FROM Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Lullaby

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That was depressing but in an entertaining way.

FROM Season 2 Episode 5 brought all the feels as the town reacted to Sara's return, and we saw one of the most moving moments of the series yet.

With FROM Season 2 officially halfway over, we're no closer to figuring out what's going on in the town, but we have been diving even deeper into these characters, making for some intense and rich hours of television.

Surrounded By The Children - FROM Season 2 Episode 5

After giving up his badge at the end of FROM Season 2 Episode 4, Kenny didn't go home just to lick his wounds but also to tell his new roommates all about Sara's return. Tabitha and Jim wasted no time seeking her out.

Boyd had to know that keeping Sara hidden wasn't an option once Kenny went rogue, yet he didn't seem wholly prepared for just how angry her return would make Jim and Tabitha.

Talking About It - FROM Season 2 Episode 5

Sara tried to kill their son. They had every right to be furious that Sara was being protected and, worse yet, being touted as some kind of miracle worker.

Coming off the failed radio tower experiment and with the overall malaise set in, you can't blame anyone for not wanting to hear Boyd's twisted tale about Sara's so-called abilities and usefulness.

Perhaps before so many things went wrong, they would be more open to hearing about it, but not now.

Even so, Boyd wasn't wrong to bring up just how bad things were and the fact that just shoving her in the box probably wouldn't help matters. Essentially, there were bigger fish to fry, and Boyd felt like he could keep a handle on Sara.

But could he?

Sara Returns - FROM Season 2 Episode 4

He told Sara to stay put, and she was up and about all over town like she wasn't public enemy number one.

Sara's always been an interesting case study because it's obvious something deeper was going on than her being a sociopath. She was scared and she was confused, and she was basically possessed by the voices and the idea that she did everything for everyone's good.

And now that she's had time to process, or at least enough time away from civilization to sit in her thoughts, she appears to understand what she's done and take ownership of it.

I don't hear many apologies spewing from Sara's mouth, and I'm sure she is sorry, but hearing that wouldn't make anyone feel better. It wouldn't bring anyone back or make up for what almost happened.

But the way Sara was walking around town was crazy, and she was lucky that nothing worse happened to her during the day.

Boyd & Sara Catch Up - FROM Season 2 Episode 4

Poor Ethan went through a myriad of emotions after finding out Sara was back, but man, how incredibly mature was Ethan in that moment he confronted Sara?

Here is a young boy living in this neverending horror film, who was almost killed, and he's willing and wanting to march up to his would-be murderer and tell her exactly what he felt.

Not letting fear have power over you is powerful in theory, but it's hard to actualize. It's hard to look fear in the eyes and stand proud, to stand tall and not let it scare you.

It takes a lot of guts, and Ethan has that in spades.

Ethan was different from the adults around him in that he was less angry and more ready to move forward. At least, that's how it seemed on the surface.

Block Building - FROM Season 2 Episode 3

He wanted closure with Sara. He wanted her to hear his words, look at his face, and know she hadn't won. She would never defeat him, not truly, because he wasn't scared of her.

The adults were very angry with Sara, though, and it's not like they don't have a reason to be, but I'm not seeing how Sara can co-exist in that town for much longer.

If Boyd won't let her go in the box, what do you do with her?

Sara: Boyd, I shouldn't be here. I'm not strong enough for this.
Boyd: That part I can't help you with, so you better figure it out.

She admitted aloud that she wasn't mentally tough enough to withstand what she knew was coming, and yet, Boyd was like, well, figure it out.

I don't think she can.

Randall's Rough Night - FROM Season 2 Episode 5

Perhaps she will lean on Elgin in the coming hours because even after learning some of the truth about Sara, he was willing to help her in a moment of immense pain and embarrassment. Their first talk didn't get too in-depth, but they need to talk again and compare notes about voices, dreams, and everything else.

Elgin hasn't felt like he's been on solid ground since getting there, but Sara opened something in him.

If Sara is going to make it, she won't be able to do it alone. Boyd has about fifty other things going on at any given time, so she can't depend on him.

Boyd was trying to do damage control as best he could, but he couldn't do much. Leave it to Donna to tell him about himself.

