Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 3-27-23: Bo Has a Surprise for Kayla

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Bo may be done with Megan, but that doesn't mean he's the man we all know and love.

Now that Kayla's discovered him in the halls, will he trick her into thinking he's a good guy as he did with Kate?

Sadly, it looks like that will happen, as spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 3-27-23 have Bo whisking Kayla off to Victor's childhood home.

Spoilers for the Week of 3-27-23 - Days of Our Lives

All these connections to Victor are doubly poignant after John Aniston's death. Although the Bo/Victor connection wasn't planned as a tribute to Aniston, it feels like one!

The series has never delved much into Victor's history, not counting that stupid story about a lover resembling Nicole, which everyone would love to forget.

Victor's childhood home will be a compelling addition to the story, but more importantly, Days of Our Lives is exploring Bo's Kiriakis side more than ever!

Bo was shocked when he learned Victor was his father, but Days of Our Lives has always played up his Brady side. This story will allow viewers to relate to the other side of Bo's personality and heritage.

It underscores what a significant loss it is not to have John Aniston around. Imagine how poignant a Bo/Victor reunion would have been now that Bo is starting to embrace that side of his family.

How does Bo get Kayla off the island without anyone knowing? He must have a plane stashed away somewhere since he sneaked into Salem to get the orchid.

Still, this aspect of the story stretches the bounds of credibility, not that any of this is realistic.


Meanwhile, John and Marlena will have a tearful reunion while Steve confronts Megan.

Steve vs. Megan should be strong drama. Steve thinks Megan killed his wife and has no idea that Kayla is alive. If Megan tells him, will he believe her?

Eventually, Steve will probably search for Kayla and find her and Bo together. He'll be reunited with his two favorite supposedly-dead people (assuming B o is in his right mind!).

Plenty is happening in Salem proper if you don't like the Megan story. Check out the complete list of spoilers below.

John's Discovery - Days of Our Lives

John discovers Marlena is alive.

John was shocked on Friday to discover Marlena asleep in a glass container. He must have thought he was in a new version of Sleeping Beauty!

Marlena is alive and overjoyed to see him.

These scenes will be memorable for Jarlena fans and may help move the story along since Marlena knows that Kate and Kayla are missing.

Kayla and Bo Reunite - Days of Our Lives

Kayla is reunited with Bo.

Kayla is overjoyed to see her baby brother alive and seemingly well. But will Bo even remember her?

He's struggling to reconcile his true memories with the brainwashing Megan imposed on him, and he may not yet recall who Kayla is.

That'll be heartbreaking, especially since Bo's getting ready to trick Kayla into coming with him to parts unknown.

Steve Captures Megan - Days of Our Lives

Steve captures Megan.

While John is reuniting with his lost love, Steve goes after Megan.

Dimeras never stay in trouble long, so this will be a speed bump in Megan's plan. But at the end of these scenes, she should be hauled off, at least temporarily.

Kayla's disappearance gives her leverage, though. She might offer to tell where Kayla is if Steve lets her go.

Ciara is Upset - Days of Our Lives

Ciara is upset to find Hope and Harris together.

There must always be one super-annoying spoiler, and this is this week's.

Hope is a grown woman, and so is Ciara -- in fact, Ciara is pregnant with her second child. So there's no reason for Ciara to be making bold statements about how offended Bo would be by Hope kissing Harris.

If Bo were around, there'd be no need for Hope to look elsewhere for love, so that's a silly comment. And it's made even stupider because Ciara had zero interest in what Hope had to say about Ciara dating former serial killer Ben.

A New Career Opportunity - Days of Our Lives

Sloan helps Eric explore a new career opportunity.

Sloan already encouraged Eric to open a photography business. But that plan fell through when she failed to use the courts to steal Chanel's storefront from her.

Whatever Sloan suggests now is likely to be just as illegal or immoral. Is she hoping Paulina will close her business now that her office has been ransacked?

How low will the new and not improved Eric go in pursuit of being a bad boy? We're about to find out.

Paulina's Panic Attack - Days of Our Lives

Paulina is surprised by who helps her through a panic attack.

Spoilers say new baker Talia will snap into doctor mode when Paulina needs medical attention.

She'll talk Paulina through her panic attack, but will Paulina be grateful?

Kind of, but according to spoilers, Paulina can't help putting her two cents in about Talia's new career choice after Talia "saves" her. Wouldn't Paulina's heartfelt thanks have been sufficient?

Kristen Gets a Surprise Visitor - Days of Our Lives

Rachel shows up at Statesville to see Kristen.

Seriously? Isn't Rachel only six or seven years old?

How does she get to Statesville without an adult? And I know security is lax at Statesville, but they're really going to let an unaccompanied child into a prison?

This is too ridiculous for words, but if it all goes as expected, Kristen will step up her manipulation of her daughter.

Victor's Childhood Home - Days of Our Lives

Bo takes Kayla to Victor's childhood home.

I can't wait for a glimpse of where Victor grew up!

Bo's supposed to explain his entire plan to Kayla once they get there.

Is this plan to defeat Megan and get back to Hope, or does Bo have something more nefarious in mind?

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