The Resident Round Table: Should We Call Time of Death on the Series?

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The Resident is back, and so is our Round Table!

During The Resident Season 6 Episode 1, Padma and the twins' lives were on the line, and by the end of the hour, we learned who Conrad chose to date. But how does everyone feel about it?

Well, join Carissa Pavlica, Meaghan Frey, Lauren Nowak, and Leora W as they discuss that and more.

What would you grade the premiere and why?

Carissa: Highest I can go is 2.5.

Decisions, Decisions -tall - The Resident Season 6 Episode 1

I do not want a love triangle. I have zero interest in it. It's not earned, and there isn't even close to enough chemistry to be spread that thin.

And Leela and Padma are both highly annoying in different ways, so why on earth did anyone think putting them both front and center was a good idea?

I'm looking for the relationships that we had early on: friendships, mentorships, battles of ego between highly capable physicians and surgeons. Not to mention compelling medical cases that didn't involve the key characters in any way other than trying to solve medical mysteries.

I was highly disappointed in this premiere.

Elevator Reflection -tall - The Resident Season 6 Episode 1

Laura: Maybe a 3. It was a weak premiere. It didn't help to put the baby storyline front and center when it's the weakest link. I miss The Resident of the first four seasons.

Meaghan: I have to give it a 3/5 as well.

While I didn't dislike the storylines as much as Carissa and Laura, it didn't feel like a season premiere to me. I, too, miss the old days of The Resident, though. The first few seasons of the show did such an excellent job at developing the dynamics between the characters, and those relationships all feel very surface-level now.

Leora W: I agree with everyone that it wasn't the best episode. I spent most of it trying to figure out who Conrad picked. It did a decent job of setting up the season, though.

What are your thoughts on the love triangle outcome? Do you think this is the end of it, and how do you feel about the prospect of it carrying on all season?

Carissa: See above. Just no. I can't have less than no interest, and for the first time since the show premiered, I'm not eagerly awaiting the next episode.

Laura: I was rooting for Billie only because I see more of an angsty connection between Conrad and Billie. However, calling him the "love of her life" takes it too far. We've never really seen anything romantic between them. I just don't feel anything for Conrad and Cade.

Meaghan: I genuinely felt the connection between Conrad and Billie for once, to the point that I was convinced for a moment while she was fixing his shirt sleeve and comforting him over Gigi that he had chosen her.

Billie and Conrad Attempt a Save -tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 21

It feels like we have at least been building to something with the two of them -- albeit at a snail's pace.

Cade had the potential to be a great love interest for Conrad when she was first introduced, and then they never put the work in to making us root for them. I don't foresee them lasting the whole season. As soon as Billie opens up about her feelings, Conrad will realize he has feelings for her as well and will choose her over Cade.

To be clear, though, I'm not invested enough in the love triangle to care either way. Also, I'm with Laura. What a bizarre comment for the writers to have Billie make. I guess we should assume that Billie has been pining over the man since the second Nic's body was cold?

Leora W.: Yea! Meaghan, welcome to team Billie. We're happy to have you! I agree that they are doing a better job of setting up the triangle now than they did all last season, and as I actually enjoy love triangles (weird, I know), I'm looking forward to watching it play out.

Who Does Conrad Choose?-tall - The Resident Season 6 Episode 1

I agree that the line was weird, but I don't think Billie has been pining since Nic went in the ground. I think A.J. is just wearing shipper goggles. Nobody can replace Nic, for Conrad, or on the show, but the bond of having loved and lost her is part of what brings Billie and Conrad together. They have that.

What does he have with Cade? Not much. And her not wanting to consult Billie was clearly because she felt uncomfortable knowing how Billie feels about Conrad. I hope they don't make her too petty because I like Cade, just not with Conrad. Let her focus on her dad. He's going to need it.

Do you have any level of investment in the Devon/Leela/Aj/Padma family/twin arc? What is your reaction to the scare?

Carissa: Again, see above. I was on the edge of my seat, hoping that Padma would die to put us all out of our misery. Who wants that to happen while watching a show I used to be so invested in?

Pregancy Concerns  - The Resident Season 6 Episode 1

Laura: Not really. I'd never want the babies to die, and I think I'd feel worse for A.J. with all the loss he's been through, but my investment is low.

Meaghan: The Padma pregnancy arc was one of the least interesting aspects of last season, so I wish we had skipped over the rest of her pregnancy and focused on A.J. being a dad to the twins.

However, I did enjoy the twin scare from the medical case perspective.

I thought it was an interesting case and allowed Ian to show us what he is made of, but I never doubted for a second that it would end up fine, which kind of took away from any tension. I couldn't see them having A.J. lose a baby so soon after losing his mother. It would've just been too brutal for his character.

Padma's Emerency -tall - The Resident Season 6 Episode 1

Leora W: Not much of one. It's weird, and I was never in favor of it. Plus, A.J. only stayed in Atlanta when Mina left because of his mom, who is now dead. If he's here raising twins, how can he eventually follow her halfway across the world to make their relationship work?

