Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 13 Review: For They Existed

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When Queen Sugar began, no one in the Bordelon family was content.

Charley's life was riddled with scandal as her marriage to Davis fell apart. Nova was having an affair with a married man and Ralph Angel left Blue waiting on a park bench so he could rob a convenience store.

Ernest's death pushed them all to see how far they were from the people they were meant to be.

Fast forward seven seasons to Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 13, and the Bordelons are in a much different place.

Fierce Family Bond - Queen Sugar

A much better place. They've found their flow.

Except for maybe Charley.

As happy as I was to finally see Charley again, something felt off.

Perhaps it's because she wasn't around all season, but her scenes with Micah felt as though they were cut and pasted together. They were disjointed and didn't pack the emotional punch I had hoped they would.

I'd like to say Micah was in rare form, but in fact, he was who he has always been. A spoiled boy trying to act like a what he thinks a man should be and frequently failing.

Violet Confronts Micah - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 13

Violet was right to confront him about not getting on that plane to California. But to Micah, his disagreement over quitting school was more important than being there for his mother.

Violet: A disagreement? She’s two days away from the biggest day of her life. What could you possibly disagree with her about that could cause you to not be there?
Micah: She said some things, and I don’t feel comfortable being there with her, and honestly, I don’t think she wants me there.

What parent wants to hear that their child plans to drop out of college in their junior year? There was nothing about Charley's reaction that was shocking. Micah wanted a free pass to do what he wanted and pulled the "I'm an adult" card to justify his actions.

I'm so tired of hearing Micah claim to be an adult while still living off his parents' money and making foolish decisions like selling the NFT of his mother's worst moment for the world to mock while trying to call it art.

So you think this is how grown men act? Not showing up for your people?


Charley Gets a Visitor - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 13

The one upside was when he apologized to Violet. Micah is lucky his parents are rich, and his family is so forgiving.

Elsewhere, Ralph Angel told Blue about his biological father despite Darla's specific request that he not.

Granted, Ralph Angel didn't mention Chase by name or the fact that he raped Darla, but it was walking a fine line.

As expected, Darla was furious.

I don't think Darla and Ralph Angel will ever see eye to eye on this, and they both have valid arguments. At some point, Blue will learn the whole truth, and it's better that it come from his family. But 11 years old is far too young to handle this type of family trauma.

Darla Is Furious - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 13

Afterward, they both had reason to be angry. Ralph Angel does tend to do what he believes is right, even if his wife disagrees. But Darla shouldn't have taken off to D.C. with Tru without telling her husband.

Prosper's retelling of Ernest's wishes helped Ralph Angel shake himself out of feeling like the victim and sent him to fight for his marriage and family.

Nova calling Calvin for a booty call was a complete shock. I thought we'd seen the last of this couple, but I wasn't disappointed to have him back.

Calvin knows Nova in a way that no one else does. He loves her without needing to change her. 

Nova: I’ve been so disconnected from the way I used to be. I used to be able to hold someone’s hands and understand things.
Calvin: I remember. I don’t think it’s left you. It’s way too deep. It’s a deep part of who you are. It’s not gone. You’ll find it.

Calvin Spends the Night - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 13

Nova has never had the type of connection she has with Calvin with anyone else. As much as she was proud of herself for sending Calvin away and not cheating on Dominic, now that she and Dominic have broken up, she still wanted Calvin.

But Calvin wanted more than indiscriminate hookups. He knows Nova. He loves Nova. And there are no more secrets between them. He was right to lay out exactly what he wanted and then leave it in Nova's hands to decide what she wanted.

I’m not a cop anymore, Nova. I’m not married anymore. There’s no more secrets between us. We’ve both met each other’s families. We’ve lived together. We’re meant to be. This is not the way this story’s supposed to end. I won’t accept it.


That Nova was able to open the door in her family home with Calvin there, felt right in the same way it was a relief that she couldn't open it with Dominic.

Nova inheriting her mother's church and the family home and living there with Calvin was a satisfying conclusion. Nova is connected to love, her family, the land, and her spirit. She finally found her flow.

Nova and Calvin Reunite - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 13

Hollywood won his seat on the school board, as he should. It was quite an accomplishment for a man who had never finished high school.

And Violet was overwhelmed by the success of her pies. She needed her family and friends to help out with the crowd at the diner and keep her balanced when it all felt like more than she could handle.

Violet and Hollywood's joy over being able to foster Paulie was almost as sweet as the girl realizing she now had a family and her own room.

Finally, the auction for the Landry/Bordelon land was well played.

As intrigued as I was to see Jacob Boudreaux once again, I couldn't quite figure out why they brought him back.

Jacob Boudreaux and the Bordelons - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 13

I felt similarly about Remy's return, which seemed to have been more about nostalgia than anything else.

When Jacob swooped in and made the winning bid, I wondered what was next. Could the series really end with the Bordelons having lost their father's farm?

It might have been a realistic ending, but it also would have been completely unsatisfying.

Sam Landry never liked or respected Jacob, so having Jacob be his unexpected Achillie's heel was gratifying.

Jacob Boudreaux: I didn’t want the land. I wanted the satisfaction of besting you. My partners have integrity and vision for our hometown. They’re the only ones who really care about St. Jo. That process just happened to right the wrongs done by you, your father, his father. Who knows how long it’s gone on?
Ralph Angel: Too long, but it’s over now.

Ralph Angel and Darla Reunite - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 13

The Bordelons got their family's land back, Jacob would use the rest to farm sugar cane for his rum, and hiring Prosper to run his farming operation was the sweet icing on the proverbial cake.

It doesn’t matter how love comes. Rich, poor, man woman, black white, here or the hereafter. It flows its own way, and you’ve got to flow with it.


Having Ernest look on from the hereafter, as his family finally found their flow made for an enjoyable series finale.

The Bordelons found their flow, and fans can rejoice.

Prosper Remembers Ernest - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 13

For They Existed Review

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Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

I know you might want to fit in sometimes, but there ain’t nothing wrong with being different. Just because you were raised different don’t mean that you don’t belong like all them other kids, and don’t forget it.

Ralph Angel

Nova: I’ve been so disconnected from the way I used to be. I used to be able to hold someone’s hands and understand things.
Calvin: I remember. I don’t think it’s left you. It’s way too deep. It’s a deep part of who you are. It’s not gone. You’ll find it.