The Cleaning Lady Round Table: Fiona Meets Arman and Thony & Armon Save the Day

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Fiona finally met Arman and saw for herself that Arman and Thony were a force to be reckoned with.

During The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 4, Thony had to call Arman to clean up Fiona's mess, despite Fiona's protests.

TV Fanatics Jasmine Peterson, Whitney Evans, and Laura Nowak discuss how Fiona reacted to Arman and Thony's methods, the meaningful Armony scenes and if Chris needs help.

The Cleaning Lady Round Table

Fiona finally met Arman. React.

Jasmine: Fiona finally gets it! One look at that tall drink of water, and you could tell she understood a bit of Thony's conundrum.

No, but honestly, I was so happy to see this moment! I love the idea of Thony's two worlds colliding further, and it ensures that Fiona will be more integral to everything along with Thony and Arman, which I love.

I think it's easy to dislike someone or be wary of them when they're this abstract concept, but after meeting Arman, it just opens up this whole new perspective to everything. I also love how instantly accepting, and respectful Arman was to Fiona.

He recognized her as this extension of Thony, understood her reservations about him and the situation, and took everything in stride. I can't wait to see those two share more scenes together.

Trusting Arman - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 4

Whitney: I felt like screaming, FINALLY. Season 1 was so much of Arman and Thony getting to know each other, working together, and figuring out their dynamic. And I LOVED that so much.

But since you've already done that, this season needed to be about what comes next. And what comes next is integrating their worlds, so it was about time they met.

I'm glad she got a chance to see Arman and see what Thony sees in him, whether she agrees or not. Arman isn't going anywhere as it relates to Thony. Fiona isn't going anywhere. And I'm excited to see where all this goes next.

Laura: As Whitney mentioned, it was overdue that Fiona and Arman finally meet. They are the two most important people in Thony's life besides Luca, and neither is going anywhere.

Hopefully, since Arman went out of his way to put Fiona at ease so she'd trust him, she'll eventually see him as more than a criminal and more of an ally.

Pointing Things Out - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 4

What did you think of Fiona's reactions to Thony and Arman's methods?

Jasmine: Objectively, it was perfectly understandable and reasonable. She was new to all of this, and she was freaking out. She has a lot on the line, and she's trying to protect her son.

She's a good person, and she didn't want to jump to causing harm to another human being. She just wanted to be out of all of this.

If I take my objective hat off right now, Fi was causing so much damn trouble and making a mess of things, and she needed to get over it.

There was no way they could get out of that unscathed. That man would be blackmailing them for the rest of their lives, and there was no other solution. She can feel guilty and repent tomorrow. I swear I'm a good, moral, ethical person in real life, you guys!

Laying Out Negotiations- The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 4

Whitney: I love Fiona, and I will cut her some slack because she was scared, but she was doing a lot. That man had to go, point blank, period. While I can understand why she was leery because she's not a killer or a bad person, she needed to listen more than she did at times. Thony and Arman are the professionals around here.

Laura: I love Fiona, but she frustrated me in this episode. She was naïve to think the motel clerk would just let them walk away, so they needed reinforcements, despite how she felt about Arman and his methods.

I love how Fiona realized Thony has changed. She'll still do whatever it takes for their family, but sometimes the methods are more extreme now. She learned the proper techniques of "cleaning" up your messes.

We finally got some meaningful Armony scenes. What were your favorite parts?

Jasmine: Arman beaming at Thony with genuine pride, reverence, and admiration when she was threatening that guy was priceless. He was so impressed by her and had a real proud Daddy moment.

I also love their phone calls because they don't even have to say much. If there are any Good Behavior fans out there, but Armony gives me similar vibes of Lettie and Javier. The "You came/You called" dynamic they have just thrilled me.

Always There - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 4

Whitney: Cue the power ballad because I was SCREAMING. Armony are my people; we haven't gotten enough of them this season. When Thony asked why he didn't kill her, and he said, 'because you're different,' I almost fell out.

