Hell's Kitchen Sneak Peek: Smooth Like Butter, Baby!

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It's around that time that we wonder who will be the champion of Hell's Kitchen.

It's back with an all-new episode you don't want to miss as the competition whittles down to a few, and the end is in sight!

We're nearing the finish line, with Hell's Kitchen Season 22 Episode 9 bringing the heat and some fantastic guest stars to boot!

Meating with Ramsay - Hell's Kitchen Season 22 Episode 9

It feels like forever since we've had a new installment of Hell's Kitchen, and they've made up for that with an exciting episode.

During Hell's Kitchen Season 22 Episode 8, we lost Devon after a poorly cooked filet.

New Challenges - Hell's Kitchen Season 22 Episode 9

It's all in how you cut it in the end, and sadly, Devon's performance didn't cut it for Gordon, and he was sent packing.

Atoye returned to the dorms, and Sandra impressed Gordon early on.

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The Red Team definitely seems to have its shining moments, and Sandra, in particular, has been rising to the top.

Could she be a shoo-in for the crowning Hell's Kitchen moment?

Chef Sandra - Hell's Kitchen Season 22 Episode 5

We'll have to see.

During this installment, titled More Bang For Your Buck, it almost feels like we're getting the best of two Ramsay shows in one.

Remember Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars?

During this installment, Ramsay will be giving the remaining chefs a crash course in business.

Shopping Challenge -tall - Hell's Kitchen Season 22 Episode 9

It takes so much more to run a restaurant than knowing how to cook; some chefs will learn that the hard way.

Ahead of anything else, the restaurant business is all about money, and Ramsay will put that to the test when the teams must undergo a challenge.

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And that's where one of our impressive guests comes into play.

Esteemed restauranteur and chef Suzanne Goin will make an appearance as the contestants get thrust into a competition that forces them to think about costs.

Suzanne Goin - Hell's Kitchen Season 22 Episode 9

As an expert on the matter, she'll be the one to assist Gordon Ramsay in determining which of the teams will prevail in the competition.

But let's be real, based on the greasy, dirty work the Red Team is wrists deep in during our exclusive clip, we're already hedging our bets that the Blue Team will win the challenge.

We'll wager a guess that the teams may have to create excellent dishes with a specific budget, and Goin and Ramsay will determine who comes out ahead.

But that challenge has nothing on the chaotic dinner service.

Getting Low -tall - Hell's Kitchen Season 22 Episode 9

It seems we will have a lot of close calls in the kitchen during a heated dinner service.

And sadly, the teams will just barely scrape by with a successful service all around.

We can already guess that Ramsay won't be pleased about it.

It also makes you wonder if the teams are on a backslide and regressing when it comes to these dinner services.

Elodie Yung in Hell's Kitchen Season 22 Episode 9

Hopefully, a few people will emerge as leaders and capable chefs amid the chaos.

It would be a shame if they failed to impress FOX star Elodie Yung.

The Cleaning Lady Fanatics may have to wait until March to catch up with Toni, but if you need something to hold you over until then, Yung's cameo in the installment will be the perfect treat.

Influencer Liza Koshy will also appear as a guest star in the installment.

Liza Koshy - Hell's Kitchen Season 22 Episode 9

But if you want a taste of what the episode offers, check out our amusing clip below!

The Red Team has the daunting task of churning butter, and apparently, they don't have the arms or stamina to pull it off tsk tsk.

Check out the clip below, and don't forget to turn into an all-new Hell's Kitchen tonight at 8/7c on FOX!

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