Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Are You Enjoying the Unapologetic Tackling of the Overturning of Roe V. Wade?

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It was another provocative hour of Grey's Anatomy.

Fans were left reeling when Addison and another doctor got plowed down by an anti-abortion rioter on Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 11.

Join Meaghan Frey, Joshua Johnson, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss the hour.

What are your thoughts on how Grey's Anatomy has been consistently tackling the overturning of Roe v. Wade?

Meaghan: These have consistently been the strongest storylines of the season.

Ducklings - tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 11

They've handled a complex issue with the sensitivity it deserves, which isn't always true on Grey's Anatomy. I love that each storyline focusing on it has felt fresh and new instead of repeatedly rehashing the same issues surrounding it.

It is important to tackle the impact it has had on the healthcare providers who have to navigate this new landscape now that it has been overturned. Every day, providers must make choices that can impact their professional careers, personal life, and safety; that can't go unnoticed.

Joshua: I agree with everything Meaghan says. We've talked about the "very special topics" Grey's handles, like the vaping episode or gay men giving blood, and how they're one and done.

Unlike those topics, the issue of women's reproductive health care (and, let's just say it, the attack on women's rights) feels much more multifaceted. Consistently tackling this issue allows the writers and actors to explore the ripples of the impact.

Bailey's Pride  - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 11

We've seen how it affects women who want to be mothers, women who already are mothers but can't handle more, and women who aren't yet ready to be mothers.

We've seen how it affects pregnant women who can't get the care they need in the states they live, healthcare workers who are truly dedicated to their careers and providing healthcare for everyone, and the mental and emotional duress that all women face when their choices and options are taken away from them.

These stories have been especially successful because they rarely seem overly dramatized or preachy. These feel like very real situations that could happen anywhere and anytime in the current landscape of America.

Jasmine: I echo both of your thoughts about the subject matter. I'm impressed with how doggedly and unabashedly they've taken to address this issue. They haven't let up one bit, and I love them for it.

Vagina Squad Member  - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 11

It's been some of the strongest depictions of an issue without necessarily beating everyone over the head with a point or just hitting specific talking points. It's conscientious and smart storytelling that addresses all facets of this issue, and I love it.

And yes, I appreciate how the series shows these issues' diversity. The stories aren't repetitive; they go into all facets of what this decision has done, showcasing how broad this issue is and how deeply it impacts everyone.

Were you surprised to learn of the severe level of harassment, doxing, and so forth Addison has endured since starting her mission? Have we ever seen Addison this rattled and defeated?

Meaghan: I'm not at all surprised. Addison isn't just providing reproductive care to patients in safe states; she has found a way to cheat the system that those attacking women's rights have developed.

This would make her a prime target for that kind of dangerous harassment.

Addison is such a strong woman. We saw her take on her own best friend over the issue of abortion on Private Practice.

It's not like her to fall apart like this, but it is understandable. Her sense of safety and security is being threatened for doing the job she took an oath to do.

Not only that, but her family's safety has also been threatened. This goes above, and beyond any other challenges she has faced as a doctor.

Addy Connects with a Student -tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 11

Joshua: We've seen Addison shaken before in Grey's Anatomy Season 2 when Bailey wouldn't give birth because her husband needed brain surgery, all while a bomb in a body cavity threatened to explode.

However, even that was minuscule compared to this. Addison must feel like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders--something I imagine the non-cishet white man in America feels right now (I don't mean to generalize, but it feels like every marginalized group is currently under attack and fighting to live their authentic lives).

Seeing Addison break down to this extent was almost scarier than seeing her get hit by a car because Addison always finds a way out. But this isn't something that surgery can easily fix.

Seeing Addison have her feelings about it reminded me that taking those moments and feeling your feelings is okay. Fighting the good fight isn't just heroic. It's scary and often dangerous, and those feelings must also be acknowledged.

Teaching OBGYN Students  - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 11

Jasmine: "It feels like every marginalized group is currently under attack and fighting just to live their authentic lives" Ha, boy, are you preaching a word with that one, Joshua.

Sadly, I'm not surprised by what's happening to Addison. I am impressed with the series for not shying away from exploring what this looks like for her and the real doctors and healthcare workers experiencing exactly what she has. They're not shying away from the ugliness of this at all.

It also breaks my heart because one can consciously know something, but it doesn't prepare you for the actual experience when it happens, and that's where Addison is now. I don't think she was fully equipped for what she'd endure or the effects on her family, and my heart broke for her because of that.

