Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 6 Spoilers: Danny and Jamie Butt Heads!

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The Reagans are a close-knit family, but what happens when they get in each other's way on the job?

Erin often butts heads with Frank, especially now that she wants to run for Manhattan DA, and Danny and Jamie often complain that her office keeps releasing violent offenders that they worked hard to arrest.

Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 6 spoilers point to a conflict that doesn't have to do with Erin. This time, Danny and Jamie get in each other's way, and it's about to get ugly!

Season 13 Episode 6 Spoilers - Blue Bloods

The conflict involves Jamie's new job duties interfering with Danny's old ones.

Danny feels Jamie overstepped after Jamie interferes in Danny's investigation of a gang-related shooting, but was the youngest Reagan only doing his job?

This conflict turns ugly at the crime scene. A clip in the spoiler video has Danny calling Jamie an embarrassment.

Ouch! Those are fighting words, especially from the older brother Jamie admires.

One thing is for sure: neither Frank nor Henry will tolerate that behavior at the Sunday dinner table. Will the guys resolve this before then, or will they need some help from their elders?

Jamie often turns to Henry for advice. If Danny goes to Frank, that will put the older generation squarely in the middle of the conflict, and Frank isn't going to accept that.

Danny Gets on Jamie - Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 6

While Jamie might have overstepped, Danny may be too close to this case. According to spoilers, Danny over-empathizes with the victim this time.

Danny has a sensitive side, but he's usually able to focus on proving the perp's guilt so he can throw them in jail. He didn't lose it when his friend Maggie was attacked, so what gives this time?

Could this case remind him of Joe Sr.'s death? That's the only thing that makes sense in this scenario.

Although the Reagan family likes to solve its own problems, Danny might need some help from an outside source: Baez.

Did Jamie Overstep? - Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 6

Baez is close enough to be "work family," but she's not a Reagan. That puts her in the perfect position to get through to Danny if he's being a blockhead.

She's pulled him back when he's gone too far in the past, so there's no reason she won't be able to this time.

Meanwhile, Erin and Anthony have a case involving Joe Hill!

Joe has been working undercover for a while, which explains his frequent absences. This time, someone in Erin's office makes a move that endangers him.

This puts Erin in an interesting position, especially considering her political ambitions. Investigating and calling out bad actors in the DA's office could be good for her campaign. Still, it also leaves an opening for her enemies to claim that she uses her position to give special treatment to her family.

It's a line Frank's walked for years. His kids are often upset with him because staying neutral often looks identical to taking their opponents' sides. There is no neutrality when a family member is accused of police misconduct.

Now Erin will discover something similar about reaching for power in the DA's office. She can't be neutral and a Reagan without upsetting one side or the other.

Frank resolves the conflict via his commitment to integrity. He does what he believes is right and in accordance with the law, even if it makes him unpopular with the cops, his family, the press, or the people who work for him.

What Happened to Joe? - Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 6

Will Erin be able to do the same?

She and Frank are often alike in their rigid embrace of rules and refusal to give their family special treatment. That's why they keep clashing during the race for the DA's office.

But this situation is a bit different. Erin must weed out bad lawyers regardless of her relationship with their victims. If a lawyer is willing to make trouble for Joe, they will likely do it to other undercover officers.

That's what Erin needs to concentrate on; hopefully, she'll cut out any noise about "favoritism" made by people who dislike the idea of her being disloyal by calling out bad actors in her office.

Maria Vs a Gang Member - Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 6

Frank's commitment to his values doesn't always win him friends. Could that be why he's not asked to speak at a police forum?

It seems bizarre to cut out the police commissioner from an event like this; speaking about policing seems like one of his primary job duties!

Frank will likely be upset, even if he doesn't show it. If he's not, Sid will undoubtedly be. Sid is an old-school cop who believes strongly in the importance of respect, and he won't want to stand for his boss being disrespected!

That might not be the reason that Frank isn't invited, though.

Frank is Proud of Henry - Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 6

Spoiler photos show Henry speaking to a crowded audience. Henry was the police commissioner once upon a time; maybe this group wants to honor him for his years of service.

Henry worries about his mortality a lot and doesn't like being pushed into the position of being the wise old elder instead of being able to be out on the streets. An honor such as speaking in front of a bunch of officers could help him feel better about his life stage.

Frank would support that if he found out that was what was going on. Will he devote time and energy to this slight, though?

It seems he should have more important things to do, but his non-invitation wouldn't be mentioned in spoilers if it wasn't a big deal to him.

Henry Speaks - Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 6

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Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 6 Quotes

Sid: Here's the thing.
Frank: What's the thing?
Sid: Now you're getting me all confused, twisting my words. The thing is... your father.
Frank: The thing is my father?
Sid: They asked him to speak and I didn't think he should be up there alone.

Frank: Last time, it was an ambush. Students asked questions that made the department look bad.
Garrett: That was three years ago. Those students are gone.
Frank: The professors who were behind it are not.
Garrett: It's a criminal justice program. I'm sure it doesn't have an anti-cop agenda.
Frank: And some professors with an agenda are doing their best to change that.