Titans Boss Talks Dick, Kory, and That Surprising Return

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Titans is refocusing on Dick and Kory as we approach the HBO Max superhero drama's series finale.

On Titans Season 4 Episode 7 and Titans Season 4 Episode 8, the pair were caught up in a town hidden from the outside world in their quest to find a mystical horn that could help in the battle against Brother Blood, Mother Mayhem, and possibly Trigon.

"We wanted to go in a different direction, not to kind of go in the gory way, which we explored in the first half," showrunner Greg Walker tells TV Fanatic of the decision, adding that the creatives wanted to change the tone.

Dickory in a New Location

Doing so meant they could refocus on Dick and Kory and what they mean to each other.

"We were looking to explore this town, especially through the lens of Dick and Kory's characters, and consider what they mean to each other, and how can you amplify their feelings in one episode to get us to another level," Walker said.

Welcome to Caul's Folly - Titans Season 4 Episode 8

"This idea that you could be lost forever, that you would lose your memories, and they wouldn't have their memories together of who they were, which is what they have right now because they haven't declared their love, right?"

"They've fought together. They've shown they trust and respect each other," the showrunner shared.

"They have many of those elements that make for a great relationship, except the declaration."

Walker shares that the episodes didn't go as far as he expected.

New Trio - Titans Season 4 Episode 8

"When Kory loses her sense of who she is, and she becomes Carol, Dick sees that, and I think that lights something up in Dick," he shared.

Greg said that the pair are forced to confront what they mean to each other due to their situation, and we will continue to delve into that in the final four episodes.

Greg thanked patient fans for waiting for this storyline because he understood many were waiting for the relationship to become the focus again.

Meanwhile, the midseason premiere brought Natalie Gumede back into the mix as Mercy Graves.

Hiding Out - Titans

Walker shared that he and the writers felt like they had to tip the hat to the past if this would be the final season.

He noted that there were some other people they wanted to bring back, but logistically, it didn't work out.

Mercy being a pivotal part of Connor's origin story, was the driving force behind her return.

Greg believes Connor is traveling a very "moral journey" at this point in the narrative, and Mercy's return "felt right" to advance the plot.

Devious Conner? - Titans Season 4 Episode 8

Another significant development in the midseason premiere was Tim and Bernard hooking up after Bernard cooled things off.

"Bernard's decision to call it off was impetuous and not really heartfelt. I think it was out of fear and a sense that he was getting too close and potentially could get wounded by how close they were," Walker said, adding that he didn't believe there was any other reason to call things off.

"They felt very natural that when they were able to get past that insecurity that they would be able to express how they really feel about each other."

Titans continues Thursdays on HBO Max. TV Fanatic will have you covered with previews and post-mortems as the season continues.

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