Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Trailer Teases Mother-Daughter Reunion

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The road back for Ginny & Georgia looks more difficult than ever on Ginny & Georgia Season 2.

Netflix has unveiled the official trailer for the second season, bowing Thursday, January 5, 2023.

"How do you live with the knowledge that your mother is a murderer? That's what Ginny is going to have to figure out," the logline for Season 2 reads.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Still

"Burdened with the new understanding that Kenny - her step-dad - didn't die of natural causes, now Ginny must deal with the fact that Georgia not only killed, she killed to protect Ginny."

"Georgia on the other hand would much prefer that the past be left in the past, after all, she's got a wedding to plan!"

Happy Mother and Daughter

"But the funny thing about Georgia's past is that it never stays buried for long…"

The trailer zeroes in on the fraught relationship between the mother and daughter at the center of the series.

As you will recall if you watched the first season, Ginny was slowly unraveling her mother's lies and even went as far as skipping town with her younger brother.

It was a massive cliffhanger that changed the entire series, but it looks like the pair will try to repair things on Season 2.

Cynthia on Ginny and Georgia

Unfortunately, it won't be an easy path because Ginny doesn't believe a word that comes out of her mother's mouth.

How can this mother and daughter have a relationship if there's a severe lack of trust?

Ginny is also facing a tough time outside of the house after returning to school. Max is still livid with her for sleeping with Marcus.

The bright spot is that Ginny's relationship with Marcus looks to be stronger than ever.

Ginny & Georgia

Brianne Howey, Antonia Gentry, Diesel La Torraca, Jennifer Robertson, Felix Mallard, Sara Waisglass, Scott Porter, Raymond Ablack, Chelsea Clark, Katie Douglas.

Check out the official trailer for Ginny & Georgia Season 2 below, and hit the comments with your thoughts!

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