A Million Little Things Round Table: Are You a Fan of Delilah and Eddie?

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Katherine and Greta got married on A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 11!

Our TV Fanatics, Jack, Jasmine, and Christine, are here to debate the best and worst of the wedding, if Eddie and Delilah should be together, and if Regina is too naive for politics.

And is Gary's cough the beginning of the end? Read on to see what our round table thinks.

A Million Little Things Round Table

What were your favorite and least favorite moments from Katherine and Greta's wedding?

Jack: I love weddings, so I loved Greta and Katherine's vows. I also liked Katherine telling Greta that they take turns spiraling and supporting each other and that it was her turn to be supportive when Greta was freaking out in the bathroom. And Greta's parents are the cutest non-couple I've ever seen!

Katherine and Greta Wedding - tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 11

I didn't like all the Eddie/Delilah propping. I will never believe these two are meant to be together, ever. Also, it would have been nice if Greta and Katherine's wedding had not half been about a different set of people getting together instead of about them!

Charley was in spoiled brat mode for no apparent reason. Why didn't she like the dress? Why was she constantly running around with dangerous objects? It was like the writers didn't seem to know what to do with her except make her a random troublemaker, presumably as part of the aforementioned Eddie/Delilah propping.

Finally, I wasn't wild about the "Oops, the weather didn't cooperate, so we'll have to make do with this gross bar" thing. Who plans a wedding that is dependent on sunny weather without a backup plan in case of rain? And I thought it was rude for them to take over the poor guy's bar and complain about how tacky everything was.

Jasmine: Katherine and Greta were really supportive of each other the whole time and genuinely happy. I loved that for them. It was a fun and happy occasion, and I loved how sentimental everyone got.

Carter is always a hoot. And Katherine's mom being so supportive and walking her down the aisle was sweet. And Greta getting to wear Katherine's father's suit was a nice touch.

Delilah and Charlie  - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 11

I hated Delilah getting shoehorned into wedding planning and saving the day. Give me a break! And I wanted to throw something every time they tried so hard to cram this ludicrous Delilah and Eddie stuff down our throats. And, of course, Gary getting sick.

Christine: I loved Greta wanting to get married on a boat because she loved The Love Boat as a kid. And she was so right! On TV in the 1980s, unless the oddball queer character was there for comedic value, it was as though only heterosexual people existed.

And I also loved that Katherine let Greta spiral while she held it together. That is a good rule of thumb for all couples; only one of you can spiral at any given time.

But I really hated Greta's parents slobbering and hanging all over one another on the dance floor. It was overdone and kind of gross. And Greta's mom calling her a bridezilla was just mean.

Returning to Boston -tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 9

Delilah is moving back to Boston. Are you happy she's back, or do you wish she would have stayed in France?

Jack: In case I haven't made it clear enough, I HATE Delilah, and I wish she'd never come back from France. I don't want her wasting any more of my screen time, especially when the series is ending.

Jasmine: They could have tied Delilah to the Eiffel Tower for all I cared. She should have stayed in France. She's successfully ruining what's left of a mediocre final season. She could take Charlie's annoying, undisciplined self with her. Respectfully.

Christine: Ugh. You know, Delilah was part of the original friend group and Jon's wife, so on that level, I understand her return. Perhaps I'd hate it less if they weren't forcing her and Eddie as a couple on us. That's what's making me crazy.

Delilah Arrives - wide - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 9

Do you feel they are rewriting history in trying to get Eddie and Delilah together before the series finale, or were they always the end game?

Jack: Total rewrite. Are we supposed to forget that Eddie was pining for Delilah for months while she insisted that their relationship was "just a fling" and had no interest in him whatsoever? Or are we supposed to assume she was in denial that whole time? It's possible, I guess, but we never saw it, and she came off as cruel and selfish.

Jasmine: It's totally revisionist! It's absurd! They dropped all this before because people hated it, and now they're just cramming it down our throats again as if anything worthwhile has changed. They have made zero effort to properly build a potential love story for these two, even if I could set aside how much I hate it.

Resorting to other characters randomly telling Delilah and Eddie they're in love with each other through inorganic dialogue is just lazy.

Everything about this has me seeing red. Especially since they did nothing to redeem Delilah or show that she's grown in any way, and they've just thrown out all of Eddie's growth if he can end this slumming it with Delilah.

One Last Twirl -tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 10

Christine: Completely revisionist history! Delilah was clear that she was only using Eddie to get back at Jon, and she had no real feelings for him.

But now that everyone else keeps telling them they're in love, of course, they must be in love. It's really cringe-worthy.

Should Regina have used that video clip of the councilwoman against her? Is Regina too naive for politics?

Jack: I didn't think it was character assassination to show that Councilwoman Lewis said things that belied her true values when she thought the mic was off. It was relevant information.

Future Councilwoman -tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 11

However, Regina should verify that it is real and not a deep fake before she uses it, especially since it came from an anonymous source.

Regina is an idealist, and that's great, but if she wants to show she can fight for the issues that are important to her, she can't refuse to fight for her candidacy.

If she can't stand up to a few attack ads, how will she ever stand up to a council member from the opposing party who thinks her policies to help homeless people just give handouts to lazy people?

