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Thony and Nadia both made deals and played games with the enemy. Did they get in over their heads?

Thony turned to Robert when she needed help getting expensive medication for Luca on The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 9. Nadia also played a dangerous game with Robert's feelings to help Arman.

So far, both of the ladies had succeeded, but they needed to proceed cautiously with an intimidating enemy like Robert.

Turning to the Enemy - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 9

Thony experienced every mother's worst nightmare. Luca's condition had worsened, and he couldn't breathe well.

After she tested his blood, she learned he had an obstruction. While morphine would control the pain, Luca needed medicine that cost $150K and could only be prescribed from a hospital.

Luca's Sick-vertical - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 9

Can't Thony catch a break? She knew a friend in the Philippines who could send the medication through Manilla General, but Thony knew how difficult it was to get drugs clear through customs.

Mothers will do anything to save their children, including turning to their sworn enemies. Even though Thony and Arman feared for their lives, Thony knew how to play the game by making it sound mutually beneficial for both parties.

Robert: Give me one specific reason I should trust you again.
Thony: My son is very sick. He needs expensive medicine, and without it, he could die. I could make this work. I just need your help. You get me to Manilla, and I’ll find out who’s ready to be bought for the right amount of cash. I just need you to get me there. I’m undocumented.

Once again, they're at the mercy of Robert to save them, and Luca's life depends on it. If Thony doesn't find a supplier, Luca could die.

Returning to Manilla - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 9

Robert made sure he called all the shots by forbidding Arman to join them in the Philippines and making sure he was the sole person to accompany Thony.

I wished Arman was there since Robert harassed Thony about her contacts and why they would ever risk their medical careers to help her smuggle drugs.

My life became about saving one person’s life –my son.


Robert showed what an intimidating villain he was and that he had no soul when threatening Thony and Luca's life. So many of the other characters softened when hearing about Luca. Robert merely doesn't care about anything but his drugs.

An Unholy Alliance - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 9

When Thony returned to Manilla and saw her old friends, she almost had second thoughts. They respected her and her opinions, and everything changed as soon as she brought her idea up.

Her friends regarded her as a drug dealer and became even more horrified when she begged for their help. While the wife eventually took pity on Thony and reacted similarly to JD and Fiona.

She couldn't believe that Thony brought Robert and danger into their lives. A desperate mother doesn't always think when she's striving to save her child.

Thony lost more allies during this trip. Was it worth it? What will happen next time she needs a medical favor?

Fiona's Concern - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 9

I wish that Fiona understood how difficult working for Robert was for Thony. It's not a decision she made lightly. It was the only way to receive Luca's medication.

Fiona was concerned about how long Thony had to work for Robert and how that would affect their family.

Thony was willing to play the game until she received the rest of Luca's medicine, and he recovered.

Hopefully, Fiona will come around. She should understand. She was willing to do anything to protect Chris.

Playing the Game - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 9

Nadia shined in this episode, showing that she wasn't taking orders from anyone and was her own woman. Robert played her and Arman by never filing the divorce papers, leaving her angry and betrayed.

It was a mistake, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. When I met you, I knew you were the one for me. I didn’t want to risk losing you.


Does that mean she committed bigamy since she was married to two men simultaneously? It wasn't by choice; she only married Robert because he made her feel like she owed him.

I loved how fierce Nadia was when she learned the truth. Most people feared Robert, but she smacked him and confronted him for not releasing her from their marriage.

Robert: I’m sorry, Nadia. I couldn’t bring myself to file them. A part of me was hoping you’d find your way back to me.
Nadia: So, this was your twisted way of keeping me?

Arman's Plan - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 9

While I am an Arman and Thony shipper, I appreciate how well Arman and Nadia work as a team. Neither of them liked being made a fool of. Arman knew that he had served his purpose to Robert and had to dispose of him before Robert killed him.

Arman: I’m going to kill Kamdar, and you’re going to help me do it.
Nadia: No, I can’t.
Arman: It’s either him or me.

Nadia didn't approve of violence or Arman's old life, but she did like inheriting Robert's money. Nadia played her part like a queen appealing to Robert's sympathies that she lost Arman and her club and she couldn't lose him too.

Arman and Nadia may have overplayed their hand because they probably didn't expect Robert to buy La Habana for Nadia. With how the two men feel about each other, it's doubtful Arman will work at the club again.

Hopefully, Nadia will continue to play her part without actually sleeping with the enemy, and they can dispose of Robert before he hurts anyone else.

What will Garrett do with the knowledge that Arman fired the gun that killed Maya? He's been hellbent on revenge, and he despises Arman. The drama is about to begin!

Hopefully, Katherine can keep Garrett centered on catching the big fish, which is Robert. She's the only one that can talk any sense into him.

However, their relationship was murky as it teetered between professional and romantic. While I enjoy them romantically, Garrett needs her professional guidance more to get him through this realization.

Several people want Robert dead, and with only a few episodes left, will any of them succeed?

Over to you, Cleaning Lady Fanatics. What will Garrett do now that he knows Arman shot Maya?

Is Nadia playing a dangerous game with Robert? Chime in below in the comments.

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The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

It was a mistake, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. When I met you, I knew you were the one for me. I didn’t want to risk losing you.


Arman: When were you planning on telling me that you and Kamdar were married?
Nadia: How did you find out?
Arman: So, it’s true?