On the Bubble: Which of These Shows Would You Save?

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With ratings dropping across the board on the broadcast networks, many shows are in danger of cancellation.

While some shows are more in danger than others, many are on the bubble, meaning their fates are up in the air.

Let's take a look at the shows on the bubble.

Bubble Shows Collage - Magnum P.I.

Big Sky - ABC

Pros: The Katheryn Winnick and Kyle Bunbury-led drama has always been a strong performer in delayed viewing for ABC.

The series also tackles a new case every season. Big Sky Season 3 brought Reba McEntire into the mix.

Sunny Barnes - Big Sky Season 3 Episode 1

It was a buzzy season, so there's a good chance fans will be looking for more.

Cons: The live numbers are not great. Big Sky Season 3 averaged 2.3 million viewers and a 0.25 rating in the demo.

While the numbers are not bad, they are down quite a bit vs. Big Sky Season 2.

As a result, there's a good chance that ABC could take the gamble on a new show over Big Sky.

Emma Out - The Company You Keep Season 1 Episode 2

The Company You Keep - ABC

Pros: The Company You Keep Season 1 has been well-received.

It fits the mold for a successful ABC drama, and there's some significant star power in the form of Milo Ventimiglia.

Cons: The numbers haven't been great, and the retention out of American Idol has been lacking.

Charlies Smiles - The Company You Keep Season 1 Episode 3

The Company You Keep Season 1 is averaging 2.3 million viewers and a 0.26 rating in the demo.

ABC has released data to suggest the show is doing well post-airdate, so time will tell if the numbers are strong enough to keep it around.

Regina Is Not Happy - East New York Season 1 Episode 17

East New York - CBS

Pros: The series has been a decent performer on Sundays and is coming in well ahead of some of the network's renewed shows in live + same-day results.

Cons: East New York comes from an outside studio, which in the past has meant that lower-rated shows owned by the networks in question have snagged renewals.

The show isn't performing as well as some of the network's other bubble dramas, with delayed viewing factored in.

Missing out on an early renewal likely means CBS is waiting to find out how its pilots come in before making a decision.

Partners - Fantasy Island Season 2 Episode 1

Fantasy Island - FOX

Pros: Despite being the network's lowest-rated drama, it has been consistent wherever FOX has scheduled it.

The numbers may not be rising, but it has stayed around the same range the entire season.

Also helping matters, the series has many guest stars in each episode, so it should be much cheaper to produce than some of the other shows on broadcast TV.

Cons: FOX has bounced the show around the schedule, placing it on random hiatuses despite all of Fantasy Island Season 2 being in the can for some time now.

Shaun is Concerned - The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 18

The Good Doctor - ABC

Pros: Out of ABC's 10 p.m. dramas, The Good Doctor outrates the rest.

The series has always been a magnet in delayed viewing, and there's a chance ABC could experiment with an earlier time period if The Good Lawyer snags a pickup.

Let's just say ABC wouldn't be interested in a spinoff if the numbers for the main series were a concern.

Cons: The erosion in the demo season-to-season is around 20%, which is not great.

Chasing Leads - Magnum P.I. Season 5 Episode 8

Magnum PI - CBS

Pros: The series is performing about as well as expected on Sundays and is the network's highest-rated scripted series on Sundays.

Ten episodes are being held for the fall, so there's a chance the show could eke out another renewal if the numbers inch up.

Cons: The numbers are way down from its time on CBS, but maybe moving it to Sunday nights was not the best idea.

The numbers appear to be steadily declining, which does not bode well for the future.

Called Away -tall - The Resident Season 6 Episode 13

The Resident - FOX

Pros: Despite some more slippage this season, The Resident is still a strong performer across the board compared to some of FOX's other shows.

Cons: 9-1-1: Lone Star has been significantly stronger in the slot this season, meaning that FOX could have found an anchor for the night should The Resident be over.

The sets for the series have been struck, and props are being sold, signaling that the show, as we know it, is over.

Is it possible that the show is moving to a new location? Sure, but it's more likely that the show is over. Add in that FOX just ordered a new medical series, Doc, to the roster, and we're not feeling good about it.

Simone Clark - The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 1

The Rookie: Feds - ABC

Pros: The numbers are average, but ABC is big in creating brands for two-hour blocks of late.

As a result, we'd be surprised if the show got canceled.

Cons: There is noticeable erosion from the lead-in The Rookie, which could indicate that people are rejecting the spinoff.

We'll have more clarity in May if ABC holds out on a decision until then.

Alone But Ready - Tall - S.W.A.T. Season 6 Episode 1

S.W.A.T. - CBS

Pros: The series remains one of the network's top dramas, so if it gets canceled, it won't be to do with ratings.

S.W.A.T. has also shown that it can perform wherever CBS places it, which is usually a good sign for renewal.

Cons: EP Shawn Ryan recently opened up about the changing nature of broadcast dramas in terms of economics, hinting that the show might not eke out a renewal.

Okay, TV Fanatics. It's time for your say. Vote below for which of the above shows should be saved.

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Big Sky

The Company You Keep

East New York

Fantasy Island

The Good Doctor

Magnum P.I.

The Resident

The Rookie: Feds


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