That's how I want the series to end: with those two reuniting, and of course, Conrad and Billie and Kit & Bell. (Or the last few years were a dream, and Nic is still alive, and mina never left, but that's a little optimistic of me).

Cade noticed that Ian was self-medicating. React.

Carissa: I mean, come on. It's a crowded hospital with people in every corner of the building. Keeping a secret like that just isn't possible.

Now, will Cade confront him? I sure as hell hope so. If he's to stick around, we don't need the pill-popping doctor storyline. We've already had the physician-who-can't-be-trusted-to-operate arc with Bell during The Resident Season 1 and even into The Resident Season 2. How about a fresh story?

Taking Pills -tall - The Resident Season 6 Episode 1

Laura: Again, it's hard to care. I hope he gets help, so he doesn't kill a patient.

Meaghan: He definitely could show a little more discretion.

I'm interested to know what he is actually taking because they never showed us, right? Is it pain medicine or a stimulant like Adderall to help keep him focused during surgery? Given that they keep focusing on what a rockstar he is, I'm leaning towards the latter.

Leora W: I'm not surprised, but I look forward to seeing it play out. The show has a good track record with this sort of plot, and it gives Cade more to do than date Conrad.

News with Dad  - The Resident Season 6 Episode 1

Are you looking forward to the season exploring the funding issues that may plague Chastain and hinder innovation and care?

Carissa: Not really. It felt like I was being thumped over the head with that concept.  The bottom line is that not every hospital can offer all facets of care and research. With a public hospital, it's almost unheard of. Devon knew he was taking a chance by turning down his incredible research opportunities.

Laura: It might be interesting to see where they get funding, but it's not something I need lots of time spent on.

Meaghan: I've always enjoyed The Resident tackling the more realistic aspects of the medical field. It's what sets it apart from other medical dramas on television right now.

But, as Carissa said, they are a public hospital. It isn't realistic to think they can be a public hospital and still be as innovative as they were before the move to go public. It almost feels like they are just ignoring that fact.

Treating a Chef -tall - The Resident Season 6 Episode 1

Leora W: I'm not sure.

They were referencing an election and a specific governor who would cut funding. I don't follow politics much, especially not in Atlanta, because I don't live there, but I was curious about who they were discussing.

I feel bad for the reality of the situation, but it is the reality of it. It is a strong point of the show when they show that stuff, but it can also be majorly depressing.

What are you hoping to see as the season progresses?

Carissa: Less of everything from the premiere. I now know that this is the last season. It's truncated and got off on the wrong foot. I might as well mentally ease myself out of it.

Laura: More Kitbell. They are the saving grace of the show right now.

DILF of Chastain -tall - The Resident Season 6 Episode 1

Meaghan: I want them to get back to their roots.

Actually take the time to really develop the relationships between the newer cast and the original. Strengthen the relationships of the original cast and let them shine again.

Focus on interesting cases instead of cases that require things that Chastain realistically can't deliver. And for the love of god, just resolve the love triangle and let us live in peace.

Leora W: Again, I am looking forward to the love triangle. I want to see A.J. happy. I want Leela to be likable again. I want all the KitBell. I want them to address whatever has been going on with Irving.

What was your favorite moment from the premiere? Do you have any additional thoughts?

Carissa: I didn't have a favorite moment. How sad is that?

I saw a lot of talk about Gigi's nightmares, and as a child who had them nightly (they've continued into adulthood), it's not surprising that Gigi has them, and there doesn't have to be a root cause. I can still remember the nightmare I had about being at the bank with my dad; his fingers turned into spiders. I was screaming and crying. It was awful.

But I bet it will be some crazy thing about Gigi not feeling safe without Billie there. There has to be a reason she gets back into the picture, right? Ugh.

Time with Dad  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 17

Laura: I loved the quiet moments of Conrad with Gigi. He is such a girl dad. I hope they do figure out her nightmares, but I know some kids just have them.

Meaghan: Gigi and Conrad have consistently been the series' highlight for me since the time jump, so it's no surprise they were my favorite of this episode.

I agree that kids can just have nightmares without any real cause -- I used to have them a lot as a kid -- but I think since there was such a big focus on it, we will see that explored further.

My guess is that Gigi knows that Conrad is dating, and it is causing her anxiety that she is losing him to someone else, which is manifesting in the form of nightmares.

Leora W: I liked the Gigi and Conrad stuff (Meaghan, again, we agree. I totally think it was about her dad having a girlfriend.) I also loved the Billie/Conrad stuff, and that one KitBell moment we got was sweet. As for additional thoughts, I agree that this is probably the last season, which is a good thing. It's time.

Over to you, Resident Fanatics. Do you agree with our panel? Do you disagree? Sound off below!

The Resident airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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