I'd hate to see Zane end up with ownership rights over Micah's work because Micah was too eager.

And for all of the mentions of Keke being in charge of the art show, we never saw her, which felt odd.

Prosper's date night with Sandy was almost perfect. Hollywood came up with a wonderful idea to turn The Real Spot into a Jamaican-themed restaurant.

Unfortunately, the perfection seems to have been marred by Ms. Parthena's property being foreclosed upon by the Sheriff's officers at night!

Now, I'm willing to give the show some creative license for dramatic effect, but foreclosures usually take several months, sometimes close to a year, before the homeowner is forceibly removed from their property.

Planning a Date - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 2

And Roy Miller (rep at the local USDA) isn't just slippery; he's likely criminally negligent in trying to defraud black owners out of their property by "losing" or holding up their paperwork. I hope we see him behind bars before the series ends.

Let's touch on a couple of other things before we're through.

It was great to see Nova and Billie hanging out like the old friends they are, especially after a hellishly bad day.

But knowing that when Billie finally called Vince, it was offscreen was a letdown. Billie keeps saying how much she loves Vince and what a good man he is, but she never specifies why she's leaving him.

You know you always have one foot out the door. Either step in or out. Make a choice.

Nova [to Billie]

Mo and Nova - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 2

And Nova and Dominic may be in a committed relationship, but their chemistry has nothing on the sparks created by Nova and Mo. There is a smoldering attraction between these two women, and it could be enough to overtake the ember that exists between Dominic and Nova.

Mo: The seeds remember the land they came from.
Nova: My mother used to tell us about how girls would braid rice and okra into their hair when they were stolen from Africa to remember home.
Mo: Yeah, lots of African plants and crops are here in the Americas because of those women.

So what do you think, Queen Sugar fans?

Will Violet uncover a secret about Parker's mother?

Are Nova and Mo hotter than Nova and Dominic?

Is Micah going to get taken in by Zane?

And is there a baby anywhere cuter than little Tru?

Relaxing With the Baby - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 2

Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button below to let us know your thoughts, then check back next week for our Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 3 review.

After A Period, Peace Blooms Review

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Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Mo: The seeds remember the land they came from.
Nova: My mother used to tell us about how girls would braid rice and okra into their hair when they were stolen from Africa to remember home.
Mo: Yeah, lots of African plants and crops are here in the Americas because of those women.

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