Case 63 Trailer: Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac Bend Time in Spotify Thriller

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Some of the best, most addictive, star-studded fiction is found on Spotify!

That's certainly the case with the highly-anticipated new audio thriller, Case 63, starring, and executive produced by Academy and Emmy Award-winning Actress Julianne Moore and Golden Globe winner Oscar Isaac.

Case 63 is a collaborative effort produced by Spotify's Gimlet studios, Moore's production company FortySixty, and Isaac's Mad Gene Media.

Case 63 Keyart

More and more celebrities have been dipping into the audio drama pool, lending their talents to the immersive podcast experience, which has been an exciting new way of storytelling.

Case 63 is a 10-episode adaptation of "Caso 63," Spotify's most listened-to scripted Original podcast in Latin America.

Juianne Moore

It was originally produced in Santiago, Chile. And the third and final season of the original story drops on October 18, 2022. For the Spanish and Portuguese speakers, don't hesitate to check that out as well.

But Case 63 is an English adaptation, which marks Spotify's first Original Podcast derived from its non-English speaking market, which is a monumental feat. It's created and written by Julio Rojas.

It's adapted by Mara Vélez Meléndez, directed by Mimi O'Donnell, and produced by Katie Pastore.

Case 63 follows Dr. Eliza Knight, played by Julianne Moore. She's a psychiatrist from New York who begins treating a patient, played by Oscar Isaac, who she has registered as Case 63.

Shockingly, he professes to be from the future, the year 2062, specifically. Obviously, Dr. Knight questions his mental state and has her doubts about the reality of what he's saying.

However, what begins as routine therapy sessions evolves into a tale that pushes and tests the limits of possibility and reality.

It's a mind-bending tale that hits all the notes from suspense to thrills, romance, intrigue, supernatural, and mystery.

And that's part of the reason Moore was drawn to the project.

"Case 63' was my very first audio experience, and I was able to see firsthand how immersive and impactful podcasting is as a mode of storytelling," Moore stated about the podcast.

Oscar Isaac

"It is a thrilling and timely story - incredibly mysterious and romantic, suspenseful, and strange. And the opportunity to work with my friends Oscar Isaac and Mimi O'Donnell made the recording a joy."

Moore is quoted as saying that she wants listeners to enjoy the podcast as much as they enjoyed creating the piece. "'Case 63' is exactly the kind of story that I love."

It seems Isaac was familiar with the original podcast, which prompted him to join the project for the English adaptation.

"I'm a big fan of the original 'Case 63,' and it was great to be able to partner with Spotify and Julianne on this adaption."

Case 63 - spotify keyart

Spotify released a trailer of the 10-episode series, which gives listeners their first taste of Julianne Moore as Dr. Eliza Knight and Oscar Isaac as the mysterious, potential time-traveler, Case 63.

Dr. Knight sets up her recorder for the session and asks her patient to introduce himself. Peter Ryder, AKA Case 63, happily obliges.

When Dr. Knight presses him on what year he comes from, Peter replies, "I'm a time traveler; I come from the year 2062."

Knight can't resist prodding Peter further on this. She asks him if he expects her to believe what he's telling her without any evidence to back him up, but his response is enough to pull her short.

Oscar Isaac Attends Academy Awards

It takes an eerie turn when he tells her that she is the evidence, and then he utters something that catches her so off guard that you can tell the calm, collected doctor's world has been turned upside down in the bat of an eye.

From there, it's a game of verbal chess as Knight tries to figure out who Peter really is, where he could be from, and if his message about the ending of the world has any validity. Maybe she'll get all the answers she desires if she knows how to ask the right questions.

The trailer teases that "Believing is a matter of time." Give the trailer a listen below, and mark your calendars.

All ten episodes of Case 63 drop on Spotify on October 25, and you don't want to miss them!

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