Tabitha: I want to talk to you. You need to listen very fucking carefully. If you ever come near my family again, I swear to God, I will fucking kill you. Say you understand. Say you understand!
Sara: I do.
Boyd: Listen, you have my word-
Tabitha: I don't give a shit about your word!

Boyd is a leader through and through, but in that town, he's also a bit of a martyr. People not only look to him to guide them, but they believe in him. And for him to break his own rules, for a murderer no less, was always going to go over like a lead balloon.

Looking For Answers - FROM Season 2 Episode 3

Boyd understandably shuts down whenever Abby gets brought up, but Donna wasn't wrong in her assessment, and Boyd needed to hear it.

He carries a tremendous amount of guilt and shame about Abby, not just her actual death but the time leading up to it and how he failed her. He wasn't there to see her break, and the damage was done once he was there.

Carrying around that kind of emotional weight can be crippling, and as bad as you want to find a way to make amends, you can't.

Where things go from here will be interesting as the season winds down, especially with Jim recognizing that everyone needs to start working together, which I've spoken about in the past.

Everyone is undertaking these different missions, not comparing notes or helping each other.

Donna At Home - FROM Season 2 Episode 4

Two heads are better than one, yet no one seems to think all the heads together may do them some good.

Jade has continuously been someone working his own angles and trying to find his own answers, but he's hit brick wall after brick wall until, finally, he got Victor to throw him a bone.

Victor may seem complicated on the surface, but he's not. He's a man who has lived a lifetime of pain but never did any living at all.

Spending most of your life in that place and having your childhood ripped away would leave anyone unmoored. He's a simple man who longs for simple things to keep going. He's made a life that works for him, and not wanting people to touch his things should be an easy enough rule for people to follow.

Scott McCord brings such an innocent charm to Victor, which was never more present than in the moments he listened to Jade play the violin.

Victor Outside - FROM Season 2 Episode 5

I loved that they let the scene play out in full, with the song filtering through the air and Victor getting just a minute or two to be reminded of something from his past that didn't fill him with so much horror.

There wasn't a dry eye in my house watching that scene, let me tell you.

In exchange for the beautiful lullaby, of course, Jade wanted information, and Victor gave him just enough to leave him reeling.

There are bad things here. They make people do bad things. I'm sorry.

Victor [to Jade]

The implication that Jade may descend into insanity and go on a killing spree was not what Jade wanted to hear, but also didn't overly shock him.

The visions were never good, but how does he move forward? Can he move forward, or is his fate written in the stars now?

Jade & Victor Working Together - FROM Season 2 Episode 5

Loose Ends

  • Tilly once again showed up to spread some gossip! I appreciate her commitment to staying in all the town's business.
  • So, is Marielle addicted to morphine? Or was that just a moment to circumvent the stress of her environment?
  • Kristi wondering if she's changed will be such an intriguing storyline as the season goes on, and she and Marielle evolve beyond this initial stage where they're just overwhelmed with the reunion. Because they are different people now, and love isn't always enough.
Hurt Tabitha - FROM Season 2 Episode 5
  • Tabitha and these creepy children are too much! What does she think they're going to tell her exactly?
  • Ending with Boyd going to Tian Chen was a nice coda. She's one of the pillars of that town, and she deserves that conversation.
  • What was Randall doing on top of that bus? He is just gearing up to do something harmful. I can feel it.
Relaxed Jade - FROM Season 2 Episode 5

A lot was happening during this hour, even if it was relatively quiet. And there are even MORE questions to sort through.

With only a few hours left, do you feel any closer to answering some of the series' biggest questions?

Let me know in the comments what you thought about the installment, and make sure you watch FROM online right now so you can join the conversation.

Lullaby Review

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FROM Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Tabitha: I want to talk to you. You need to listen very fucking carefully. If you ever come near my family again, I swear to God, I will fucking kill you. Say you understand. Say you understand!
Sara: I do.
Boyd: Listen, you have my word-
Tabitha: I don't give a shit about your word!

Sara: Boyd, I shouldn't be here. I'm not strong enough for this.
Boyd: That part I can't help you with, so you better figure it out.