Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 17 Spoilers: Burgwater is Back in Business!

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Brace yourselves; we're back to another Kim-centric installment!

Viewers have had mixed feelings about the series's approach with rotating centric episodes for the characters more often than not.

And those who have an issue with it may have reservations about Chicago PD Season 10 Episode Season 17 teasing another installment that follows up and features Burgess.

Out of Depths Collage - Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 17

But for the rest of us, there's a lot of promise to this upcoming episode, namely some continuity as the series follows up on where she is in her mental health journey as she continually battled PTSD this season.

We also get to some vintage Chicago PD partnering in the form of Kim and Kevin hitting the streets together again.

Strides -tall - Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 17

Another Dark Case

Chicago P.D. has grown darker and gritter over the years, and we see that reflected in the cases, especially on Chicago PD Season 10.

We know the Intelligence Unit only gets certain cases, many of which have been heavily drug-related or brutal murders.

Well, this time, we have a series of robberies that get the unit's attention.

It starts with a specific robbery at a convenience store or some bodega situation, and it evolves into something far more convoluted and sinister.

Back with the Bestie  - Chicago PD

For this particular case, the suspects that cross their path are unexpected, something or rather people they didn't envision, and that's only a tiny fraction of what makes this case so unusual.

But as has been the instance with many cases this season, there's more than meets the eye. The case itself, with the team hurtling down a complex path where a dark personal drama is at the heart of the robbery.

And it's up to the unit to figure out more.

But they also will discover more potential victims in this tangled web.

Voight and Candy -tall - Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 17

We also know that many cases have led to personal connections between some of the unit members and the victims or even perpetrators.

In showcasing that element of a team member getting invested in a case, it's led to some strong personal arc development for these characters, who continue to evolve throughout the series.

We see glimpses of Ruzek in the stills, which suggests that he'll have a more prominent role in the hour, something not unsurprising given his connection to Burgess.

And he's also a prime example of someone currently entangled with an undercover operation that has him deeply connected to someone the team is looking into.

Ruzek's Break from UC -tall - Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 17

Burgess Makes Progress in PTSD Arc

We've moved past the point of noting that the series has taken too long to delve into Burgess' PTSD since the Roy shooting.

They've devoted a lot of time to it this season, and it's been a lengthy arc that they're carefully exploring.

On a unit where its members have endured as much as they have, regardless of how mixed the reception may be, it's refreshing to see the series take time to not only explore PTSD within one of its characters but actually show her tackling it.

Work in Progress -tall - Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 17

From a representation aspect, it's been gratifying to see Kim's struggles and her actively working through her PTSD, a rarity shown onscreen.

In the promo for the hour, we see Kim still seeing the same therapist and having an open dialogue about the Roy situation and how it has continued to impact her.

She's also adamant that this single event in her life can't and shouldn't actively be the sum total of her life and experiences.

Kim doesn't want this one event to define her, and it's been an uphill battle lately to ensure it doesn't.

Checks and Updates -tall - Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 17

It'll be interesting to see how she takes these issues into the field for this case.

Burgwater is BACK!

Kim and Kevin have one of the best dynamics in the series.

When you have any variation of Kim, Kevin, and Adam, the show never misses, and it's a relief that they're back to playing with these dynamics and delivering us the ones we've held dear.

Badass Burgwater -tall - Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 17

Since their beat cop days, Kim and Kevin have always made a great team. And they're each other's best friends, which adds another fun layer to that dynamic.

Kevin has been of the more observant unit members who have noticed that Kim was having a hard time and made sure he checked in with her on occasion.

He's been a confidant for both Kim and Adam. If we're getting solid Burgwater screentime, it's guaranteed that he'll check in with her personally, giving us some of those delightful familial/sibling moments.

It also means that if Kim has a hard time in the field, whether it's because the case triggers her PTSD or something else entirely, Kevin will have her back through and through and ensure she's good.

Sup Sarge -tall - Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 17

As a hardcore Burgwater fan, you better believe this is one of the most exciting aspects of the hour one has to look forward to, and there's never enough LaRoyce Hawkins.

Voight Expresses Concern

Burgess' boys have been the ones to express the most concern over her and whatever she's dealing with, and they noticed things long before it became common knowledge for them and Kim got help.

But we haven't seen much interaction between Voight and Burgess, and we're overdue.

Approaching Yellow Tape  - Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 17

It's a dynamic the series doesn't explore nearly as much, but Burgess is one of Voight's people, and he's always protective.

In the promo, we see that he checks in with her and wants to know if there's something he should be worried about regarding her.

It implies that he either has noticed something based on Kim's behavior during the current case or he's picked up on things over time, but he's only just now getting around to talking to her about it.

We see some flashes of Kim's tremors and other moments of anxiety in the promo, lining up with Voight's inquiry.

Voight's Concern -tall - Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 17

Voight could also be essential to providing Kim with some necessary closure and could further help her make some breakthroughs during her therapy.

Any deep interaction between Voight and Burgess would be good.

For Burgess, her journey through this is a marathon, not a sprint, which speaks to the pacing with which they tackle this storyline.

It promises to be another strong hour, balancing out the character development with an engaging case and, hopefully, strong team energy.

Intelligence Swag-tall - Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 17

Over to you, Chicago PD Fanatics.

What do you think we'll see in the upcoming installment? Are you excited about some Burgess and Atwater screentime? Hit the comments.

Chicago PD returns with an all-new episode Wednesday at 10/9c on NBC. Join us following the episode for a full review.

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Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 17 Quotes

Ruby: It wasn't rape, and I told the cops that.
Burgess: Why would you lie about something like that? I think it did happen, and I think you told the truth. I don't know if the cops didn't believe you or Ethan threatened you with something, and that's why you recanted --
Ruby: No, no. It didn't happen.

Maybe my whole life doesn't have to be colored by something that happened over a year ago.