Jasmine: Yes. This is politics. This is how things work. She wasn't bashing this woman. She was showing who she is and where she stands. It was the truth. I agree that understanding where it came from was crucial, though. Why did the person send it to her instead of just releasing it?

Judgemnt  - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 2

I've been underwhelmed with this whole storyline with her running for council because it's random, underbaked, and last-minute. Gina is too naive for politics.

Christine: If Regina wasn't expecting attack ads or that Lewis wasn't going to use that interview against her, then she truly is naive.

And if Regina can confirm that the video is real, then voters deserve to know Councilwoman Lewis' true feelings about the people she's representing.

Gary began coughing up blood. Will the show have him die as a way of bookending the pilot where Jon dies?

Jack: I hope not. That would be a very depressing ending, and I don't want it.

Possibly Next?- tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 11

Jasmine: Same, Jack. I get the line of thinking for it coming full circle. But I do not want to see this. I don't want to watch Gary die or for this series to have a depressing ending. There's nothing wrong with joy, you know?

Christine: Please, don't let this series end with Gary's death. Life is unpredictable. We get it. But if this series has to end, can we at least get a happy ending?

What, if anything, disappointed you during this installment?

Jack: Pretty much all my lows from the wedding were really disappointing.

I also didn't like the way Gary and Maggie handled needing a sitter for Javi. Maggie was right that Gary had asked someone he barely knew to watch their baby. This time, I was on her side.

Hestiancy  - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 5

But it made no sense that she was willing to consider other random strangers that were two steps removed from anyone she knew.

Even though it probably would have led to an annoying story, I don't know why Maggie didn't call those friends from the birthing class that she's always comparing herself to or (and this would have been even more annoying) Jessica rather than random people whose names she couldn't even remember.

Maggie and Gary shouldn't just depend on Inez for babysitting and have no alternate sitter in case Inez isn't available. It shouldn't have taken her becoming ill for them to realize that. What if Inez had other plans at a time they needed her help? She has a life -- she's not just their babysitter and nothing else.

There was no reason for Gary to confront Eddie about Jon's final voicemail right now. We were past all this years ago. And double ugh to Gary pushing Eddie and Delilah to become a couple.

Greta's Parents -tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 11

And even though it's not surprising, I'm not happy with revisiting Gary's lung cancer now. With so few episodes left, it doesn't look good for him, and as I said above, I'm not here for a depressing ending.

Jasmine: If it hasn't been clear, I ^@&@*#*$ hate, HATE this whole Delilah and Eddie endgame with the burning heat of 1000 suns.

I just feel like it's such a slap in the face and insulting. And even though I knew it was coming, I'm bummed out about a potentially depressing end for Gary.

Christine: Hey, Jasmine. Tell us you really feel about Delilah and Eddie! Seriously though, if Gary dies and Eddie and Delilah get together, I will be so depressed with the way this series end, and this episode made it appear that this is a strong possibility.

Katherine's Family  - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 11

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from "Ironic"?

Jack: I liked the scenes where everyone was dancing at the wedding. For once, we were all happy. I also enjoyed Greta's parents and Greta telling Theo the story of how she used to go to the donut shop in high school to see Katherine.

Jasmine: Katherine and Greta's vows were beautiful. I also liked hearing all these bits about Katherine's past and her father that we didn't learn before. I wish we spent more time on things like that.

Christine: I loved that Eddie was playing guitar at Katherine's wedding. It's so symbolic of how far these two have come and the friends they are now.

I also appreciated that Gary mentioned that Katherine has generally put in more to the friend group than she's gotten back. So true. 8.

Performing at the Wedding - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 11

With only two episodes left in the series, how would you rate this final season?

Jack: I hate to say it, but we're in C+ territory here. Most of the season didn't feel like a final season, and though the stories were interesting, they haven't been riveting.

And the idea of the show ending with Eddie and Delilah together and Gary dying is too upsetting to contemplate.

Jasmine: I'm much easier on this series because the official final seasons for two previous shows I covered (all my shows are ending or gone!) were just so bad and disappointing that I could barely finish them.

Blushing Bride  - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 11

But for them to know that this is the final season, it has been underwhelming. It felt like a lot of filler and buying time until we got near the end, and now they're trying to cram and rush all these things into two episodes.

And I'm warning everyone right now, I won't stop bitching about this Eddie/Delilah endgame nonsense and how them forcing it on us makes me hate it more, and I'm going to be pissed if Gary dies. I feel like so many shows have relied on bleak storytelling, and I'm tired of melancholy.

Christine: I was expecting better. Much of this season has felt like filler. Since they knew this was the final season, I was expecting each episode to really wow me, and that hasn't happened.

This was the first installment that felt like they were wrapping things up, even if I'm not thrilled with some of the major developments.

Happy Brides  - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 11

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics! Do you hate Delilah and Eddie as a couple as much as our round table? Did you love Greta and Katherine's wedding? And do you think Gary will survive?

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A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Maggie: I guess I need to accept that you're the Kathie Lee to my Hoda.
Gary: Well, I'm diverse, so that makes me Hoda. You're just the white lady that sits next to me drinking wine way too early.

Ever since you got back, whenever I see you and Eddie together, it just makes sense. And you know all the things and the reasons why you couldn't be together before aren't really here.