Truth Be Told Exclusive Sneak Peek: Eva Bears Her Soul on Poppy's Podcast

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Truth Be Told Season 3 is darker and more personal than ever.

Gabrielle Union stars with Octavia Spencer as Eva, a school principal who has carried deep scars from her youth that directly impact her to this day and seep into the work she does with her students.

On Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 6, Eva was weighing whether or not to bear her soul on Poppy's podcast.

Eva in the Hot Seat - Truth Be Told (2019)

Her thought was that "The ones that go before us make us brave" and on Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 7, Eva gets down to business.

Eva even said it herself -- she is not the perfect victim.

Poppy will be taking a significant risk in sharing Eva's words, but Eva will be taking a greater one in revealing her darkest secret for everyone to see.

So far, Eva has been holding her cards close to the vest, but once she goes on the record, she'll be open to retaliation from some of the city's most powerful men.

Eva and Poppy in the Kitchen - Truth Be Told (2019)

Andrew Finney (Peter Gallagher) is a politican on the rise.

He's not the type to sit back while someone lobs accusations at him. He'll fight tooth and nail once Eva's words hit the airwaves.

Eva's bravery will raise the stakes for everyone involved.

In a TV Fanatic exclusive clip, we get our first look at what Eva will reveal during her session.

We discover that her bravery now comes on the shoulders of years of believing she was a coward.

Eva Needs to Let Go - Truth Be Told (2019)

Eva was only a teen when she got out from Finney's clutches, but she did damage to others, and until now, she never looked back.

She says fear of being lured back in was her reason for not helping Nadia, a girl she recruited, get out too.

Poppy snaps at that revelation, the irony not lost on her that Eva was worried about a girl she recruited luring her back in to the life she escaped.

Take a look at the clip:

Eva's story shines a light on what Trini experienced with Aubrey.

Young boys are suckered into that rough life, too, with promises of excitement and wealth.

We don't know much about Finney during the time he controlled Eva, but something tells me that he wasn't the naive guy like Aubrey but more the older guy who tricked Aubrey into taking Trini.

Poppy Outside - Truth Be Told (2019)

The situation with Trini has done a number on Markus, and he'll be struggling on "The Luxury in Self-Reproach," spiraling out of control under the weight of it.

Meanwhile, Poppy and Aames uncover more evidence about the suspect in custody.

Have you been watching Truth Be Told Season 3?

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