Fire Country Season 1 Episode 12 Spoilers: Sunday's Special Episode

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Fire Country will be airing a special episode on Sunday.

On Fire Country Season 1 Episode 11, some of the existing storylines were resolved, but a few were introduced that are bound to take the story in a new direction.

We saw Manny coming clean about his gambling addiction, Vince learning of Luke's actions, and Bode learning he's a match to Sharon's kidney.

Spoilers Collage - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 12

This special episode doesn't diverge away from the story. All information points to CBS looking to cultivate a much bigger audience for the show after the football game.

We have spoilers for the episode that are bound to make you wish Fire Country was on today instead of Sunday.

Bode Looks Up - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 12

A grand fire emergency

CBS will be going all out for this episode because if they are to find a new audience, they have to impress.

We have seen a lot of fire emergencies in the show, but this will be the biggest one yet. A monstrous fire erupts when a plane crashes into the woods.

The fire burns from one end of the mountains to the other. Eventually, it jumps to the settlement and lights up some houses.

Jake and Eve Spray - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 12

One particular house explodes, nearly injuring Bode and Freddie

This monstrous fire is too big for the inmate firefighters, who are joined by civilian station 42 to fight it.

These kinds of emergencies are always mentally taxing, and some of the firefighters can't handle it, so we expect a few outbursts here and there, especially since Bode, Gabby, and Jake will be in close quarters.

A new addition to the family

In the promo images released by CBS, we see a woman in labor and being helped to deliver by the crew. Her name is Cookie.

Jake Helps Deliver - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 12

Cookie might be related to a member of the crew, especially Eve or Jake, and since this crew is like family, the baby is part of the family.

The episode is titled "Two Pink Lines," a clever wordplay. In the emergency that the crews respond to, a pink powder covers the forest floor, possibly from the plane.

In gender reveal parties, pink is usually used to announce the gender of the child as female. When people take a pregnancy test, some tests show two lines if positive.

Two pink lines mean the child is a girl.

Bode on Pink Ground - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 12

Jake and Cara begin

Jake and Cara appeared fascinated with each other on Fire Country Season 1 Episode 11. This was not the first time they met, but things are different now. They are both single.

Jake is ready to submerge himself in the dating pool, and it appears he didn't have to swim far.

This relationship has the potential to develop a new triangle because Cara is not quite over Bode. Being rejected by Gabriella, Bode might look for consolation someplace else, and with what Rebecca learned, she will not want to be involved with him.

Bode, Gabie and Freddie Look Up - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 12

This will be awful for Bode to do, as he will ruin Jake's third relationship.

A twist-filled emotional emergency happens.

We have come to expect some unexpected twists in the show. In the promo images, the crew comes across a house in the woods, and the owner is a senior citizen.

It can be a fair assumption that he has lived there for a while.

When people spend a long time in a place, they grow attached to it.

House in the Forest - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 12

The first thing firefighters do when there is a huge fire is to evacuate people and animals to avoid loss of life.

In the promo video, we see Bode pleading with someone to allow him to help them. This person might be the owner of the house in the forest.

It is unimaginable to some people that they must leave their lives behind and let everything they have worked for burn to ashes. They convince themselves that they might be able to save their property by fighting the fire.

Some hope that the fire will spare their property, and others are willing to die with their belongings. It can be tough to get these people to change their minds. Bode will have his work cut out for him.

Cabin Guy - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 12

We saw Bode receive information that he is a match for the kidney Sharon is looking for. He is more than willing to help his mother, but things might not be that simple.

This program is rigid in that it doesn't allow the inmates the freedoms that regular people enjoy -- and for justifiable reasons. A kidney transplant is an extensive medical process that leaves both parties bedridden for a day or two after the procedure.

Being unable to report for duty even for a single day is grounds enough to be booted out of the program. This presents a problem for Bode.

Manny might also start his journey toward recovery from gambling addiction, but this will be far from easy. He is still in debt and has already lost his house.

This episode promises a good time, and we wouldn't expect anything less. Check out the promo video below.

What do you think of these spoilers? Is there something you are looking forward to?

Is there something you think might happen that we didn't cover here?

Chime in the comments section.

Catch the special Fire Country episode on Sunday, January 29 at 10 pm E.T on CBS.

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Whatever you heard, I didn't do it. Neither did Bode