It was such excellent work from Kate Walsh in this installment. I felt everything for Addison.

We saw the Vagina Squad coming together and working together, including delivering a baby. React!

Meaghan: My mind immediately went to the worst-case scenario. I was convinced that one of the protestors would breach the clinic and see them delivering a baby and completely misconstrue the situation, especially after they specifically reinforced that abortions aren't done at that stage of pregnancy.

Instead, we got a fun, lighthearted sing-a-long. I had the biggest smile on my face watching them all break out into song to cover up the sound of the protestors.

Joshua: My mind immediately went to the worst-case scenario until I read Meaghan's answer and realized that my mind went to the second-worst-case scenario.

Jules and Simone Scrubbed In -tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 11

I expected something to happen with the protest and birth that would lead to the mother and baby being killed.

Instead, we got something akin to a wall of women: in the middle of turmoil and chaos, a group of women surrounded one of their own with love and support to help her through one of the most challenging moments of her life.

It was beautiful and lighthearted and a wonderful juxtaposition to the protest drama.

Jasmine: I also was bracing myself for something awful.

But instead, we had this powerful moment that felt so special with all these amazing women coming together for this almost defiant moment, and I loved that it was to bring another girl into this world.

My only disappointment was that we didn't have more of them working together.

How do you feel about that huge cliffhanger of Addison and the other doctor getting plowed down? What are your predictions for how that will unfold?

Meaghan: This was another situation where my mind went to the worst place possible. I was sure there would be a bomb. Not that Addison and a pregnant resident getting hit by a car is great, but it was at least better than I imagined.

Blunt Interns-tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 11

Given that the resident was about to tell Addison something when they got hit, I'm sure they will both survive because she has to finish telling her. I'm not sure if the baby will survive, though. What a horrible cosmic joke that they were protesting to "save babies" and may have killed one in the process.

Joshua: My mind kept going to these terrible places as well!

Like Meaghan, I expected a bomb; when the doctors in the clinic left out the back door, I expected them to be shot at. Knowing this was a two-part episode; I felt like I was on pins and needles for the entire hour waiting to see which doctor wouldn't make it out alive (isn't that what the promo said?).

I think the pregnant doctor will get to tell Addison what happened, but I think the pregnant doctor will ultimately die.

Jasmine: I agree that it felt like anything could happen at any moment, making every second of watching it a nail-biter. I also feel like the pregnant doctor will die.

I hated that the actual scene of them getting rundown was so rough. I don't know if it was the wrong shot used or something, but it threw me off that Addison herself only hit the side mirror.

What did you make of Lucas' insecurity about his worthiness there since Meredith's exit? Did Nick give him some good advice?

Meaghan: I can understand where he is coming from. He has felt he has big expectations to live up to on multiple levels. Between Meredith giving him a second chance at his medical career and being the nephew of Amelia and Derek, it's a lot of pressure.

Nick is such an excellent teacher. In school, they always teach you the "perfect" way to do things and never the practical way that you will actually use in your career. Teaching him a more real-world approach will allow Lucas to focus on the important things rather than getting lost in all the details.

Joshua: To be honest, this felt a little contrived for me. The interns are learning all the same lessons the original interns learned, so I'd forgotten by now that these five interns were not the cream of the crop because of how we've seen them succeed so far at Grey Sloan.

I appreciate that Nick took the time to sit with Lucas alone to give him the extra attention he needs now.

Mentored Days -tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 6

Jasmine: I felt awful for Lucas. He has this combination of being a Nepo baby with Impostor syndrome. He has a tough go of it because there's pressure to rise to the occasion because of who he is related to and Meredith.

I love Nick as a mentor, and I enjoy his approach. It's long overdue for them to explore these other angles regarding intellect and capability.

It's like exploring the other and, frankly more common side of neurodivergence. Nick was someone who thought and learned differently from others. It wasn't that he lacked intellect or capability, and we know that because he's a phenomenal doctor.

Lucas is likely similar in that regard, and I'm thrilled that they're showcasing doctors who are like that instead of making them the butt of the joke for not being stereotypical geniuses.

'Fessin' Up  - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 6

So often, the angle of neuro divergency this series plays around with are people like Maggie, who was a prodigy, or Zola, who is very much the same. Hell, Lexie.

I love that Nick comes from the background he does of someone who had to take the MCAT multiple times and didn't learn traditionally, and he's taken in this class of interns who weren't top of their class. I wish they'd explore that more.

How did you feel about the Meredith update and the state of her relationship with Nick?

