Fire Country Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Get Your Hopes Up

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Showing and telling people that you appreciate them is a simple thing that can profoundly affect their lives.

A box car crashed into the firehouse on Fire Country Season 1, Episode 10, and the events that followed affected more than one person's life. Bode was faced with a constant reminder that his life was changing, all for the better.

Elsewhere, Eve showed her strong leadership skills, and Jake continued winning over our hearts, but his heart was broken when Gabriella broke up with him.

Jake and Vince - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 10

The episode sacrificed action and opted to go into the characters' emotions, which was a smart decision. It is easy for a firefighter show to turn into an adrenaline-generating machine while offering nothing profound.

We revisited Bode's family life dynamics, his pursuit for a better life, Manny's increasingly troubling money problems, and Sharon's medical condition.

Vince - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 10

But first, the most touching story was that of Charlie. We all have known disappointment. Being so close to achieving or getting something, and life is finding a way to wreck you.

Charlie's looming release was a happy moment for him, there's no doubt about that, but it represented something to every person in that room.

It was the promise of what was to come for the remaining inmate firefighters and a source of encouragement and motivation for all of them.

It showed them what was possible if they kept their head down and  worked the program,

Bode - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 10

It showed them that things could work in their favor.

Another interaction that had a lot of impact on a character is the boxcar driver to Manny.

This unfortunate accident showed Manny that he was not alone. There were very many people in his shoes who were struggling financially.

That realization could be the thing that inspires him to seek help with his money problem and gambling addiction. It might inspire him to have an honest conversation about his shame of not having money.

Gabriella - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 10

Bode finally got the approval he had been seeking from his dad. That didn't come easy, though.

It took his ex-girlfriend showing up, getting electrocuted, and opening up to Bode's mom about his struggles with fitting in with the family.

Through Cara's revelations, Sharon realized things might have been worse for Bode than he let on.

In the meantime, Vince realized things on his own. He was coming to learn that maybe his son was a great person and that it was not fair that Vince had been judging him by using the worst things he had ever done in his worst moments.

Injured Inmate - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 10

Extending the olive branch to Bode by telling him to use his actual family name was the first step to healing their family.

This was an episode for the ladies to shine. Foremost was Eve, who had been relegated to the backseat of late.

You are pulling more than your weight. I just want you to know that I appreciate you.


Her leadership skills showed during the infamous bridge rescue when she took charge of a very volatile situation. 

This time out, she showed all of the qualities necessary in a good leader.

Eve - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 10

She was decisive, intuitive, and caring. She could see that Manny was going through something and offered help without appearing like she was hounding him.

Eve: You okay, cap?
Manny: Yeah. Yeah. I just haven't been sleeping very well lately.
Eve: Maybe follow your own advice uh?
Manny: Yeah. After this, no more double shifts.
Eve: All due respect, is it just the double shifts? You don't have to talk to me. Chief Leone has helped me through a lot. Maybe he can help you too.

She also noticed how much Bode had grown and had him thinking about what he wanted for his life. She took care of everyone. These are rare qualities even with most of our leaders.

Sharon got some good news, and we loved that for her. It's not every day that someone's cancer goes into remission, and they can begin treatment.

I just became transplant eligible.


Sharon is the final front between Bode and Vince, and they need her more than they realize. She was heroic, keeping a burn victim alive while dealing with her medical issues.

Sharon and Cara - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 10

She could catch something she had missed about Bode despite being in so much pain.

Gabriella never knew just how strong she was. It took the patient openly admitting that she admires Gabriella for her to start being honest with herself. It takes strength to admit that your feelings for someone have changed and then tell them that directly.

Most people just cheat when their emotions change; it is an awful thing to do.

Jake has been winning over our hearts slowly, and we felt for him at this hour. The man is nothing short of a sweetheart. He is probably the most honest character in the entire show. He appreciated Gabriella and didn't hesitate to tell her so.

If feelings did listen to logic, Gabriella would be wise to stick with this man because he's a keeper.

Bode and Manny - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 10

Their breakup was hard to watch because of how wrecked he looked.

My patient made me see something today. You see me. You support me. You love me. Which is what makes this so hard. I have feelings for Bode.


But now that Jake and Gabriella have broken up, the question remains: should she confess her feelings to Bode?

The answer would have been an automatic yes if this was three episodes ago. But now it has gotten more complicated as there are multiple developments.

Foremost, Bode and Jake are trying to patch up their relationship. They might not be actively doing it right now with all that has been going on, but at some point, they must, at least for the sake of Sharon and Vince.

Team Effort - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 10

Rebecca is another development. This might be a simple hookup on Bode's side, but she had started to develop feelings for him.

Finally, Cara. They were each other's first love, and that never really dies. At the point they both are in their lives, giving their relationship a shot might be a good decision. They both have grown since the last time they were together.

Well, what did you think, Fire Country Fanatics?

Did you miss the action, or were you satisfied with this episode's direction?

Are you sad or happy that Jake and Gabriella are now broken up?

Did anything from the episode rub you the wrong way?

We always love hearing what you think, so don't hesitate to hit the big blue comments button and chime in

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Get Your Hopes Up Review

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