Monarch Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Mergers And Propositions

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There are so many questions!

As the season nears the end, it's starting to feel like a pressure cooker gearing up to explode, and Monarch Season 1 Episode 10 brought a lot of that heat as it leads us into the finale.

Who is Jamie? What will Skyler do to Monarch? Are Gigi and Kayla doomed? Is Albie going to prison for murder?

Albie Gets an Ultimatum - Monarch

For an hour that started pretty slow, they hurled some of everything at us as it neared the closing. And now we're left wondering about many of the characters and where things will stand with them.

Luke has been falling into the background for most of the season, but he came out swinging during this installment with his merger plans with Skyler. And I loved how messy he was.

Secrets of His Own -tall - Monarch

He wasn't showing anything that resembled mercy either, showing off his conniving side by manipulating his siblings into coming to his side, playing them like fiddles. He knew the best way to appeal to them, and his trickery and deception were on a whole other level.

His revelation that Dottie gave him her shares of the company, thus giving him more control than anyone else, didn't have the biggest reaction one would've assumed. But he used it to his advantage to leverage that deal with Skyler.

Every line Albie tossed his way when they had scenes together and spoke about the merger was hilarious. Luke is better than me because if Albie had unleashed that booming voice on me in anger like that, I would have probably peed my pants.

But Albie is good for some witty one-liners, and his point about Luke's dramatics when appealing to Nicky was so on point. Albie is resistant to change, and Monarch is beyond a business but a legacy for him. It has so much sentimental value and meaning and means everything to him.

Another Sad Country Song -tall - Monarch Season 1 Episode 3

He doesn't have the same head for business as Luke and can't appreciate that aspect of things, so it would never be up his alley.

What's fascinating about Albie is how he can acknowledge that Dottie made selfish, ambitious, underhanded, or conniving moves and even appreciate them when Nicky mirrors her mother. But he doesn't respect when Luke does it.

Luke: Is Monarch going to flourish or is Monarch going to die.
Albie: Simmer down, buttercup, we don't need the dramatics, I vote no.

No one seems to understand what Luke does or how he's trying to run the business and keep it alive. I understand where he's coming from regarding his attempts to ensure Monarch can last without getting demolished by bigger labels.

And perhaps this merger with Skyler, played by the iconic Marcia Cross, is the key to everything. But this is also a soap drama, and Skyler has come out of nowhere. I loved the respect she had for Nicky making her demands, but I don't trust her.

Skyler  - Monarch Season 1 Episode 10

Can we trust her motives? What exactly are they? Is this deal something that will backfire on Monarch and The Romans?

Sure, they may have the protection of Skyler's company, but it also means they're under her company's thumb, and it'll have all the control over them. Imagine what that could mean for the artists on the label, including the Romans.

They've managed to leverage and negotiate what's best for them out of this. But what about everyone else? And what if they've bitten off more than they can chew with this merger?

Also, what will all this scandalous news about Albie, Nicky, and Clive's disappearance and death do for them now that they're under new management?

Nicky and Albie -tall - Monarch Season 1 Episode 10

Luke is such a hard character to read sometimes, too, because you can't always tell if he genuinely has his family's best interest at heart or if he's resentful and has plans of his own.

His behavior with Gigi was particularly shady. It was like he didn't even attempt to get her on his side with that maneuver with the producers, and instead, he jumped to hurting and humiliating her.

It's always worse when you think about it because of the whole affair with Kayla, which is starting to resurface again. I'm glad Kayla figured out and called out Luke, but the second she started doubling over, it was obvious things would lead to a "moment" for the two.

It felt like Luke and Kayla were long buried. Admittedly, Kayla gives a girl whiplash because she goes from seemingly having real feelings for Luke to treating him like it was only sexual and choosing Gigi and shutting down his feelings, to seeming like those feelings for Luke are resurfacing. Maybe it's the hormones!

Expecting Soon  - Monarch Season 1 Episode 10

Their moment in the hospital was simmering with attraction and fondness for each other, and there's no telling how long they would've gone on like that if Gigi hadn't shown up and broken the spell.

It was interesting to note that Luke was the one to attempt to correct the doctor when she assumed they were married. Kayla went along with it.

We all know that Monarch was named after the butterfly, but you know how long they live. Six weeks. Six weeks for all that majesty. Luke, you're label is beautiful, but everything dies eventually. Explain to your family that without me, so will Monarch.


Gigi catching that moment felt like a long overdue game-changer and the biggest step toward finding the truth.

On the one hand, you don't want to see Gigi hurt, but on the other, it doesn't feel like a secret that can stay that way, and the longer it goes on, the more it reads as the others playing her as a fool.

