Brilliant Minds Season 1: Everything We Know So Far

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As a small-screen veteran, Zachary Quinto is no stranger to building a television persona, much like the role in Heroes that made him a household name.

The actor then went on to be a veteran of the hit horror show American Horror Story, appearing in multiple seasons starting as early as 2022, during the show's eleventh season.

Now, the TV titan is trying his hand at a medical drama, which has become its own creature in the television industry.

Brilliant Minds - NBC - Fall 2024-2025

But if there's one thing the actor is good at, it's coming across as calm and collected, much like his character Spock from the Star Trek films.

Brilliant Minds is on NBC's fall line-up, and here is everything we know about the show so far!

What Is Brilliant Minds about?

Medical dramas are a dime a dozen, and ones that feature a brilliantly unique physician are not far behind.

What makes this series so special is that it's based on the real-life Dr. Oliver Wolf Sacks.

Inspired by the extraordinary life and work of Sacks, a world-famous author and physician, Brilliant Minds follows a revolutionary, larger-than-life neurologist.

He and his team of interns explore the last great frontier -- the human mind -- while grappling with their own relationships and mental health.

When you combine a cast of young, attractive characters in a medical setting, you'll likely end up with a series that leans in one of two ways.

Dr. Wolf looking at test results - Zachary Quinto - Brilliant Minds

With shows like House and The Good Doctor, the premise revolves almost entirely around how a genius doctor deduces, diagnoses, and cures obscure and unusual illnesses and injuries.

Then there are the kind of shows like Grey's Anatomy and Chicago Med that deal more closely with ensemble characters as they balance their personal lives with the hectic and tense environment of working in a hospital.

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Brilliant Minds seems to be planted firmly between these types of medical dramas.

The series will spend a reasonable amount of time on the protagonist, but the show's logline seems to make a point about focusing on the interns as well.

Whether comedy or drama, hospital shows tend to have long shelf lives, so coming up with new diseases and medical emergencies can be challenging.

Still, thankfully, the series has the actual Dr. Wolf's years to draw inspiration from.

Who is in Brilliant Minds?

The cast of Brilliant Minds features talented and attractive actors who may be familiar faces to some viewers. A little more than half the actors have been frequent television show guests.

Adult audiences will likely recognize Zachary Quinto as the lead character and Teddy Sears from their small and big screen years. Younger and teen viewers might notice Spence Moore II and Tamberla Perry, who starred in teen drama shows on The CW.

Zachary Quinto (American Horror Story) as Dr. Oliver Wolf

Christopher Bencomo (Found) as Mark Owens

John Thomas Gauthier (The Boys) as Billy

Robert Ifedi (Skymed) as Biker

Elias Edraki (The Strain) as Charlie

Dr. Oliver Wolf Sacks - Zachary Quinto - Brilliant Minds

Donna Murphy (The Gilded Age) as Muriel Landon

Teddy Sears (Chicago Fire) as Dr. Josh Nicols

Alex MacNicoll (Barry) as Dr. Van Markus

Ashleigh LaThrop (The Handmaid's Tale) as Ericka Kinney

Aury Krebs (Leverage: Redemption) as Dr. Dana Dang

Dr. Wolf on bike - Zachary Quinto - Brilliant Minds - NBC

Tamberla Perry (All American: Homecoming) as Dr. Carol Pierce

There are also a few other actors attached to the series with undisclosed roles, including Spence Moore II (All American) and Elena Khan (The Bold Type).

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Scripted dramas, especially medical ones, like to have all their ducks in a row well before the show kicks off, so while this is likely the majority of the cast, there's still a chance for an addition or two throughout the season.

Where Can I Watch Brilliant Minds?

Brilliant Minds is slated to premiere on NBC during the fall season, along with various other new and returning shows to the Peacock network.

Medical Associate - Brilliant Minds - NBC - Fall 2024-2025

As it is part of the Rainbow Feathers Network, the show will likely be available on Peacock the day after an episode airs; however, Premium Plus members may be able to watch episodes in real-time.

The series is set to show its premiere, and every subsequent episode will be on Monday nights from 10-11 p.m. starting in September.

Michael Grassi will serve as writer and executive producer alongside Greg Berlanti, who is known for producing most CW and superhero shows over the last decade like The Flash and Supergirl.

Grassi and Berlanti will be joined in production with The Imaginarium, Tavala production in association with Warner Bros. Television, and Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group.

But if you need a Zachary Quinto refresher before the series premieres, you can always watch or rewatch his performance as Sylar on Heroes streaming on Peacock!

To familiarize yourself with Dr. Oliver Wolf Sacks before the show arrives this fall, check out the 1990 Academy Award-nominated film Awakenings, starring Robin Williams as Dr. Malcom Sayer, who was modeled on Sacks.

Dr. Wolf casual in his home - Zachary Quinto - Brilliant Minds

What Other Shows are On the Fall Line-up?

Brilliant Minds will bring medical mystery and mayhem to small screens this fall, but some other amazing shows on the NBC Fall line-up are also based on this real-life story turned dramatic series.

If you're still itching for some more hospital heyday but want a little comedy with your critical care, tune in for St. Denis, a mockumentary about an underfunded and understaffed Oregon hospital where doctors and nurses try to stay sane.

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For more of that good laugh-out-loud feeling but for something a little close to home, check out the red-headed country crooner, Reba McEntire, as she returns to TV with an inheritance of her father's bar and a little sister she never knew about on Happy's Place.

Keep the laughs coming with George as he returns for a third season of Lopez vs. Lopez with his daughter Mayan.

As she goes through some significant life changes, George takes his first steps toward sobriety.

Dr. Wolf attending to a patient - Zachary Quinto - Brilliant Minds

This fall is full of funny, with the returning show Night Court entering its third season.

The sitcom follows Judge Abby Stone, played by Melissa Rauch (The Big Bang Theory), as she takes over the night court position previously held by her father.

NBC is slated for plenty of premiere shows that are more than enough to keep audiences happy and entertained through the 2024-2025 television season.

Are you excited about Brilliant Minds this fall?

Which of Zachary Quinto's shows are your favorites?

Leave a comment below to give us a hint, and come back when we tell you everything we know so far about another upcoming series!

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