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Insecurity doesn't look good on anyone.

Of course, there are two sides to a story, especially in relationships, and that's where we are when Fritz disagrees about where his focus is being directed.

TV Fanatic scored a sneak peek at the upcoming episode of ALLBLK's newest hit original series, Send Help!

Fritz - Send Help

AMC Network's streamer ALLBLK bolsters a plethora of dynamic shows and content. Send Help is the latest in a host of new content.

A dark comedy brought to us by Insecure's Jean Elie and Mike Gauyo, Send Help is a hilarious and compelling series loosely based on Elie's life and experiences.

Send Help Cast

Elie stars as Fritz Jean-Baptiste, a young Haitian-American who is navigating life, his career, aspirations, and a strong-willed, funny, and high-maintenance Haitian family.

Fritz is an actor who thinks he's finally achieved all of his dreams when he lands the starring role in a hit series called "This Can't Be Us."

For a bit, it seems like everything is going well for him. Unfortunately, he receives the regrettable news that his series has been canceled, and everything around him seems to fall apart at the seams.

As the primary provider for his very demanding and high-maintenance Haitian family, his unexpected unemployment disrupts his life in more ways than one.

And thus, he must navigate some of the unique but typical first-generation problems that come with his family while finding his way in the Hollywood community and dealing with a tragedy that weighs heavily and casts a shadow on his life.

In true coming-of-age fashion, Fritz battles the typical bouts of Imposter Syndrome in an industry that doesn't always feel cut out for him and a life that gets the best of everyone.

He also has the help of his friends Patrick Cantave played by Catfish Jean from Survivor's Remorse, Nicole Cooper, played by Courtney Taylor, and Sebastian "Simp" Gauyo, played by Snowfall's Amin Joseph.

They're always there for him, helping him through every challenge life throws at him, with a comical spin that reminds you of classic friendship series like Insecure, Sex and the City, and F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Fritz in the Pool -tall

In the clip, Fritz gets into it with his companion over where his attention lies.

It's never fun when you're trying to spend some time with someone, but they're too buried in their phone and social media to pay attention.

Fritz has been way too preoccupied with Instagram and staying connected with his people, and it's become a bit of a bother.

After all, a vacation is supposed to be about having fun and spending time with loved ones. It is not something where you spend more time texting another woman.

Lunch and Chats

What comes next is the two of them reading each other for filth as Fritz psychoanalyzes her and calls her controlling, and she casually tosses out that Fritz is a child.

It gets way too real, way too fast, and it's safe to say that this fun vacation is not off to a good start. Oof!

Check out the exclusive clip of an all-new episode of Send Help below.

Send Help airs on Thursdays on ALLBLK. Tune in this Thursday for an all-new installment.

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