One thing I've always liked about the two of them is the way they show up for each other. I know Nadia is stuck on Arman being Thony's savior, but I've always felt that he likes to be in her presence.

Laura: I have missed Arman and Thony having real moments. I loved how proud he was of her for learning how to tie Jon up and then how his eyes lit up as she threatened Jon in the bathtub. Thony has learned well from Arman.

I also freaked out over the moment that Whitney mentioned when Arman told Thony, "Because you're different." He gave her such a fond look I swooned. It's like Thony told Fiona Arman always shows up when she needs him.

How worried are you about Chris?

Jasmine: I am VERY worried about Chris. He's probably been the character I've been most concerned about since the premiere. His storyline is one of the ones I'm most invested in, and I want him to be okay. It's terrible because he doesn't have a safe space to process what happened and the emotions that he's experiencing.

Chris's Emotional Breakdown - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 2

With no outlet that doesn't jeopardize his entire family, everything is coming out in aggression, self-loathing, and harm. I know both Thony and Fiona have a lot going on, but I need them to pay more attention to Chris.

Whitney: I'm extremely worried about Chris. And yes, Jasmine, I also thought that no one was paying him enough attention during this hour. What if Arman took Chris under his wing? That's probably a terrible suggestion, but at least he would have someone to talk to!

Laura: I'm also very worried about Chris. He needs someone to talk to more than constant pressure to keep the accident a secret. It's tearing him apart. Since Arman knows the secret now, I think Chris talking to Arman would be an exciting idea. Chris needs another male to confide it.

Have your impressions changed about Robert? What do you think Nadia thinks of him?

Jasmine: I can't say that they have. Robert remains an entertaining antagonist. I like the chemistry he has with Nadia. I love Naveen Andrews. Admittedly, I got distracted by all the pretty people onscreen. Did something happen that was supposed to change my mind?

The New Player - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 4

Whitney: Robert reminds me of the ex who represents a specific time in your life. And when he's thrown back in your face, you're transported back to that point in your life and what you felt then.

I've gathered that Robert was her savior, and that's how I feel like she still views him. I can see them getting closer as Thony and Arman start working together again, and I feel like it's going to get messy.

Laura: I think yours was an accurate assessment, Whitney. Robert seems like an ex that still has a hold over Nadia. Since she's feeling neglected as Arman spent time with Thony, this could get messy since he still wants Nadia, and I don't trust Robert.

What were your favorite parts of this episode? What arcs are you hoping to see more of, or are you hoping are done soon?

Jasmine: Thony threatening that guy was my favorite. I also appreciated the circle of life ending with Thony delivering life into this world while Arman was snuffing one out of the world.

Justice - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 4

I'm enjoying things, but I'm also not getting a strong sense of what the season-long arcs are outside of Arman trying to get out of this debt with Robert. I'm still unsure what direction things are headed in now. But I'm enjoying the ride regardless.

It's redundant for me to voice my Garrett frustrations again, so I'll leave you two to it.

Whitney: Armony. The Cleaning Lady is about so many things,w but I must admit I missed them just being together and navigating a crisis. I like what I like. Sue me.

That's a good point about not seeing the path this season with storylines. I guess that's a testament to how much I like the show, that that's not been an issue for me so far.

Laura: I also loved getting meaningful Armony moments and, like Jasmine, the parallel of the circle of life with Thony delivering a life while Arman ended one.

Life Happens - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 4

I'm not sure we have exact arcs either, but hopefully, now that the motel clerk is gone, the blackmail arc is over, and the series will focus more on getting Chris help instead.

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The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Nadia: We don’t need Thony!
Arman: Thony is the one who knows what sells in the medical field.
Nadia: Selling her meds wasn’t enough and never will be. I need to talk to Robert and ask him to cut our interest or we’ll drown in debt.
Arman: No you’re not going to ask him for another damm thing. I don’t want you close to that guy.

Thony: I’m going to tie him up with anything with a cord.
Fiona: Seriously, could this be any worse?
Thony: We can’t have him attack one of us again or walk out and go to the police.