2022's Best Plot Twists

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Plot twists are the life's blood of drama in entertainment. What makes a good plot twist?

They can be story or character driven. What matters is that it's a real WTF, jaw-dropping moment that the audience did not see coming.

While nothing will ever top Darth Vader being Luke's father, shows keep trying to come close. 

2022 Best Plot Twists Collage - The White Lotus

Here is our list of the best plot twists from 2022! Check it out below.

Gary DOES have Cancer - Gary Mendez on A Million Little Things

Final Season Cast - A Million Little Things

Any fan of A Million Little Things knows it has been years since the series pulled off an unpredictable and shocking plot twist.

Therefore the season finale had viewers reeling and at a loss for words when via a recording meant for their future child, Gary, with Maggie by his side, revealed that he was dying from cancer.

The Howards were stunned, and so were the viewers. But as the news clicked, we could pinpoint all the breadcrumbs along the way that built to this shocking revelation.

With the series heading into its final season, there's no telling what's in store for the characters and their future. But a good plot twist will leave an emotional impact and have you clamoring for more, and that ensures we would tune in for more.

The Revealing Reason For Why Trevor Doesn't Have Pants - Ghosts (CBS)

Gingerbread Chaos - Ghosts Season 2 Episode 9

Woodstone Manor has many mysteries. The one keeping people talking was: why wasn't Trevor wearing pants?

Given his personality as a womanizing Wall Street bro, we expected the answer to be sleazy. Instead, the reason was noble. 

Trevor gave his pants away so a young coworker wouldn't freeze to death during a hazing ritual.

There were hints before about Trevor being more than a horndog, but this solidified he was a mensch.

Helly's Outie - Severance (Apple TV+)

Helly's speech - Severance Season 1 Episode 9

In a show full of mind-blowing reveals and clues that went nowhere (we still have no idea what those baby goats were doing), it's difficult to choose just one wild plot twist out of all of them.

Severance's finale episode began with the twist that some fans saw coming but still left our jaws on the floor -- Helly, the most vocal detractor of the severance procedure and Lumon Industries, is Helena Eagan, heir to the company.

Unfortunately, the season finale ended on a cliffhanger (which dealt with the OTHER major plot twist), so we don't yet know how Helena will react to her Innie's rebellious streak or how it will impact the rest of the team.

Season 2 can't come soon enough!

Mikey's Secret Sauce - The Bear (FX)

The Bear Cast landscape

With a tip of the hat to Arrested Development's "There's always money in the banana stand" moment, just as things seem their darkest for The Original Beef of Chicagoland, Chef Carmy stumbles on their salvation.

He decides that family is everything and sets out to make a traditional meal, using the recipe his late brother left him.

Building on a brief aside from earlier in the season, when Carmy notes the significant number of cans of tomato sauce Mikey had stockpiled, he opens them to make the sauce.

He discovers his brother had hidden wads of cash inside the cans!

The Bear's Handyman

It was a drug-addled but well-intentioned zeal to secure the restaurant's future. The sudden reversal of fortune means we have a second season to look forward to.

Also, it means Carmy can realize his dream of opening his own restaurant, The Bear, foreshadowed by his actual dream in the opening scene of the premiere, where he's letting a bear out of a cage.

Woah, that's bookending at a higher level.

Tanya Dies After Killing the People Who Wanted to Kill Her - The White Lotus (HBO)

Tanya in a Pickle - The White Lotus

Going into the second season, series creator Mike White was vocal about Jennifer Coolidge being front and center for future seasons.

As a result, many viewers discounted Tanya from death predictions ahead of the season finale.

In one of the most shocking scenes in TV history, Tanya unraveled the plot to kill her and took back the power.

Unfortunately, she didn't survive, but at least she went out by killing some of the people who conspired against her.

The Death Date is not just for the passengers - Manifest (Netflix)

The End is Near - Manifest Season 4 Episode 10

Since the Death Date for the 828 passengers was discovered, everyone has tried their best to beat it, and every season they've been getting closer.

With the date closing in on Season 4, it was discovered that the Death Date is not just for the passengers but for the whole world. 

The final shot of the first part saw passenger Angelina bringing literal lava to the city and beginning the inevitable.

Knowing that the passengers not only have to save themselves but now eight billion people left fans wondering just how they'll be able to do it in the final batch of episodes, and it should be as shocking and intense as ever. 

Brutus Betrayed Astrid and Lilly - Astrid and Lilly Save the World (SYFY)

Brutus Concerned - Astrid & Lilly Save the World Season 1 Episode 7

Brutus appeared to Astrid and Lilly at the beginning of their monster-hunting quest. He seemed innocent and an excellent ally to have.

He provided the girls with important info about the monsters they needed to defeat and gave them tools to assist in their monster killing.

However, everything changed towards the end of the season. Brutus revealed the monsters he had the girls defeat were to open a portal for himself, not for the girls to save the world.

After being their friend through many gross monster battles, this betrayal hurt the girls. Though with a name like Brutus, maybe they should have seen it coming.

Rashid is a Very Powerful Vampire and Loius' Lover - Interview with the Vampire.

A Family - Interview with the Vampire Season 1 Episode 7

Whether you figured it out earlier or had no clue, one or both of these revelations must be a shocker.

Throughout the season, it was easy to dismiss Rashid as a helper to Loius.

He was courteous and dedicated. His slender appearance was not typical of many vampires.

It was a huge twist to learn that he had been there from the start and had more powerful gifts, possibly than Lestat.

Gavin Learns He Was Born in 2076 - La Brea (NBC)

James & Gavin - La Brea Season 2 Episode 6

Gavin spent most of La Brea Season 2 hoping to learn more about his birth parents, only to discover he was from the future and was born in 2076.

That discovery shocked him since he was raised in 10,000 BC and in the 1980s. His birth father, James, had developed a time-traveling device. 

However, his mom Caroline wanted to travel back to 10,000 BC and stop the device because every time it was used, it caused another sinkhole. 

With Gavin born from the future and all the time-traveling, what will this mean for his family? 

What did you think of our list?

Did we miss any of your favorites? 

Let us know in the comments.

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