Another Sister -tall - Monarch Season 1 Episode 9

Her spidey senses were tingling, and she was trying so hard to talk herself out of those thoughts, with Nicky trying to squash them, too.

But the second she asked Kayla about it, hinting enough where it was unmistakable, and Kayla redirected her to the baby's gender, it was a blow. It's not going to be pretty when this comes out, and the hurt Gigi will experience... oof.

She's on top of her game professionally, and that opening number was amazing, but her personal life is headed down a dark road.

We also got Ana and Ace on the forbidden love aspect. Ace tried his best to honor his promise to his mother and Catt.

But Ana is making it difficult for him to keep his word. She's a young girl in love, and she's not trying to give up on what she found with Ace and the feeling she has for him just because they're both technically Romans.

Future of the Romans -tall - Monarch Season 1 Episode 8

It's such a difficult position for these teens to have to backtrack on the connection they have. We got to speak to Emma Milani about this, and you should check out our interview if you want to know more.

Ana did everything possible to make Ace jealous and succeeded with that rude creep who tried to degrade Ace and assault her. But Ana is a girl who can hold her own, and I loved to see her fighting spirit.

If that's not enough to seal the deal, I'm Nicky Roman, and I'm undeniable.


Now that they've publicly kissed each other and are carrying on with this relationship, one can only imagine what the optics will look like when this information comes out too! The Romans can't win for losing.

Nicky and Jamie faced their trials, and for a bit, it felt like maybe things would fall apart for them after the Wade situation.

Angstiest Albulm Cover -tall - Monarch Season 1 Episode 10

We at least found out that Nicky ended things with Wade and made it clear they wouldn't be a thing anymore. It didn't stop her from reaching out and seeking his advice and asking him to be on tour with her.

Knowing Nicky, she probably felt a bit guilty in addition to appreciating the chemistry she and Wade have on that stage. But Jamie was right to call her out on not telling him anything.

It sucks when you're the last to know about things. Jamie finding out about the tour deal after Wade when he's serious about them as a couple sucks.

But Nicky was ready to make up for it, and she ran right into his arms when things took that concerning turn with Albie and Tripp.

Jamie  - Monarch Season 1 Episode 10

We knew that the blood would come back to Nicky, and it's evident that Tripp was in his feelings about all those threats. However, it's crazy that he cares so much about the Roman kids as if they're his own, but he's willing to use them as pawns to screw over Albie and get ahead in his career.

He'll cause more harm than good with this move. He may bring down the Roman and Monarch empire, but he'd hurt himself in the process.

It won't take much for others to confirm that there's truth to the story with Albie covering for Tripp. But even if they can't confirm anything, we all know in politics, things don't have to be true for them to spread like wildfire and cause damage.

No way Tripp isn't going down in some capacity with all of this. But it's so ugly to want Albie to confess to murder again for Tripp's benefit.

Tripp  - Monarch Season 1 Episode 10

The dog and pony show with Nicky was outrageous.

Albie will do anything to protect his own. Unsurprisingly, he's willing to go to prison to spare his family. Nicky is his little girl. It's no question. Their performance together was not only one of the best of the season, but you could tell he was treating it like their last one together.

Now we have to wonder if Albie will follow through with his part of the deal.

But what are we supposed to make of Jamie's admission? He knew exactly what had happened that night and how Clive died.

He knows about Clive attacking Nicky and what Gigi did. He knows all the little details, making me wonder if he somehow had been recording Nicky in her home.

Nicky's Next Move -tall - Monarch Season 1 Episode 9

It's not like Nicky wouldn't have made it easy. Everyone can walk into her unlocked home all the time. They not only made a show of it during this hour but also addressed it.

Jamie has fallen for Nicky the way someone who has spent a lot of time watching her would. But why would he be doing that at all, and who is he?

Jamie: The first thing you need to know is that I love you and if I could spend the rest of my life with you I would die a happy man.
Nicky: Jamie.
Jamie: But I asked you for the truth and I owe you the same. Nicky, I'm not who you think I am.

He says he loves her and would spend the rest of his life with her. You can tell he means it, and he doesn't want whatever this secret is to destroy what they have.

We all could guess there was something more to Jamie, but now, we get to find out what that is. What's his story? Who is he? What will it do to his relationship with Nicky?

And will this admission be key to saving Albie from another prison bid? As we said, there are so many questions.

Over to you, Monarch Fanatics. Let's discuss it all!

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Mergers And Propositions Review

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Monarch Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

If that's not enough to seal the deal, I'm Nicky Roman, and I'm undeniable.


We all know that Monarch was named after the butterfly, but you know how long they live. Six weeks. Six weeks for all that majesty. Luke, you're label is beautiful, but everything dies eventually. Explain to your family that without me, so will Monarch.