Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Is There Too Much "Filler" This Season?

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Is anyone else getting tired of filler?

While there were some strong moments during Grey's Anatomy Season 20 Episode 7, it's also evident that the series is full of filler, and we have a lot to say about that.

Join Grey's Fanatics Haley Whitmire White, Lucy Peel, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss it all.

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Do you enjoy these medical case-focused installments, or are you missing the interpersonal drama?

Haley: It's fine, but I miss old Grey's with the drama, big events, and crises. The filler episodes are a little boring. This particular one was great, though, and I was glad to see the writers shed light on another very serious issue (high rates of maternal mortality among Black women).

Lucy: I really enjoyed the episode. I was happy to have a break from the petty back-and-forth.

And while it was medically focused, it moved everyone's stories forward just a bit. Teddy and Owen reconnected, Bailey learned more about Simone's past, which may help her move on with the interns, we got back to Millin and Blue's repartee, and Lucas and Yasuda got back on track.

Jasmine: I like a healthy balance of both. I enjoy medical cases, though, because they are a great way to showcase everyone in the hospital and get a feel for how they are as professionals.

Log Bets - Grey's Anatomy Season 20 Episode 7

Do you think the writers rely too heavily on using Amelia as the endearing third wheel in her exes' relationships?

Haley: Yeah, I'm a little bored of that too. It would be nice to get an Amelia-based storyline that didn't involve an ex or their current partner. Where was Beltran, and why aren't we seeing more of that (hopefully) budding romance?

Lucy: Again, it felt like the writers didn't know what to do with her, so they kept putting her in the middle of relationships instead of letting her build her own.

She's the third wheel, but I don't think it's particularly endearing. The discussion with Amelia and Teddy was so off in the beginning. It seemed like Amelia knew more than she was letting on, raising suspicion all around, but in the end, it was only Owen and his feelings causing the discomfort.

Jasmine: The truth is that they haven't known what to do with Amelia for a really long time. Once Mer and Maggie left, and she and Link randomly fell apart "for the plot," it's like they completely gave up on having her do anything meaningful or carry a halfway decent storyline.

I'm mildly amused by the trio, but overall, if not for the fact that Caterina Scorsone is great, I'd be wondering why they haven't written her out by now. They haven't even taken advantage of the Shepherd angle with Lucas as much as I would've thought.

Feeling the Distance - Grey's Anatomy Season 20 Episode 7

Simone was heavily centered. Do you feel you have better insight into her character? Did you enjoy her development?

Haley: It's not the first time the writers have focused on Simone's story and the loss of her mom, but it was good to be reminded of her vulnerability around cases like this one. I really love her character and hope that we see some positive growth for her before the season ends.

Lucy: This was the first time I really enjoyed Simone's character and felt for her. I was relieved when she told Bailey the story of her mom, and I am grateful that Bailey listened and responded the way she did.

It was a beautiful scene between them, and I hope that giving Bailey some more insight into her interns will go a long way toward her relationship with them. Maybe she'll gain a better understanding of what this crop of interns needs to help them succeed.

Simone Does After Hours Drinks - Grey's Anatomy Season 20 Episode 7

Jasmine: I appreciated them revisiting this because it was bound to come up for her. I think Simone gets a bad rap. She's annoying at times, but interns typically are. As this new class rendition of Meredith Grey, her being annoying, damaged, and unable to navigate just yet is on brand.

I liked that they went back to what drove her into medicine and the traumas she has surrounding that, and they handled it well.

The episode explored the maternal mortality rate and the common issue in Healthcare: women aren't listened to until it's too late. How well do you think they did exploring this?

Haley: I think it was handled well. I appreciated that they did it without killing the patient. Black women are at a particularly high risk for complications in childbirth, so it's really important that they tell the story the way they did. 

Upsetting Memories - Grey's Anatomy Season 20 Episode 7

Lucy: The statistics surrounding women's health in this country, especially among women of color, are atrocious. Grey's always excels at shining a light on these health issues.

But I think there were some missed opportunities. Bailey opened the women's reproductive health clinic, and why isn't that ever mentioned? Did they forget about it? Is it still there? Why not have the interns work in the clinic?

Jasmine: I liked that they addressed this issue without running statistics down and hammering us over the head. They let the storyline stand on its own.

It's an issue that always resonates with me because I almost lost my mother and brother under those circumstances. I witnessed it firsthand, all the elements to it, and how my own mother was about to become another statistic, and it was terrifying.

A series hasn't truly hit me as hard as The Resident Season 2 Episode 20, and I wrote extensively about that a few years back, but I appreciated the spotlight here.

Polite Smiles - Grey's Anatomy Season 20 Episode 7

Jo is fully committing to OB. Thoughts?

Haley: Jo realizes that she can't continue to spread herself so thin, and it's about time! She wants to make a difference in her work, and in order to do that, she needs to focus her attention on what she's passionate about. That has been OB for a long time, so I'm glad she's going all-in.

Lucy: It makes sense. She only went back to General Surgery because Bailey needed her after the intern program shut down. Of course, she should go back to OB, but she needs a mentor. So, let's bring Carina back after Station 19 is over and have them be the newest dynamic duo at the hospital.

Jasmine: It makes sense. They should bring Carina back to mentor her. However, she needs to dedicate her time to one specialty which is for her.

Ortho King - tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 20 Episode 6

What are your overall feelings about this season, and what do you hope to see leading into the finale?

Haley: So far, the season has been relatively dull. We've had some decent character backgrounds, but nothing has really happened. What happened to the days of plane crashes, natural disasters, bombs in body cavities, and LVAD wires? I'm hoping we'll get more of that energy back.

Lucy: As we've all discussed, this season has been mostly filler, so my feelings are "meh." I hope the finale moves the series forward, and as Haley said, let's see some SC.

We know they're back next season, so I want to see the interns back in the ORs. I want to see interesting medical cases, and I want Amelia to finally have something to do and maybe some forward movement with Monica Beltran.

Webber Freezes - tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 20 Episode 6

Jasmine: I agree that it's a season that feels like things are happening, but nothing is actually happening. But then, I've felt that way about the television season overall and across the board.

It feels like a season full of filler. There's nothing wrong with some of it, but I definitely would like to see the excitement that could come with a full season.

What was your favorite storyline, moment, or character?

Haley: I loved it when Yasuda walked into Joe's and got upset that Blue and Millin ate without her. She said they would have to wait until she finished.

She's such a funny and quirky character. I also loved seeing her step in to stop Lucas from losing it on a patient's friends. We get to see her being serious and professional as much as goofy and funny, and I love that. 

The Roomies Talk at Lunch - Grey's Anatomy Season 20 Episode 7

Lucy: Everything surrounding the Lauren Ferguson case was excellent. Jo realized that she needed to pay more attention to pregnant women and that she needed to focus on OB to do that.

Griffith's bedside manner with Lauren and her husband was excellent, and she was perfect until she saw her mom on the table and then froze.

Her coping mechanism felt accurate, and she told Bailey the unvarnished truth. But mostly, I was incredibly relieved that they didn't kill off her character.

It would have been a little too on the nose with Simone, and I am glad her kids will grow up with a mother. It felt more like a classic Grey's case, and I really enjoyed it.

A Little Forgiveness - Grey's Anatomy Season 20 Episode 7

Jasmine: That scene between Simone and Bailey really touched my heart. I live for those little moments and interactions, and that's when Grey feels incredibly nostalgic.

OVer to you, Grey's Fanatics. Do you agree with us? Hit the comments below!

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