Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14 Review: A Fair to Remember

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The past always catches up with us, whether it's our actions or things we have experienced.

On Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14, Jake and Cara had their first official date. Apart from a freaky emergency, Jake felt uncomfortable because of his past reputation, which Cara was well aware of.

Bode went out into the world, or out as much as he could, and was anxious to see people who knew him during high school.

L - Bode - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14

Gabriela suffered multiple panic attacks when an emergency dug up some feelings from her past that she thought she had gotten over.

On the positive side, Eve might have found something she likes that allows her to shine as a leader and get in on the action.

Jake and Cara Ride - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14

On Fire Country Season 1 Episode 13, she had the opportunity to shadow Sharon and realized being a division chief was not something she was interested in. The job involved a lot of ordering around while not getting anything done by your hand.

Being a captain is the middle ground between the two. A captain makes important decisions while also showing people how it is done. This might be the best fit for her.

Getting to that moment didn't come easily. It involved crashing with Manny when he confronted her about giving an order to one of his guys.

Manny: You a shadow or a spy?
Eve: Cap?
Manny: I'm just messing with you.

Manny overreacted. One can't count the times someone has told another team member what to do, even when they are not their captain. This is a team and requires combining knowledge to come up with solutions.

Jake and Cara With Doll - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14

People shouldn't wait until the captain gives them an order when they can do something simple to help. Many people would have lost their lives if Eve had waited during the infamous bridge rescue.

Speaking of the bridge rescue, Gabriela dealt with a lot on 'A Fair to Remember.'

I have mad respect for her. She went against her dad, trained to be a firefighter, and made it this far. We knew she was resilient, but she was also carrying some trauma. 

One can't even imagine how terrifying it must have been to watch another diver get injured like that. It is easy to substitute yourself in that situation since you both are in the same field.

Then there was Meg's death. She thought she had moved on from that, but that's the thing about feelings and emotions. They have a way of resurfacing at the most inappropriate of times. To have such crippling anxiety is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

Gabriella - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14

There is something about little towns and villages that you still carry with you even when you grow up and leave. Opinions from people who watched you grow tend to have more weight than we would like.

At this point in Bode's life, society has laid some expectations on him, and being incarcerated is not one of them.

At the fair, Jamie's father commented that Bode was given the football scholarship instead of him, which must have felt awful. Bode feels like he has let everyone down, and now some random dude is telling him one more way he had failed?

Keeping in mind that Bode is a people pleaser, searching for, finding, and rescuing Jamie was his middle finger to the dad, saying, "I might not have become a pro football player, but I just saved your kid's life."

Jake Solo - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14

Rebecca returned, and oh my god, was that a mess.

I hadn't pegged Rebecca for someone who gets attached quickly, if at all. I guessed she would remove herself from this situation as soon as possible, but loneliness is something else.

So you're just dumping me for nobody.


It was off how she got so attached to Bode after hooking up once.

Seeing her crumble because her one-night stand had rejected her was almost annoying.

But hearing where she was coming from, it was understandable why being lonely would make her attach herself to Bode that much.

Jake and Cara With Doll - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14

It's doubtful they will remain friends, but it wouldn't be the worst idea if they added some benefits there, if you know what I mean.

Remember something about the opinions of people who watched you grow mattering too much?

Jake beat himself up before he went on his first date with Cara.

They grew up together and had a history. She knows him too much. She knew about his f-boy era, and he thought this would be a dealbreaker.

But people change, and it is unfair to judge them by their past actions.

Jake Throws with Cara - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14

She won me by stepping in, helping the victims when Gabriela disappeared, and giving my boy Jake a clean slate.

I want to know you. Not Jake from highschool or Bode's bestfriend. I want to know you.


The emergency on "A Fair to Remember" was something to remember. It makes me afraid of rides, so I'm not being seen on one soon, if ever.

Circling back on Manny's overreaction, it also seemed in character for him.

If he was a rational person -- which he is -- it's not a stretch to think Eve might have been going behind his back.

Manny doesn't still feel secure like most people are. Between his past brushes with the law and gambling addiction, he can be caught off guard at any time, and he has learned to protect himself.

Stop by Three Rock next week. We can boss Bode around.


Sharon - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14

The hour concluded on a high note. Sharon will be getting her transplant. This was great news, even though she seemed prepared to die and was preparing Vince emotionally for it.

'A Fair to Remember' was a great Fire Country episode, balancing the thrill and anxiety of the emergencies with the drama we all are here for.

Over to you, Fire Country Fanatics. Do you like Cara and Jake together?

Will Bode and Rebecca be able to remain friends?

Will Sharon survive what's coming?

Hit the comments section and let us know what you think.

As always, you can watch Fire Country online any time you want right here on TV Fanatic.

A Fair to Remember Review

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