Pretty Little Liars Summer School Adds Original Series Star, and We Have the First Look

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Production on Pretty Little Liars: Summer School is officially underway, and there will be a major throwback to the original series.

HBO Max confirmed Friday that Annabeth Gish would be returning as Dr. Sullivan for the second chapter of the reboot series.

If you watch Pretty Little Liars online, you know fans had theories about the doctor on multiple occasions throughout the original Freeform series.

The Doctor is Back - Pretty Little Liars

Thankfully, Dr. Sullivan was just doing her job and attempted to help the liars process their trauma.

Given that Gish is playing the same character here, it should be more of the same.

Annabeth Gish as Jennifer Dulos - Gone Mom

On Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Season 1, we were introduced to six new liars who were caught up in a deadly game with A.

Bailee Madison played Imogen Adams, Chandler Kinney as Tabby Haworthe, Zaria as Faran Bryant, Malia Pyles as Minnie "Mouse" Honrada, Maia Reficco as Noa Olivar, and Mallory Bechtel as Kelly Beasley.

The six survived the season and will be caught up in a new mystery for Pretty Little Liars: Summer School.

Unfortunately, that's about as much as we know about the plot.

Bright Smile - Gone Mom - tall

Given the slasher vibe of the series, we shouldn't expect to learn much more about the second season before it debuts.

Secrets are good for keeping viewers in suspense. We're surprised the show even confirmed this huge return in advance.

The end of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin also teased that Lucy Hale and Ian Harding could be a part of the series in the future.

Imogen had plans to allow Aria and Ezra to adopt her child.

A premiere date has not been determined for Pretty Little Liars: Summer School, but there's a good chance it will be later this year, probably around -- you guessed it -- summer.

What are your thoughts on Annabeth Gish's return?

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