Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 11-28-22: Sarah Confronts Xander!

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How is Xander going to get out of this one?

Sarah already figured out that he's the kidnapper who wore a clown mask and a blue business suit, and she's not interested in following Maggie's advice to trust her husband!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 11-28-22 say that Sarah will confront Xander about her suspicions. Whether or not Xander comes clean, this could lead to big trouble for their marriage. Again.

Spoilers for the Week of 11-28-22 - Days of Our Lives

Xander and Sarah's relationship tends to follow a predictable pattern: Xander does something underhanded, Sarah "leaves him forever," he begs her for forgiveness, and after days, weeks, or months of sniping at him, she takes him back.

This latest mess doesn't look like it will be the exception to the rule, especially since Xander has already confided in Gwen about his guilt.

Most likely, Xander will lie to Sarah. Alternatively, the couple'll get interrupted, and that'll be the end of the conversation.

What Will Xander Do?

Either way, this is terrible news for his marriage to Sarah. With Sarah in the dark and Gwen in the know, Xander will likely spend a lot of time with his ex, whispering about how to save his marriage or about his guilt over lying to Sarah.

That'll be sure to raise Sarah's hackles. If she tries to find out what Xander and Gwen are up to, she'll get a nasty surprise.

There's no guarantee that Sarah would remain in the marriage if Xander is honest with her -- who would want to stay with a kidnapper who only stopped short of murder because he didn't want to disappoint his wife? But lying to her fast tracks another implosion.

Will Sarah and Xander Implode Again? - Days of Our Lives

And if that happens, it opens the door for a Xander/Gwen reunion while we wait for Sarah to forgive Xander again.

Ugh. Let's hope Days of Our Lives surprises us! This constant back-and-forth with Sarah and Xander is getting old, and reigniting the Sarah/Xander/Gwen triangle won't help.

At least creepy ghost Charlie is (hopefully) gone now that Ava's driven her car off a cliff. Still, is anyone up for this latest round of Sarah hating Xander?

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Sarah Confronts Xander - Days of Our Lives

Sarah asks Xander if he kidnapped Bonnie and Susan.

The Sarah/Xander confrontation comes toward the beginning of the week, so we'll know fairly soon if Xander has found his spine.

As discussed above, this couple is probably headed toward yet another implosion.

Although Gwen's one of my least favorite characters, maybe she and Xander should give it another go. That would be preferable to this continuous merry-go-round with Xander and Sarah.

Alex and Stephanie's Kiss Heats Up - Days of Our Lives

Alex and Stephanie's kiss heats up.

These two could make a cute couple if only Days of Our Lives hadn't made Alex so unlikable from the get-go.

It's one thing to be smitten, but Alex was borderline stalking Stephanie. His insistence he was in love five seconds after they met and his continual refusal to take 'no' for an answer ruined this pair before they began.

Although it's too soon after Abigail's death for Chad to consider it, he'd be a better match for Stephanie. For one thing, he respects her enough not to follow her all over Salem, begging for a chance to be with her.

Tony And Chad Worry About EJ - Days of Our Lives

Tony and Chad grow concerned about EJ.

They're right. EJ is unraveling, and his chats with Marlena and Rafe didn't change anything for him.

He's never far from his next drink and seems glued to the spot where Ava's car went over the cliff.

He's slated to run into supposedly dead Ava, too -- but is it real, or is he hallucinating because of his grief?

Nicole Confides in Chloe - Days of Our Lives

Nicole confides in Chloe her concern about Jada having Eric's baby.

If we had to have this baby story, I wish it didn't involve the baby stuck in the middle of this triangle.

Nicole keeps coming off as cruel or, at the very least, someone who only sees the baby as an obstacle to her happiness. That's not Nicole's character!

The woman lost two babies to miscarriages and has been heartbroken forever that she can't carry a child to term. No way would she be rooting for Jada to terminate her pregnancy for Nicole's convenience.

Can Chloe please remind Nicole of that?

Bickering Over Her Wedding - Days of Our Lives

Gabi and Stefan bicker over her upcoming wedding to Li.

Gabi had some nerve criticizing Nicole for marrying Rafe while being in love with someone else since she's doing the same thing.

Stefan and Gabi are playing the "I hate you" card too intensely; sooner or later, they will cross the line into passionate love.

If they genuinely despise each other, why would Stefan care about Gabi's upcoming marriage? And why would Gabi listen for a second to what he has to say about her plans to wed her new fiancé?

Kate Supports Jada - Days of Our Lives

Kate lends Jada her support.

Kate and Jada have developed an interesting bond lately. Kate was the only one to encourage Jada to put her needs first instead of worrying about Nicole or Eric's feelings, and Jada agreed to go to Thanksgiving dinner because of her.

Jada's a mess right now. She wanted to keep the baby, and then she changed her mind. Did she think things through, or is she still deferring to Eric or Nicole's feelings about it?

Hopefully, Kate can help her figure it out. This is a huge decision, and Jada can't let other people's convenience dominate here.

Paulina Summons Abe - Days of Our Lives

Paulina summons Abe with an idea she hopes will save Chanel.

Uh oh. What is Paulina up to now?

Half the reason Chanel is in this mess is that Paulina tried to cover up what happened when it was unnecessary. If she'd hired a lawyer for Chanel instead, the security tapes would have proven Chanel acted in self-defense, and she'd have been exonerated years ago.

Now, Chanel is in jail partially because of Paulina's interference, and Paulina wants to drag Abe into a new scheme to protect her daughter. This has bad idea written all over it.

EJ Drowns His Sorrows - Days of Our Lives

EJ and Nicole drown their sorrows together.

Is EJ becoming an alcoholic? It seems like all he ever does lately is drown his sorrows.

This is sure to lead to an awkward morning after, too. If Nicole and EJ have a drunken roll in the hay, that won't be good for anyone.

The winter spoiler video suggested that's where we're going. Boo!

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