Meaghan: Nick needs to run! He deserves so much more than Meredith Grey is giving him right now.

The only thing I like about this storyline is that it has meant we got to keep Scott Speedman a little longer. It's hard for me to be invested in what will happen when it seems clear that Meredith will return in the finale, she and Nick will make up, and they will ride off into the Boston sunset together.

Residency Director-tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 2

Joshua: Meaghan is very right. Investing in this story is hard when half of the couple isn't even on the show anymore. I would much instead they pivot Nick's storylines to be about Nick as a solo character, Nick as a doctor, or Nick as a teacher.

Jasmine: Mer needs to grow up, and Nick deserves better. I know they'll probably end up together, but I've lost investment in it because I'm over Mer treating Nick horribly.

Is Simone making a mistake moving up the wedding? Will she follow through with it?

Meaghan: She is making a HUGE mistake. She is obviously only doing it because what their patient said made her realize her strong feelings for Lucas.

She can try to run from her feelings all she wants, but they will catch up with her eventually. There's no way she ends up married.

Food Poisoning -tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 2

Joshua: There is absolutely no way that Simone ends up married. She is clearly making a mistake.

Jasmine: Oh, this is a disaster waiting to happen. The faster Simone comes to her senses and realizes my darling Lucas is who she belongs with, the better. I'm just riding out the angst and the drama.

What was your favorite moment, scene, quote, storyline, etc., from the hour?

Meaghan: Marni walking them through the thought process behind why she was getting an abortion really stood out to me. Her explanation of how her mother had already had her by the time she was Marni's age and how she feels so much less settled at this point in her life felt authentic and very reflective of the millennial experience.

I, for one, related to her so much at that moment. Addison explaining to Bailey what she has been going through was another highlight for me. Kate Walsh knows how to make me feel all the emotions, and moments like that make me wish she would return full-time.

Ducklings - tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 11

Joshua: I loved what Marni had to say about why she was getting an abortion as well. It made me think of something Meaghan said about the mother who had an abortion a couple of episodes ago: the show is doing a great job portraying different reasons why a woman might seek an abortion.

Additionally, Mika is consistently the quiet heart of this intern group; the way Mika supported the pregnant doctor as she apologized for getting Blue hit in the head with a break was really beautiful, reminding the doctor that she shouldn't have to hide the kind of doctor she is or the kind of medicine she wants to practice.

There was a way she said it that put Blue in his place for being a man who couldn't possibly understand what the pregnant doctor was feeling.

I also love how Mika is consistently inspired by medicine. When they were all helping that woman give birth, she looked like she was in awe the whole time.

Blunt Interns-tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 11

Jasmine: Yes, Meaghan.

I definitely felt like Marni encapsulated the millennial experience, and I felt everything she said so much.

My mom had me fairly young, and I remember when I was the same age as when she had me and just how surreal it felt that while I was technically an adult, I couldn't imagine being adult enough to be taking care of a whole other person.

I just genuinely enjoyed how they tackled so much of the subject matter. I loved Mika, loved Blue. I enjoyed the Nick and Lucas scene a lot. It was great to have the Vagina Squad delivering the baby.

Do you have any other observations or thoughts?

Meaghan: Previously, I mentioned that I feel like Winston will take a job in Boston and Maggie will end up following him, and I feel even more confident after this week.

Owen telling Winston that it would be a shame if Winston switched specialties seems like a sign that Winston will start looking for jobs at other hospitals.

Regardless of whether or not Winston and Maggie stay together, the reality is that he can't work under her. It seems like the only way that he will be able to stay in Cardio.

Winston and Owen Team Up -tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 11

Joshua: Coincidentally, last week, I mentioned that I feel like Maggie will leave Grey Sloan for reasons (maybe to go to Boston to be with Meredith) and that Winston will take over as Chief of Cardio, and I also feel more confident about that after this week.

Not only did they set up Winston being a great cardiothoracic surgeon this weekend, but they also set up how friendly he is to the staff. We've also seen what a great teacher he is.

Especially now, knowing that Grey's has already been renewed for Season 20 (I got one more year to get that guest star credit), having Winston stay around to teach the new class makes more sense.

Jasmine: I have thoroughly checked out of Maggie and Winston. I loved how great he was in the OR. He and Owen are an underrated dynamic.

Teddy was back to being her likable Boss Lady self, and serving as Chief suits her. Also, Kim Raver did an excellent job directing.

Over to you, Grey's Fanatics. Do you agree with our round table? Do you disagree? Sound off below!

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