The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Italian Dream

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The White Lotus excels when it puts terrible people in awkward scenarios. The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 2 was another stand-up example of it.

We'll start with Greg and Tanya because we have the biggest attachment to them as the sole holdovers from The White Lotus Season 1.

Greg has always been a tricky person to read because, in many respects, he's felt overwhelmed by Tanya's personality.

Harper and Cameron in the Water - The White Lotus

She has a lot of love to give, but she is overbearing, something he knew before he said, "I do."

For that reason alone, it's been difficult to understand why he's been nitpicking at her for things she can't control. Love her or hate her, you always get Tanya the same way.

On the Vespa - The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 2

She says how she feels, and those are the best people.

The broader issue with Greg is that it seemed like he was trying to change who she is as a person, but now that he brought up the prenup and told someone he loved them on the phone, it's pretty clear cut that he's been a con man all this time.

Valentina: Patrizio, your place is outside. Alessandra, I can't believe you're having a coffee.
Rocco: Good morning, Valentina.
Valentina: Really, Rocco? Come on, everybody. Get to work.

The most frustrating part about it is that Tanya was on a high because he allowed her the day to feel like a Queen before pulling the rug from under her and telling her he had to go home.

The moment Tanya bites back, he's waiting there, armed with what he perceives to be character flaws. It's exhausting and, quite frankly, difficult to watch.

If we're taking that final scene at face value, Greg was only at the White Lotus resort on the freshman season to find a rich woman to con.

Do Your Job - The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 2

The good news is that Tanya is on to him, but the tricky part of this knowledge will be how she uses it to her advantage.

I had a theory that Greg was having an affair with Portia after The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 1, but now, I believe Portia knows something is amiss with Greg, and he knows she's smart enough to put two-and-two together.

God, this is such a beautiful view. I wonder if anyone's ever jumped from here.


Knowing Greg was using her for money will take a significant emotional toll on Tanya because she spent so much time searching for her person, and truthfully, she might find it harder to find someone as a divorcee with the baggage of someone trying to swindle her.

Portia will probably not want the rest of her vacation to be governed by her boss, but I hope she realizes what's been happening with Tanya and Greg to offer her boss -- and friend -- support.

Awkward Drinks - The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 2

Speaking of relationships, Harper had a lot of sound arguments about the key to a good relationship, but if we went by her logic, Tanya and Greg would be destined for a lifetime of happiness.

Ethan's observations about Harper picking out specific flaws in people and comparing her life to theirs was right on the money, but it's hard to lump Harper with self-absorbed people like Cameron and Daphne.

Albie: Are you okay?
Portia: Yeah, my boss is just...

Harper calls injustice out, while people like Cameron and Daphne act like it it's beneath them to bother about it.

Harper is more of a realist, and her personality doesn't mesh well with Cameron and Daphne because they're both rich dreamers who don't give a crap about the people lower on the totem pole.

Hiding from Breakfast - The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 2

Cameron continues to be inappropriate and always has a theory for why Harper doesn't want to have the same self-absorbed conversations as everyone else on this trip.

Swimming below the surface and grabbing her leg felt more like revenge because she wasn't interested in following along with them.

Tanya: Aw, well. Good thing it wasn't glass.
Harper: Yeah.
Tanya: I only have four hands.
Harper: I think they're going to come help you.
Tanya: Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I just... do you have any oreo cookie cake?

Harper's gratification at Cameron losing his shit on the phone was satisfying, but less so when Cameron and Daphne had a great day out trying clothes on.

It was nice to learn that Cameron and Daphne had personalities, but they're just frustrating as people because they think they're better than everyone else.

He Doesn't Want a Voucher - The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 2

Ethan is so calm about everything, but it's hard to tell whether he's interested in Harper sexually.

He was happier not having breakfast with her and retiring to the room to masturbate, so it doesn't say much about their relationship.

Cameron: Where's your man?
Harper: Oh, he got up super early to go running. That's what I'm dealing with.
Cameron: Christ, I hate him.

They do have a bond, but the chemistry isn't there, making you wonder how they got to that point.

Valentina's disdain that Dominic added Mia and Lucia to his rooms was one of the best scenes in TV history.

What's Next? - The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 2

The acting and writing came together to show these three very different women, and Lucia's comments about her and Mia bringing money to the hotel were hilarious.

We now know Dominic makes terrible decisions, knowing they will lead to even worse ones.

Albie: You met Portia yesterday.
Bert: Did I?
Portia: Yeah, I saw you fall by the pool.
Bert: They need to fill in that grouting. This is a five-star hotel, and that's a major hazard.

Did he think Lucia wouldn't show up at his bedroom looking for sex as repayment for him allowing them into the hotel on his dime?

He could have avoided this by not having her on speed dial and then compiling everything she spent in the hotel.

Valentina Awaits the Guests - The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 1

He's a reactionary person who then complains about the consequences of his actions.

What are your thoughts on Greg potentially being a con man?

Do you think Tanya will run to Portia?

Albie: Did you not sleep well?
Dominic: I slept like crap.
Bert: I slept fantastic. I'm completely refreshed. No jetlag at all.

What are your thoughts on Lucia and Mia getting into the hotel?

Do you hate Cameron and Daphne as much as Harper does?

Hit the comments.

The White Lotus Season 2 continues Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO and HBO Max.

Italian Dream Review

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The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

God, this is such a beautiful view. I wonder if anyone's ever jumped from here.


Valentina: Patrizio, your place is outside. Alessandra, I can't believe you're having a coffee.
Rocco: Good morning, Valentina.
Valentina: Really, Rocco? Come on, everybody. Get to work.