Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 10-03-22: A Legacy Character Returns

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Welcome home, Mike!

He hasn't been in Salem since Alice's funeral in 2010, but Mike Horton is finally coming home on Days of Our Lives during the week of 10-03-22.

It's only a short visit, but we'll take what we can get.

Spoilers for the Week of 10-03-22 - Days of Our Lives

Mike's return is long overdue. He and Jennifer settled Laura's estate off-screen, but it would have been a compelling story if the two of them had done it in front of the audience.

His return now should be equally emotional, as he's in town to help get Jennifer into drug rehab.

Mike and Jennifer have always been close, but Jennifer is likely to be embarrassed that he knows about her problem at all. Maybe he'll give her some needed encouragement before she leaves.

It would be nice if he stuck around to help out at the hospital while Kayla is incapacitated, but that doesn't appear to be in the cards.

He is going to run into Nancy, which should be interesting. Years ago, Nancy was the mastermind behind Craig's scheme to steal Mike's Chief of Staff position.

Bygones really should be bygones, but in Salem, they never are.

Some fans were hoping Mike would have a similar late-in-life coming out as Craig so that the one-time enemies could become lovers. That's not happening, at least not this time around, but spoilers suggest Mike and Nancy might part as friends...or more.

Elsewhere in Salem, thanks to Sloane, Paulina's gubernatorial campaign may be in trouble.

Sloan plans to blackmail her, which has something to do with Chanel's past. This could be more compelling than the latest nonsense with Allie and Johnny.

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Jennifer's Horrible Realization - Days of Our Lives

Jennifer comes to a horrible realization.

Jennifer didn't seem aware that she had run Gwen over, but her ignorance will be short-lived.

She's going to realize what she did and feel terrible.

This is likely going to prompt her to consider rehab.

Running Into an Old Enemy - Days of Our Lives

Mike Horton returns to Salem.

As discussed above, Mike is back to help his sister transition into a rehab program, but first, he will run into Nancy.

If Mike were staying in Salem, his new relationship with a former enemy would be compelling.

There's little point to this if it's all off-screen. Will Mike be back later?

Kristen Torments Marlena - Days of Our Lives

Kristen solicits Marlena's help.

That may be what Kristen thinks she's doing, but let's be honest: she's tormenting Marlena.

Marlena's condition has worsened to the point that she needs oxygen. Kristen knows that Rolf has the antidote.

It's not hard to put two and two together here. Kristen will likely use that orchid as a bargaining chip to force Brady away from Chloe.

Jennifer's Tearful Goodbye - Days of Our Lives

Jack and Jennifer share a tearful goodbye.

Jennifer is going to go to rehab.

The last time around, she dealt with her pill addiction thanks to some encouragement from a dream version of Jack. This time, she has him in the flesh to give her a pep talk and promise to visit.

Jennifer will return when needed, fully cured of her drug addiction. Maybe Abby will turn out not to have been dead all this time by then.

Gabi and Ava Strategize - Days of Our Lives

Gabi strategizes with Ava regarding EJ's offer.

Gabi and Ava's frenemiship is the best part of this business war story.

EJ and Gabi have been fighting over the CEO position for so long that it's ridiculous. Nobody is getting any work done because they're always dealing with this.

Still, Gabi and Ava's scenes are fun, and I'm curious about what counter-plan they come up with.

Eric and Nicole's Compromising Position - Days of Our Lives

Rafe and Jada find Nicole and Eric in a compromising position.

Yawn. First, Rafe and Nicole cheated on Ava in the Basic Black office, and now it appears Nicole and Eric will cheat on Rafe and Jada in the same place.

Nicole and Eric have tried and failed so often that this is a boring retread. Let them develop their new relationships!

Does Nicole even have feelings for Eric? Or does she think she does because the entire town insists on it whenever anyone sees her?

Stephanie and Chad Get Closer - Days of Our Lives

Stephanie and Chad grow closer over drinks.

Of course, they do.

They've had chemistry since their reunion in the hospital after Abigail's death. And conveniently, Abigail's ghost recently encouraged Chad to move on.

It's a better choice than Stephanie and the perpetually annoying Alex, but Chad should take time to work on himself. It was only last week that he felt he had nothing to live for and had to be reminded that his kids need him, after all.

Paulina Gets an Unwelcome Surprise - Days of Our Lives

Paulina gets a surprise visit from Sloan.

Ugh. I had hoped that Sloan was gone after Kristen fired her.

But no, she's here to stay and plans to expose Chanel's past if Paulina doesn't do what she wants.

The question is: what does Sloan want? And will Paulina go for it?

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