Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 2 Review: The Hunger

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Things got progressively worse for Reginald on Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 2.

Reginald refused to feed, and then when he tried to feed, he couldn't figure out how.

This led to his life being at risk, along with everyone around him!

Reginald At Work

Reginald's love life also took a few steps backward, and Sarah recovers from a Glamor.

The episode's quality ticked up a bit from the premiere, but it still felt like mainly setup.

Reginald Needing to Feed - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 2

Reginald's issue with feeding took the forefront of the hour, and he struggled with the prospect.

He tried to feed on multiple people, but it didn't work. He even got punched in the face by one of the guys!

The humor used to address Reginald's feeding issue was brilliant, as normally vampires don't have an issue feeding on whomever to get their sustenance.

Without Maurice's help, Reginald ended up finding the perfect victim to feed off of with the help of his friend and customer, Claire.

Reginald's Crush Sarah - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 2

He tried to feed off Claire, prompting her to figure out he was a vampire.

Reginald's glamor never worked on anyone (probably due to his lack of conviction), and he had resigned to giving up.

Claire gave him some raw meat which didn't help as much as she'd hoped, so the next evening she made another suggestion: feed off of Todd.

Todd never failed at being an ass to Reginald, so when it came down to it, it made the most sense!

Cornered in the break room, Reginald managed to feed off his boss, Todd, and glamor him to make him forget.

Reginald and Soda - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 2

Reginald's feeding plot took up most of the episode, and while it did create some fun humor, it still felt like we're stuck in the exploration stage.

The show doesn't seem to know what it wants to be.

Angela, Maurice's maker, clearly solidified herself as someone to hate throughout this episode, but the character development failed to match the rest of the show's tone.

The show has jumped around from comedy, dramedy, drama, buddy comedy, and a plethora of other subgenres during the first two outings.

Reginald's Boss Todd - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 2

The MCU's Jacob Batalon's portrayal of Reginald brings smiles to our faces.

He's wonderful and fits well with the rest of the cast, and we are glad that the Marvel actor is holding his own.

The chemistry between him and the other characters he interacts with impressed, and we want the show's quality to match the skills of Batalon and company.

This segment did leave us on a cliffhanger that may be a good setup for the events of the season.

Angela tried to kill Maurice.

Reginald in Need Of Help - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 2

Angela is Maurice's maker, and she felt angry and betrayed that he broke all contact with her (and then showed up as if nothing happened).

She also revealed that she knows about Reginald and proceeded to do exactly what Maurice predicted in Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 1: she called him an abomination.

Before Reginald could come to try and save Maurice, the latter almost got burned to ashes in an incinerator.

Angela proved ruthless in this episode, and now that Reginald tried to save Maurice, we can only assume things will get worse in the next hour.

Reginald Worried At Work - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 2

After he fed on Todd, Reginald received flashes of Maurice's harrowing condition, which prompted him to launch into a rescue mission.

Regindlad headed to Angela's place of residence to try and save Maurice, with no clear plan in his head.

Reginald gets stopped by a very tall man, and something relatively unclear happened.

Earlier in the episode, this man got revealed to be Isaac's brother (Maurice killed Isaac).

As Isaac's brute of a brother lifted Reginald by his neck, ready to kill Reggie, Reginald tried to glamor him.

Regina Arriving At Maurice's - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 2

A few seconds later, and the scene cut to Reginald finding Maurice and saving him from being burned alive (well, undead).

There are a few unclear things in this scene.

Did the glamor work? Is Isaac's brother a vampire? If not, what is he? If he is, what happened before the scene cut?

Hopefully, these things get revealed in episode three because our curiosity has been piqued!

The cliffhanger left us with Reginald just saving Maurice and Angela alerted to the rescue.

Maurice Concered - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 2

We got to experience a little more vampire society politics when Angela confirmed that she doesn't approve of Reginald and wants him killed.

These vampolitics (vampire politics) continue to be one of the more interesting aspects of the series; however, they also remain relatively elusive.

Comedy takes the forefront of the series, and while it works well, we want to see the comedy balanced with the other parts of the show that don't get as much screen time.

Hopefully, we'll get some sort of confrontation, as Maurice and Reginald are currently stuck in Angela's residence.

We also have an interesting theory/question that we ponder: does Reginald have any connection to Angela?

Reginald Confronting - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 2

Maurice's maker is Angela. Reginald's maker is Maurice. That makes Angela his grand-maker.

This could provide an interesting connection between Reginald and Angela outside the already muddled politics.

Whatever the case, we hope the show continues its upwards quality progression.

Now that Reginald fed, glamored someone, and gained confidence, they can really explore the meat of his character.

Reginald's Coworker Ashley - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 2

So, Fanatics, what did you think of the second episode?

Will you be tuning in to see what happens to Reginald and Maurice?

Let us know in the comments below, and remember to watch Reginald the Vampire online here on TV Fanatic!

The Hunger Review

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Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Reginald: I'm a muthafuckin' vampire!
Maurice: No. No. I'm still not entirely on board with that catchphrase.

Reginald: So, summing up, again: body issues for eternity, unable to control my most basic urges, and unfit for human interaction, including, of course, romance.