Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Origin Point

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Oh, Garrett, what are we going to do with you?

Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 3 peeled back the layers of the family dynamic between Garrett, Luna, and Harlan, and truthfully, this family might never be the same again.

Garrett found Luna and Harlan as baby wolves, and if his time as a parent has taught him anything, he needs to prepare for the unexpected.

The Truth - Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 3

He understandably researched werewolves and understands the pitfalls of the twins being in a pack... or maybe he just watched Teen Wolf.

Being prepared for the worst isn't a bad idea, but he probably should have been more transparent with the twins about his fail-safes in case the unthinkable happened.

In the Police Station - Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 3

Then again, how would Luna and Harlan react to the knowledge that a silver bullet that could kill them has been footsteps away from where they called home their entire lives?

It's a tricky scenario that we'll probably get plenty of insight about on Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 4.

Garrett isn't a bad man. He defends Luna and Harlan at every turn and knows things could get deadly if they join a pack.

You could see Luna and Harlan's anger when they confronted him, but surely after some explanation, they'll understand why he took this measure.

Harlan and Blake - Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 3

A part of me figured the silver bullet was in case a werewolf came after them, so his revelation that it was for the kids hit me with a thud.

However, Garrett showcased why he's a great parent throughout "Origin Point."

Trent: And you just assaulted a police officer.
Garrett: That's not what I saw. Get your hands off my son, officer, or we will have a conversation about assault.

He showed up at the police station when the kids needed him the most and was ready to dole out his own form of justice if the cops continued to mess with them.

Trent was the worst. Seriously, his death will go down as one of the most deserved on TV because he was so adamant that the four teenagers were responsible for the fire.

Everett is Scared - Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 3

It makes you think he knows the culprit or played a part in it and wanted to have someone else confess.

Then again, maybe he was pissed that Kristin called him out for his actions and wanted to rock into work with an "I told ya so" smug look on his face the next day.

Throughout the first two episodes, Kristin seemed more like a villain than a hero, but there were shades of good in her when she called out this officer abusing his power.

Kristin has proven to be analytical in her quest for answers, but she also could be telling Everett she suffers from anxiety to force a bond with him.

The Tension is Building - Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 3

We'll soon learn whether she's telling the truth, but I believe Kristin knows about the werewolves in town. 

It's a threat response. Right before we go to sleep, our brain goes into a state of hypervigilance because back when we were living in caves, sleep was the time we were most likely to get eaten by saber-toothed tiger. So now we lie in bed staring at the ceiling, feeling that anxiety race through our bodies because we're waiting to be attacked by a predator that hasn't existed in 10,000 years.


Her observations about cavemen being at their most vulnerable while sleeping could suggest that something happened to someone close to her while they were sleeping.

I wasn't too fond of the lack of Sarah Michelle Gellar in the first two episodes, but this hour made it clear that the teenagers are at the wheel of this story.

It's hard to imagine how the teens and Garrett will explain Trent's death. There's no easy explanation for that.

I Just Want to Ask a Question - Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 2

Perhaps Garrett will dispose of the body in the car and put it in the path of the smoldering flames roaring their way through the town.

The werewolf not killing the teenagers because they are now part of its pack was a shocker because it happened too quickly.

There are slow elements to Wolf Pack that I've grown to enjoy because the storylines are getting some time to breathe, but the pack revelation felt more like a way to get people to tune into the next episode.

Luna and Harlan will be able to understand it easier than Blake and Everett because every single aspect of this lifestyle is new to the younger teenagers.

In the Woods Again - Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 2

Now that they're bonded by the pack, it will be fun to see how they come together to take down whatever evil is plaguing the town.

The addition of unique abilities for them is a crucial element to the story because it means they will need to communicate with one another if they stand a chance at surviving whatever's coming.

Guess who else is gonna be on the news? You as one of those dumb fսcks who died taking a selfie.


Their communication at the police station was a slick concept, but it was another thing that made me think Kristin understood what was going on.

If she continued to quiz Everett, surely he'd be rattled to the point that everything the other teenagers said to him wouldn't register. At least, that was my take on it.

Slapped - Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 2

Also, Kristin could have arrested Everett if she wanted to. After all, he was found with Connor's cast.

It doesn't add up, right?

Then there's the Phoebe of it all. She's plain wicked and doesn't understand that the one constantly hurling the blame at everyone else usually turns out to be the perpetrator.

Maybe she should spend less time taking selfies and more time looking at TV Tropes to try and shift the blame onto someone else.

Staring at the Origin Point - Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 3

Could she be the arsonist and is using it as a way to get back at Blake?

There's some resentment between them. Maybe the wolf slashing her tires was a warning to stay away from the other kids.

I hope the show stops trying to make us think Phoebe's dying. That was two times in one episode, and neither of them were fun because it was apparent she'd survive.

She won't die any time soon because she's far too pivotal to the story.

Four Stupid Teenagers - Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 3

That's all I got, Wolf Pack Fanatics.

What are your thoughts on the kids now being part of a pack?

Cyrus: Stop being a bunch of pussies.
Phoebe: You can't say "pussy" anymore, asshоlе. It's sexist.
Cyrus: But I'm gay and you can talk about my asshоlе?

Do you think we've met the lead werewolf?

What's your take on Garrett having a fail-safe to kill Luna and Harlan?

Do you think Kristin was playing Everett?

Hit the comments below.

Wolf Pack continues Thursdays on Paramount+.

Origin Point Review

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Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Guess who else is gonna be on the news? You as one of those dumb fսcks who died taking a selfie.


Cyrus: Stop being a bunch of pussies.
Phoebe: You can't say "pussy" anymore, asshоlе. It's sexist.
Cyrus: But I'm gay and you can talk about my asshоlе?