The Mandalorian Season 3 Delayed at Disney+

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The long wait for The Mandalorian Season 3 got a little longer.

It was revealed earlier this year that the Pedro Pascal-led Star Wars series would premiere on Disney+ in February 2023.

However, Disney+ revealed Thursday at Brazil Comic-Con that fresh episodes would begin streaming on March 1, 2023.

Mando and Grogu on Season 3

It isn't much of a delay, but after waiting since December 2020 for fresh episodes, it's nice to know when we will be able to catch up with Din and Grogu.

Granted, the pair did appear in the spinoff series The Book of Boba Fett, which sent them both in a very different direction.

The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 8: The Rescue photo 8

We won't delve into spoiler territory for Boba Fett, but you should watch it if you're a fan of The Mandalorian.

The trailer for The Mandalorian Season 3 dropped in September during the D23 Expo.

The clip teased Din being told that he is no longer a Mandalorian after showing his face to others.

“This is the one you saved? You are as its father. A clan of two,” The Armorer says.

Pedro Pascal Attends D23 Event

“But you have removed your helmet. Then you are a Mandalorian no more.”

While that scene seems pivotal, hearing Din being called Grogu's father just feels right. Din has proven to move mountains to save the Jedi's life.

We also got to see more of Bo Katan, who returned with many questions about Din's motives.

Also concerning, Bo Katan declared Mandalorians to be a cult.

Pascal Promotes Mandalorian

Yikes, right?

“You fractured our people," she says.

Pedro Pascal leads the cast of Season 3, which also includes Emily Swallow, Katee Sackhoff, Carl Weathers as Greef Karga, and Giancarlo Esposito as the Moff Gideon. 

Amy Sedaris, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, and Omid Abtahi will all return for Season 3.

Pascal will also appear on HBO's The Last of Us in January 2023, where he will take on the role of Joel.

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