The Mole Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Knowledge Is Power

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How far would you go to get information? That's the big question weaved throughout The Mole Season 6 Episode 3.

When we think the players are working together as a team, the pressure of the game rears its ugly head.

The Mole is deliciously fun and addictive. Come on, you would've taken the deal, right?! Or did your integrity match the group?

Feeling The Pressure - The Mole

"Knowledge Is Power" was an exciting moral dilemma-style round for the players. Even the moments carried over from The Mole Season 6 Episode 2 matched the theme.

The players want to win the game; that much is pretty obvious. But how far will they go to push themselves ahead?

We finally were introduced to The Mole's elements of moral deals, and blatant sabotages.

Did she ditch it? She ditched it?!


Powers like exemptions and information are too tempting to pass up. When faced with the deals in front of them, it's a big decision for players to give that up.

Those moral dilemmas are an interesting narrative for an espionage TV franchise like The Mole since it's a group prize pot they're working toward.

Trust Is Lost - The Mole Season 6 Episode 3

Sector 45 winning the sector mission wasn't surprising. They had a head start searching for clues by the time Sector 31 decided to get in the game.

Next time, the players in Sector 31 won't be as trusting or naive. Any group with Greg, Avori, and Pranav will most likely go for the self-satisfying prize. Size up the competition before making a decision.

[In confessional] Absolutely at a loss for words. The Mole’s phone wouldn’t go red.


On the other hand, Samara getting eliminated during the quiz was shocking!

Did anyone else suspect her of being The Mole? She played in the background and made some big sabotage moves during the prison escape. Samara seemed like an excellent potential target.

I love the quiz: you can never tell if you're on the right track. No matter how much strategizing or gameplaying you do, it's all about knowledge and your deduction skills.

The Mole Returns Season 6 Episode 1

In the case of the Air vs. Water mission, that game focused more on teamwork and trust. Regardless of being able to swim or spotting something from the plane, you had to trust that your teammates were being truthful if they saw the markers or not.

I would've chosen to go on the plane.

All you had to do was view the window to spot the supplies and then carry the items to the boat. If you don't have the strongest eyesight, you can blame it on that while throwing a bit of Mole suspicion your way.

Plus, the search location in the water was too vast! It would've been exhausting swimming and diving down to the surface to see if the cargo was there.

By Sea - The Mole Season 6 Episode 3

Avori's strategy had the most blatant sabotage moves by far. It was too direct at times that it didn't feel believable.

Don't get me wrong, pretending to be The Mole or sabotaging challenges is a traditional strategy in the franchise. This gameplay helps to throw suspicion and encourages players to get eliminated by choosing the wrong person. It has worked plenty of times in the past.

[In confessional] I haven’t done anything to throw suspicion on myself. And I feel like that’s a mistake I’ve made in the game. I definitely want people to think that I’m The Mole.


The problem was that Avori did it a bit too much.

Her acting dizzy and pretending not to see the dingy was a great move. She could play off not noticing it on the island; no one can blame her for getting sick. However, her dropping the air canister was too much.

Everyone saw it and called her out. The best strategy is to go for subtle moves, like Kesi. Go under the radar and keep people guessing; it's too obvious what she was doing.

Pranav - The Mole Season 6 Episode 1

The water group was harder to pin down. Jacob still seems like the safest bet for not being The Mole; he was trying too hard to win the mission.

William was working hard too, but he could be in the camp of "diverting suspicions." Like, for when he stole the case for the group's betterment during The Mole Season 6 Episode 1.

He's doing well in earning trust within the group.

If Joi does move away from putting William on the quiz, that could be a good barometer if he's The Mole or not. She's hedging a lot of bets on him.

Casey and Greg are still targets.

Casey worked to find the first crate, but she could've always known the box was at that spot. Winning any money for the group would get her excellent favor, which Moles love to do to get suspicion off them.

On the other hand, Greg naturally hinders missions when he tries.

He seemed out of his depth in the water for someone trained in scuba diving. He either didn't use his training in a while, or he threw it. Greg acted very suspiciously during this mission.

Push The Button - The Mole Season 6 Episode 2

So, when it was revealed that he also looked during the moral dilemma dossier challenge, it wasn't surprising.

Greg is going to do whatever he wants to do. He's possibly the most cutthroat player still in the game.

As I've mentioned, if there's ever a chance to win an exemption from the quiz, go for it! You never know if you're on the right track toward finding The Mole.

Besides, $10,000 isn't a big deal in the grand scheme. If only one person looked at the dossiers, the entire group would've lost regardless (Avori looked, so they'd lose either way). Take those odds.

Jacob - The Mole Season 6 Episode 1

For those who chose the integrity path, the best choice for the bet would've been to guess Greg.

Greg had shown time and time again that he'd go for any outcome that'd benefit him. And with the odds of the dossier mission being high, he would seem like an obvious target.

Between him and Avori, Greg would have the advantage.

Greg: I looked.
Alex Wagner: You looked.
Greg: Nothing is certain in this game. I’m gonna do whatever it takes.
Alex Wagner: Whatever it takes.
Greg: Whatever it takes.

Though, who in their right mind would risk $25,000 on a guess?! That is too high of a number for a gamble.

Exemptions are worth it, but losing that amount of money if you're wrong can come back to haunt you. Only go for the play if you're positive about the answer. Hopefully, the bet is correct, or the group will have lost nearly everything!

Investigation Awaits - The Mole Season 6 Episode 1

Last Thoughts From The Mole:

  • A lot more people chose not to read the dossiers than expected. Hopefully, their reward was worth it.
  • Only by a few seconds! You'd need a break and drink after hearing those results.
  • William is taking on a huge leadership role. Is this a smart move for information or a good cover?
  • The moment the air canister fell into the water, the boat team's chances sank with it.
Group Results - The Mole Season 6 Episode 1

Now, over to you, Mole fans.

What did you think of "Knowledge Is Power"?

Are you sad to see Samara go? Did Avori make her sabotaging a bit too obvious? Who made the outrageous bid?

The Mole is available to stream now on Netflix.

Knowledge Is Power Review

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The Mole Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

[In confessional] Absolutely at a loss for words. The Mole’s phone wouldn’t go red.


[In confessional] I haven’t done anything to throw suspicion on myself. And I feel like that’s a mistake I’ve made in the game. I definitely want people to think that I’m The Mole.